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so tomorrow a mural leaves with her mama back to the Bay Area for a couple of days that is gonna be sad when you leave again baby good he's trippin out she wants to get out the seat and start off our day right mommy right you want to get out to seat you wanna know are you hungry yeah hungry what do you want to eat you want to eat um-hmm what should we eat what sounds good

okay let's go so tomorrow mirror leaves with her mama back to the Bay Area for a couple of days so Bay Area be aware banks family is heading down to the bay so make sure if you're not subscribed subscribe to the banks family because we are Lynch are you ready mommy you ready to go eat okay come on okay okay okay come on let's go daddy's gonna be sad when you leave again baby so I try to take it a two-pole a she wasn't down she shook her head know that she wasn't hungry well you said no no no no no okay I'm here what are you taking me no you are not going in the street No I mean you have no idea where you're going I have no idea where I'm going where are you taking us taking me to the water

[Music] be careful that's so dirty and we're good how are you

thank you crayons

are you gonna draw good job you're so good

[Music] this is yellow you know that blue that yellow blue and yellow blue and yellow make blue and yellow make

yeah we hey babe look you put blue right here and then put yellow right here it makes green yeah yeah you're so good and so smart looks the same see that's crazy how do we do that okay yellow oh good yellow like my shirt my shirt is yellow I also want to say thank you to you guys for helping us with the excellent therapies and stuff a lot of you guys are very helpful so thank you for sending us the notes and the prayers

what you're gonna do with that green

she wants me to blow on these fry yeah there we go come on down fun let's go I can't stop thinking about that you're gonna be gone from me again what is sup banks family we're back we're back again right now it's just me in the mirror at the house she's so addicted to watch the TV up close and I try to not let her do it so we do a lot of guys we put her inside of an oatmeal bath all right so as I was saying I appreciate all of the helpful remedies that you guys have told us from the last video and from my Instagram post saying that mirror has really but an exit when it gets really bad around this season me and he's all in the club like there she's not gonna be the good thank you guys for watching though I appreciate it make sure you guys subscribe Oh what happened what's wrong okay okay you want to say that what's wrong with me what why do kids why do kids really hold the camera all the way down baby put it up higher okay we gotta say bye can we say bye say bye okay okay I want you to go either maybe I don't want you to go you will do we do why do you want to leave me and you yeah okay do you wanna say you love the big family [Music] [Applause] alright bass Emily we're out of here comment a day or two days out of the week that you guys want to see me in a mirror post on the base semi channel so two days out of the week and you'll be me so Monday whatever y'all want to do let us know two days out of the week that's you're free to watch videos and we'll post on those days right

we fast-forwarded and went in the future right baby in the future a couple of days yeah so we made to the base of the next few vlogs are gonna be in either yeh area it's my niece's birthday party coming up as Father's Day coming up so stay tuned for the vlog so I'm about to drop off from here so I can run a couple of errands get a haircut all that good stuff and I'll be with her again tonight so stay tuned you guys we got a lot in store normally the video ends here but we're gonna keep it going baby you're gonna go in a second you the biggest one American candy get candies come on come on give me here come here yes yes you want candy cuz I want candy dad okay listen adults adults adults we're adults here buddy okay that's not yours boo say Thank You uncle I promise you see more excited about the bag inside the bear yeah daddy I'll hold it for you okay so we have my niece's second birthday party just finish the pinata I'll shut up a little bit late come on I can't pick you up and go in there baby it's difficult that is too big oh my god I like you






we go

[Music] it's a traditional [Music] [Applause] [Music] The Devil Wears Prada wouldn't know I

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