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[Music] hello everybody welcome back to town of Salem we are running our vampire roll list and I'm mafioso again fun times thanks town of Salem I could go could be vampire could be amny vamp hunter jailer neutral killer neutral evil mafioso thanks so let's get into it let's kill off old Tigger I am Donald the sheriff night 1 actually let's do leave a blank for the time being

he doesn't really need to claim anything he just needs to wait for people to review of roles one singer died that's good that way our Godfather has suspicion off of them because if we were to not kill anybody night one jail would probably be automatically suspicious of him ah yes jailor down good good good good excellent start for us

the spy is X Eve

good to know so look so we're hanging ourselves another town which I am quite fine with that's lost people for the vamps to convert and one less time for us not to worry about

you Ben Savage yeah that's that sucks for you cuz they're gonna think you're mafioso well time to execute you there's a witch I

don't think so if the better this guy is completely trolling

hmm I feel like that is not executioner because somebody did claim to be witched

let's go ahead and kill off

yeah that sucks but oh well let's kill skateboard perhaps I'm gonna go maybe I have an idea



I'm gonna assume since of snow I have an idea I'm gonna try something and I hope that it works

gonna try something


[Music] all right well at this point I wouldn't be opposed to killing off a vampire let's kill off internet-famous perhaps I

need to come up with a clean fast



I'm gonna take a chance and say that spy is the are so I'm gonna take a shot in the dark here

I'm thinking that me a Liz gesture and that spy is actually our so I'm gonna bank on this and hope that I'm right I got a hope that I'm right here could be wrong but I'm gonna make a play I'm taking a shot here and trying to prove myself then again if I prove myself the vamps could try to bite me to try to convert me and I could backfire on me anyway

is the are so

all right so that she didn't work out bad though because they think that he was doused worth a shot I'm gonna have to try something here to kill off John Cory okay I'm fine with that what is the what is the fan thing uh hold on oh no no no

you I died damn well so much for that there was an R so I was just wrong about who it is that sucks well it was worth a shot on my part so I'm two mafia though amny oh well


worth a shot on my part

I mean what are you saying it was dumb of course it wasn't dumb it was a worth a shot I mean I figured I knew that Miao was the any when nobody else claimed to be witched so I figured that spy was either arse I figured he was are so but he could have been vamp I was thinking use our so um but I tried to come I try to confirm myself it didn't work out for him but they believed me and thought that spy was doused if I wouldn't die to the are so I would've been fine

a bad move at all I mean what else am I supposed to claim it's better to be proactive I mean you can't just roll this like this where you have multiple town and multiple vampires against you if they think that you're not town like a a mafia they're just gonna vote you up and execute you so you have to try to trick everybody and you have to be proactive get out in front of it and try to prove your role that's what I was trying to do right there


we have a mayor though

that's the other thing if he is when he was dying he was vamp is like alright well I'll just clean he's doused oh well clearly the in kazar so so I think it was a good move tried to get out in front of it it didn't work out if I cuz I was doused and I'd died but if I did wouldn't have got killed by the arsonist I think I would have been in a pretty good spot he's gonna remember vamp well then a good kill for us then I took one other player away from the enemy now how many people are left one two three four five six my guess is that

Emme didn't remember anything good thing I remember bitch that's right so theoretically there would be a vamp on her savage a mayor and a bodyguard an executioner which is meow but his target died so now he's jester and then two mafia but out of those four they're alive for the town probably two of them are converted at this point so it's probably like two or three vamps versus two mafia versus two town versus a jester so still anybody's game at this point Buffy didn't die good this is probably take my van Thunder yep

so vamp and are still out there but at this point mayor is going to be bit so what I'm if I'm moppy what I do here is say all right mayor vote somebody to prove that you're still mayor now if they pay attention to the jailers Ville they're gonna realize that random is not sheriff so hopefully they don't point that out has to be mafia if I'm my mafia members I go right now and accuse the mayor and say Mock the commander you need to vote to prove that you're not converted so the mayor wants to vote at the Mafia because you can still get converted and win as a vamp by if mafia kill you came over so they're holding up our disguise er which he disguise as you

Giles okay well this isn't the worst person to die for us cuz he is disguise err that is true mayor's vamp he would have Danny would have been voted up right away if the mayor would have voted him and he had the three role the three votes that's a very good point yeah van planner will kill off the mayor tonight if our godfathers smart he's gonna go for somebody other than I'll random you shouldn't have been owed that dude I mean it's not like he has much anyway I mean it's pretty obvious that he's not town all right so here's what we need to do if I am Godfather no three votes aren't all yours vampire is gonna stake the mayor Knight a one would assume Godfather needs to kill off random and then we got a hope with that

we got to hope that the executioners last gesture actually no he's just her so he's not gonna side with anybody so yes yes yes yes no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no don't kill off the vamp hunter I should that might not be terrible it's still gonna leave hey yeah yeah yeah that's not the worst thing in the world because the vamp spit last night so nobody's gonna be conferred tonight as long as he kills off the vampire or somebody so if he kills the vampire the vampire kills a vamp it's gonna be Godfather versus Justin versus the vampire Jester is not gonna side with anybody so Godfather then kills the Jester okay so this isn't terrible



so now at this point because he said that his target was Holly oh wait no Holly got hung that's right so he is executioner so it depends on him Wow I just realized the executioner got so lucky that the vampire got his target hung for him so now it's up to the EXCI

well this is probably the best case outcome for us after me and the disguiser died it's actually probably had a bad idea that the godfather killed off the vamp hunter because if I am executioner if I'm given the choice between a godfather and a vampire I give it to the vamp under by if I'm given the choice between a vampire and a Godfather especially with his already three dead vamps in the graveyard when there's only two dead mafia I might give it to the Mafia or he could just not say anything and just not vote

so here's what I would say if I get voted up as nice if I get if he knows and votes that the Godfather though the Godfather should say is look I'm mafia we only had two we only had three Mafia the vamps had four vamps we had less people I think we deserve it

this is a bitch this is vamp right I've been barely paying attention to chat much I was just kind of going through scenarios in my head Gigi well we pulled it out I feel like my play was pretty good I got unlucky that I chose wrong but it would have probably worked out only like I said if I wasn't killed by the are so I would have liked to have seen how that would have played out if I wasn't I feel like I could have pulled the wool over their eyes for a long time but then again if the vamps thought that I was investigator then they probably would have tried to bite me to convert me and then I would have died anyway so you never know what would have happened oh it was vyas you know wasn't he wasn't vamp interesting you never know what would happened there but I feel like it was a good play on my part hopefully you guys enjoyed here's your role list if you didn't join leave a like subscribe to channel for more kind of sailing gameplay leave some feedback on a comment section below and I'll see you guys next time

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