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I swear eternal night culinary phantoms no mother don't you Betty what to do family is a girl Tameka and I am back I am back with another video official first time here go ahead and smash the subscribe button turn those post notifications on so we can always stay connected shout out to the squad it Cintiq ok I love y'all man thank you so much for all the support that you're giving man he just keeps me motivated man I swear to god man listen man today man we gonna get into talking about DD gene Kenny so y'all man without further ado man welcome to cart before we get into this video man I'm gonna get me out a little background story on who DDG is for those who follow me who might not know he's actually from Michigan Pontiac Michigan or whatever he actually started vlogging when he was in college you know I'm saying like that serious man he dropped out he risked it all he followed his heart his dreams he moved a cab getting out of me and I'd be damned some years later just dude is huge it's fucked on YouTube and he's also elevating like sheet music none of me like all jokes aside a lot of people want to label him immature and I mean he didn't have some growing pains on God you know saying but it does not take away the fact that this man business savvy is out of this world like I really feel like this dude is like the male Queen when it comes down to YouTube you know I'm saying and he knows how to keep people entertained rather people want to believe what he's doing is real or not but he keeps people entertained but I really like this cat man like that series I think the dude is hilarious as fuck but I also really love his story man like it is so fucking motivational inspirational man and see somebody really just be like you know what man I'm about to risk it all I'm about to go and do this you know I'm saying it to watch him elevate and grow you get his dream cars already you don't say get his dream houses are and I only that move his whole family from Pontiac you're not I'm saying and now they're all in their own endeavors you know I'm saying who cannot salute some shit like that you know to me it's one thing to elevate yourself individually but we in the when you elevate your whole family Shani man that's beast that's boss you know I'm saying a lot of people suicides don't like them cuz we've lost a little bit man but listen man this is the nature that we live in social media is home at a floss that's where everybody get together the one a motherfucking portray who they are or who they pretend to be you not I mean you can't fuck the man for doing something that his age group is doing you're not I mean but anyway man we've gotta slide into this video dr. Phoebe Jeter had a couple of relationships since he's been on YouTube but the one that I really gravitated the most to is the movie Kennedy Kennedy is absolutely beautiful dude like that series inside and out or whatever and it's just like it's amazing because I think that sometimes people get caught up so much in the social media shit like that you really don't understand what you truly have at the time and I really hope that DDG get this shit together this time now I spy with my little eye it was both from Mexico you know I'm saying and I'm hoping that niggas down there like baby please baby please it's okay to beg my nigga because she's a winner winner chicken dinner and not only that man it's just that you guys you guys fit together that's one of the things that I love so much about Queen and Clarence that they jail together you'd understand they balance each other out and what the DDG sometimes be so stubborn and he don't want to admit it Kennedy green stuff to tell him that shows on camera like Dan series this man be something his hair when it come down to Kennedy and I really feel like that is so good to him because she's coming up in the industry dog where it's gonna be so many fake people surrounding him man it's so damn dope to have one real and that's the reason why I love that you know I'm saying clearances with Queen because like it's so easy for your mind and she gets contaminated you're not I mean you gotta have somebody around but they in Mexico and even though he dropped the video sin friends man I ain't buying it I'm not buying it we need that arguments too so I'm hoping that they down there reconciling and understand like that serious I really think that Kennedy is just awesome female I love her personality in and out and I feel like she's absolutely gorgeous and I think that the sky's the limit Woody's two can go I want to know what y'all field oh man do you feel like Kennedy might get DDG another chance I learned that she's sporting Rolex and DDG man you gotta stop playing take back I understand I understand the Rolex ain't ain't normal you know I'm saying that's not your normal type of gift but do when you when you get the girl something shudder you can't take it back I don't care if his watches dogs whatever the case may be Sonny because at that time it was out of the kindness of your heart and I think that's sometimes why a lot of people get upset with EDG but I think that he's gonna grow and I think that he has a good person around him he got good people around him he's also very good friends with Clarence and I think Clarence is gonna bring a certain honesty to him that he probably needs to hear sometimes young dudes be caught up in this facade like this is like it's sex to be weak for a woman and it's okay actually when you allow yourself to be one of what actually makes you strong my nigga so I'm hoping to god that beauty g-man like he reconciled his shit with Kennedy I really like them as a couple I wanna know how y'all feel man I want to know man do you think that Kennedy's a good couple or do you like PTZ with other people like I want to know who do you feel like didiji is like really really good for I think that Kennedy brings this man to where he needs to be but I want to know how y'all feel man let's chop it up in the comments man

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