Avon Haul & First Impressions!

by: Hollie Forrest

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hey everyone today I'm going to share my Yvonne haul with you and I'm really excited because I have an order from Yvonne in such a long time like I think over a year ago maybe not a year ago I'm probably exaggerating but anyway they have a lot of new products out that I haven't tried yet so I kind of picked up a few things and I just want to share them all with you I haven't used them yet so I don't really have any opinions on them I'm just kind of swatching and showing you guys what I got so let's get right into it the first thing I have to show you is the Avon ideal luminous blush it comes in a black case like this and it came in this little box so the compact is pretty big and I don't remember the blushes being this big I don't know if this is a new formula I think it's just their old one and they put new packaging on it this is the shade heavenly pink and I'm gonna open it up show it to you it has a really big mirror in here and a little brush and it's kind of soft I mean it's not bad quality but it's still it's just too small for me to do my blush with so I wouldn't use it but it's not that bad and here is what heavenly pink looks like it's a really pretty bright matte pink and I'm just gonna swatch it for you using my finger here's what it looks like and there it is on my hand and I really like it the texture is nice and soft and it's for a matte blush that's really good because sometimes I notice of avon blushes in the past that they've been kind of powdery and chalky but this there's like no little dust anywhere to be seen and so far I mean it it feels really nice I haven't used it on my face yet but I really do like that color then I got some mascaras they were having a really good deal so I got four of them and I know that sounds like a lot and craziness but you know when they have a good sale I like to jump on it since I don't buy a bond that often and the first one is the Avon super shock mascara I've seen pixie Wu use this so many times and I was just you know really curious about it so I picked it up and it's a really big fat tube like this thing is like a weapon you could totally knock someone out with this I am not kidding but anyway the brush is rubber bristles and it kind of reminds me of like those covergirl LashBlast mascara they're just like these big huge plasticky bristles and usually I'm not a fan of mascaras like this so I don't know if I'm gonna like it or not but I've seen pixie we use it and it always looks really good on their lashes so hopefully the formula is nice but there is the super shock wand and it's pretty huge so I mean I don't have small eyes but I think this is kind of like it's gonna be a little bit of a challenge I mean even for me cuz look at this it's like it's like longer it's like almost as big as my eye so it's kind of crazy but yeah that's the super shock then I got super shock max because I just wanted to try it there's no reason really and this one is in the same kind of tube except for it's blue and this one has a different wand it's also rubber bristles but it's like they kind of have these gaps like these spiraling gaps and here's what the one on the super shock max looks like I don't know if you can tell but it doesn't have the bristles are kind of spiraled down the one they're not just like straight lined on there like the super shock so the max is kind of set up a little differently but it looks very similar so there is super shock on the left and super shock max on the right and as you can see they both look really similar I mean it's not gonna be too much of a difference probably but yeah I just wanted to try both of them now for the other two I got the super drama mascara this is one of their newer ones and I really liked the way that the tube looked I thought it was just really pretty and I was very intrigued by this one you guys this is the weirdest one okay maybe not the weirdest cuz I've seen some weird stuff but this is one of the strangest mascara ones I have ever seen and I don't know how it's gonna work so I just had to get it because I was like that is so weird I don't know if you guys can really see the discs because they're covered in mascara but they're like these little circles like the whole wand is made out of little circles and I just thought that was really interesting and I just wanted to see how it would work with my lashes so yeah there's the super drama there you go you can kind of see it do you see the bristles they're like little circles little pieces of plastic shaped like circles stack on top of each other and I was just like that is so strange I need to try it so there's the super drama mascara this is the Avon a super extend extreme mascara this is what the tube looks like I have never tried this one either before and it's also a rubber bristle wand and it looks like these big it kind of looks like a lash comb I mean the bristles are very far apart from each other they're very spiky too so I am very curious about this I haven't tried a mascara wand that has looked like this before it's just like these huge and they're kind of like big they like teeth almost so there's this super extend mascara and yeah so those are all the mascaras I got the next eye product that I got is the Avon cream eyeshadow here's the little box I bought this shade frothy mocha and that sounds delicious now I want some coffee but I have not ever bought these these aren't new I don't think that cream eyeshadows they come in this cute little glass pot reminds me a lot of Maybelline Color tattoos and that's why I wanted to try it because you all know how obsessed I am with color tattoos so here is frothy mocha it's in a really cute little glass jar and I haven't swatched it yet so let's do that because I want to see this right now well that's actually really pretty there's frothy Milka can you guys see that it's kind of like an almost metallic finish just like a Maybelline Color tattoo it's like a golden like a rose gold taupe almost like in the sunlight it kind of looks taupe and then in the shade it kind of has like this smoky gold rose gold 'no stu it I don't know it's kind of like a duochrome type thing going on I really love this shade I might if I like this I might get other ones because they have more shades to choose from so and it kind of feels cooling it feels like on my skin right now it kind of feels cooling so that'll be nice on the eyes yeah so there's frothing Milka very nice I cannot wait to wear this last but not least are the lip products that I chose and I did pick all Reds so I know that people are gonna be like why'd you buy only Reds but I haven't tried actually I've tried the glaze where glosses and I have a lot of shades of these all pinks I actually never bought a red one so other than that I haven't tried any of these yet and whenever I try out a new lip product I always like to get red because I feel like it's a safe color for me since I love wearing red and I'm not gonna explain myself you guys know I love red but sometimes I just get people who are like oh my god that's so much red but you know red is my favorite color to wear on the lips and if you think there's a lot of red lipsticks you should see my collection because most of them are red lipsticks enough about that first up is this Avon ultra glaze wear lip gloss and I love the glaze where's like I said I have a lot of these they just changed the packaging let me show you what it looks like this is like a little rectangle now and I like it but I tend to miss the old one because this is what they used to look like the glaze wears and I have a lot of these most of them are these kind of like rosy pink shades and I think this might be a newer shade I'm not sure cuz I never saw it before it's called fiery red and Avon has different types of glosses this is just one of them and through the glaze where like they have shimmer they have cream the ultra I'm not sure why it's called ultra but you know they have different like finishes within categories of lip gloss and sometimes it's like overwhelming because there's so many to choose from and this is the shade fiery red so I'm just gonna swatch this for you it has it looks like a cream I mean it doesn't look like has shimmer in it oh my gosh that is so pretty I love this color I'm so happy I got it this is a fiery red really now the next gloss I got is called extra lasting lip gloss so this is a whole different type of lip gloss it's not even in the glaze wear category this is a newer product to me I have never tried anything extra lasting before so I actually bought this because my cousin had this shade and I love the way that it looked on her I was like what is that I need that and she was like it's able and extra lasting and always Apple and I was like that is the cutest name and the prettiest color like I really I just had to have it in my life I know I say that a lot so there is always Apple and it does have shimmer in it I mean the two but you can kind of see it has like iridescent but once you swatch it it kind of melts away like you can still see it but like it's not as obvious like I kind of the shimmer kind of just disappears and I really like it it's a nice finish and how it still has sparkle to it but it kind of is like it's so subtle that you have to be like in your face to see it and I really like that because shimmer is not my favorite finish but this shimmer I can totally you know get away with and actually like wearing then of course I have to get the matching extra lasting lipstick and I haven't tried this line at all I don't know why I love Avon lipsticks and I had to get this one because extra lasting I don't know I just wanted to try it out and this is the shade made it no that is not mmm the shade made in Mexico just look at this red like can we take a moment to stare its glory like it is so red it's very bright and it's called fiery red so I'm not sure if it's supposed to go with the Avon glaze we're fiery red who knows because it's in the extra lasting line it's a mystery we we don't know this feels so creamy here is fiery red the lipstick it looks just like the lipstick in the tube like I am so impressed this was just one swipe on my hand and it is very creamy it just it just cool like oh my god I have I'm gonna lost for words but it feels so buttery and silky it just kind of like went on there like nothing it was just like hey check me out then I got another lipstick this is just from their ultra color lipstick line I think it's just their original lipstick line and I guess they changed the packaging on it because it used to be like this kind of roundish shape and now it's just this little simple rectangle I like it but I have now it doesn't match all my other Avon lipsticks and that's gonna drive me insane but anyway this is the shade lava love and it kind of looks like a pinkish red and I don't have it I think this is a newer red shade and I just wanted it so yep let's swatch it for you and let's see oh that is also really pretty that is lava love that's really bright kind of has like a pinkish tone to it I am as you can tell like in my voice you can like hear the excitement there is lava love once again and it's kind of like almost it's satiny but it looks kind of mad I don't know what finish this is supposed to be but it says it just says love a love ultra color but it looks kind of like a satiny like it looks matte on the camera but in real life it has more of a very subtle shine to it I really like how it looks like it is so beautiful gorgeous okay look at my hand it's just like covered in red so I ended up paying $42 for all of this stuff and some of the things we're on sale I don't know if the sales are still going on but if you just go on the Avon website you can see all of their prices for everything you can see all the products that they offer I've been wearing Avon for I would say since I was like 16 that's when I first really started trying a bond and that's when my cousin started selling it so yeah around when she first started selling it I would order a little bit here and there from her and I have a lot of favorites from Avon that I really love that I continue to order through her so I guess I could share those with you some other time this was just a haul and let me know what your a von favorites are because I will place another order probably very soon if I like these products and I would love to hear your guys just thought so I could you know keep them in mind next time I make my order so as always I just want to say thank you guys so much for watching and of course thank you all so much for like trying products I recommend I think that's so cool like you have no idea how cool I think that is and quick sidenote I always list down below what makeup I have on my face like not every little thing but like the key products like what my blush is lipstick eye shadow you know things like that and so please check out my description boxes I've been doing this for the past few months now and I usually you know when I get asked I can't answer everybody I try to but please just be sure check out the description because I always leave a ton of stuff in there and a quick side note I'm not wearing any of those Avon red lipsticks I mentioned in this video I'm actually wearing a makeup forever lipstick and it's from their Rouge artist intense line and I don't know how much this was it was kind of pricey I think it was like $30 but I really loved it the Shan is so gorgeous yeah I just kind of wanted to dedicate a whole video talking about Avon products because I've never done it before and interest thought it would be kind of fun and different so I hope you guys found this helpful or interesting and as always

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Hey everyone, hanks for watching most recent Avon haul! I just placed an order and picked up some new things. Please let me know what your favorite Avon products are! :) ♥ Products mentioned ♥ Ideal luminous blush-heavenly pink Super shock mascara Super shock max mascara Super drama mascara Super extend extreme mascara Cream eyeshadow-frothy mocha Glazewear ulta gloss- fiery red Extra lasting gloss- always apple Extra lasting lipstick-fiery red Ultra color rich lipstick- lava love Check out the Avon website for all the current prices, I bought this stuff on sale & I'm not sure if it's still on or not! ♥ What I'm Wearing ♥ MUFE Rouge artist intense lipstick- 43 MUFE HD Foundation N110 MAC Well dressed blush Pysicians Formula custom nude palette Lorac pro palette on eyes Anastasia dip brow pomade-ebony Disclaimer: I bought all of these products with my own money.
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