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would you like me to discuss scars war in the lionguard doing war has taken over the pride lands you may remember the battle for Pride Rock or the fight in the Outlands but those were isolated skirmishes in the warmth of the pride lands innocence and leaders have been attacked armies have formed many battles have been fought and of course the lion who began this conflict was none other than scar hello I'm Isaac from Watson videos where I discuss fun topics for fun people my goal is to spread the magic of Disney to all of you and to do that today I'm going to break down how Skaar began a war in the pride lands also to learn more about scars war after the video I provided all the links to the movies and the resources I used in the description years after the events of the Lion King a group of hyenas led by janja long to be free of the Outlands and destroys Simba and his second born son Kai ons lion guard but after noticing Kai and communicating with Mufasa they felt they needed the leadership and wisdom of a great lion as well if they ever hope to become victorious by combining Kyle's mystical roar of the elders and a bokura staff into the Outlands volcano the hyenas were able to secretly revive scar are you yeah ah scars revival was the key to beginning this war and I will leave a link to my previous video where I broke down that reviving event in more detail in the description the scar soul returning to the physical world his plots began to unfold and slowly escalate tensions once more in the episode of the lion guard titled let sleeping crocks lie after scar spies discover some crocodiles are frustrated with how Simba is managing the pride Landers during the dry season the snake assure he is sent to convince the crocodile cadbury and his followers to attack Simba after the assault is halted Simba banishes Carberry and his followers to the Outlands where scar recruits them for his plans I have plans for you in your crocodiles big cleansing day spa reveals to his current followers he is assembling an army of animals in the Outlands under his rule all who are wronged by Simba and the pride Landers except for Zira and the other banished lions for some reason would soon come together to gloriously march on the pride lands to bring it to its knees once more Skaar shall rule the pride lands with his growing force Skaar continues to act in the shadows with his followers mounting assaults against the defenders of the pride lands known as the lion guard in the episode slept away when besties the most powerful member of the lion guard becomes lost within the Outlands Skaar enlists the hyenas and skinks to lure bestie into a trap in hopes of destroying him but of course the rest of the lion guard stops the attack Skaar continues to move against the lion guard in secret but he also attacks supporters of the lion guard as well anyone who could help kion and his friends was an enemy of Skaar and they either needed to be used to take down the lion guard or be destroyed in rescue in the Outlands jaundice clan strikes kinds hyena friend jasiri in the Morning Report the hyenas kidnappers a zoo in hopes he will reveal royal secrets and in the bite of kangay the hyenas attempt to cripple the elephants in the pride lands by targeting the all-important water the key melons and paralyzed the lion guard is crazy to me that characters threaten each other's lives in the show feels right at home in the Lion King universe but not always as a Disney Junior show if the last game you'll ever play zebra gars attacks were occurring at an increasing rate and were escalating in scale but scar was not ready to let himself be revealed just yet he knew with his dominance growing the spiritually connected Rafiki would soon discover his presence so he had to make a move against the monkey in the episode titled divide and conquer I feel like every time we learn more about Rafiki he just becomes more and more powerful with the alliance with the pack of jackals led by Ray Ray solidified scar sent ray Ray's pack and shonda's clan to attack the pride lands in two locations to split up the lion guard but unfortunately for the evil Outlanders the plan went haywire Wanggaard worked together to protect Rafiki from the hyenas and the jackals in an all-out battle and during this battle kion saw something what in the pride lands the guard was able to win the battle and Rafiki was safe but from the mark left by scars ghost kion and his friends knew something horrible and dangerous was still out there all-out war was approaching along with the knowledge of scars return the truth would be revealed during the evil Lions grandis plot yet it will be known as the day I stopped Simba and the lion God once and for all in the episode the scorpion sting during the celebration of the day Simba reclaimed his throne a servant of scar named sue mu was sent to discreetly sting the king with his venomous scorpion tail causing Simba to become extremely ill yeah that's right scar attempted to end symbol with an assassin now your typical Disney Junior show I'd say knowing the only way to remove the venom was to use volcanic ash the lion guard and rafiki's apprentice makini ventured to the volcano in the Outlands where they encountered key buries float RayRay's pack and jaundice clan on their way to slow them down once the lion guard reaches the volcano kion believes they have one like you I saw you before in the fire your scarf yes kion you've guessed correctly the army of scar surrounds the lion guard all of scars planning up until this point led to this moment the out lenders had unified under one evil cost but they couldn't stop kion and the roar using the roar of the elders the lion guard fights their way out of the volcano with the ash and bring it in time to a fading Simba with the revival of scar he is unified the Outlanders - Zira and all of her lions for some reason under his command he has built up a League of soldiers in his orchestrated attacks and become a dominant and feared force again one that could only be stopped by the lion guard now that scar has revealed himself to the pride lands the war between the Outlanders and the pride Landers had officially been set into motion well it seems the war has just begun so now it's time for the question the day sponsored by my patrons to become a patron yourself check out my patreon page at slash watts of videos why do you think scarred did not recruit Zira when I was making this video that was just something I could not understand and get out of my mind let me know your thoughts in the comment section along with any other ideas you have for future discovering Disney episodes if you enjoy discussing scars war then click that like button and if you're interested in staying up to date with more magical lion guard videos then click that subscribe button and please follow me on Twitter Instagram and Facebook if you'd like to see more awesome videos then check out some awesome pics over here and as always thanks for watching and have a magical

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War has taken over the Pride Lands. You may remember the battle for Pride Rock or the fight in the Outlands, but those were isolated skirmishes. In the war for the Pride Lands, innocents and leaders have been attacked, armies have formed, many battles have been fought and of course the lion who began this conflict was none other than SCAR! I post every Tuesday and Thursday, so check back then for more Disney, Pixar, Harry Potter, Star Wars and movie videos! If you have any questions about the Disney universe that you would want answered in a video, please ask away in the comment section! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THANKS TO MY PATRONS WHO SPONSORED THIS VIDEO! Michelle Morrison, Redbandit, Kelly S. Spina, Zachary Levine, Sam Boerman, Julia Kendall, Zarya moonfey, Rachael McIntosh, Clayton Wood, alexander maze, Lea Bose, Stephanus Surjaputra, Katie Miller, Samantha Lucas & Aaron Davis ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW ME! MERCH STORE ➜






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