2019 Watchnight Prophetic Prayers (Expect A Series Of Victories!)

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a year with a series of victories [Applause]







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[Music] yes Baba Jesus give the Lord a shard and a clay

[Music] hey father thank you for your blessing thank you for your blessing we are grateful we are grateful for what you have done so far we thank you as we've entered the new year hallelujah with victory with victory victory is our portion which is our portion a series of victories yes many victories yes from victory to victory from victory to victory a series of victories await us in 2020 we live tejada we say only you can do this only you can do this only our eyes are on you I saw you and we thank you and we thank you for this great blessing yes of introducing us into 2019 in Jesus name and everybody [Applause] the snake that followed you through processor plus 28 - I love you - they went e18 couldn't cross with you - 29 [Applause] [Music] you are going to be stronger in spirit than ever before and was filled with wisdom all right you are going to be filled with God's wisdom and number four the grace of God was upon him so the grace of God is going to be on your life in this new twenty nineteen year now your life is changing and these four things are happening you are going to grow alright so when you are grown up what you couldn't carry before you are able to carry what you couldn't bear you are able to bear so in 2019 you are growing up to be stronger and more capable in every area of your life next this year it's not about decreasing it's about increasing it's about growing so if you live outside you don't have anywhere to stay you are going to grow into your new accommodation amen so expect to grow in every aspect of your life you're going to grow and work strong in spirits so from this year you are going to be stronger in spirits can I have an amen from those outside no inside no what I have to specify before you those outside say Amen beautiful those outside of this I say Amen okay now what's upon him so grace is going to be upon you things you don't deserve grace means undeserved favor so this year many things you don't deserve God will do for you you don't deserve that beloved because you've broken seven hats already God will do it for you even though you don't deserve it you don't deserve a child because you have shown away so many children already God would give you what you don't deserve you don't deserve a job because you are too proud to work humbly by the grace of God we'll give you that job you don't deserve you don't deserve for somebody to give you help because when it was your time to help you didn't help but the Bible says the grace of God was upon him so in 2019 may you experience things you don't deserve in Jesus mighty name Alleluia so in 2019 expect a series of victories expect what you don't deserve in Jesus name let your hand and say I receive what I don't deserve I receive what I don't deserve the grace of God I receive it in Jesus name Amen [Music] so receive the light of God to light in your life you will be guided throughout 2019 by the light of God God's light and direction and wisdom will be your guiding light throughout 2019 yes your decision of us to who to marry will be guided by the light of God is for the rise and the fall of Benny but you'll not fall I say you will never fall I can't see your hand and I can't hear your Amen let me hear your louder say man let me hear you louder say man you are crossing the Hall of 2019 12 months with ease the three dogs that have followed you they are all bound in Jesus name I want everybody to stand and thank God for these four things as we come to the conclusion of our prayer time in the spirit in the spirit of wisdom yes and the grace of God the grace of God our life thank you in restraint with growth with growth with wisdom thank you launder Ibaka vada thank you for making a way where there seems to be no way yes No thank you for making us 20 20 20 20

stronger stronger wiser wiser better better in every way yes people would testify thank you for calling everyone blessing everyone touching everyone in the mighty name of Jesus I thank you for all the children that are here today their lives are better their lives are going to be better in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and everyone shouted amen let your right hand like this Jesus thank you for the invitation of your power to everyone in Jesus name Amen not blessing for 2019

let your feet walk in new places that you haven't been before let your feet walk in Pleasant places in 2019 where you haven't been before may you go there this year in the name of Jesus may you enter countries and nations that you haven't gone to before may you walk in hotels you haven't imagined before may you walk in the corridors of power that you haven't walked in before may you have visitors in your life type of visitor you've never had before a good visitor who brings good things when you experience him in your life in 2019 may somebody come to your house and his coming change your life for the better for the good for the improvement may you be visited with many gifts this year in 2019 I see baskets being carried to your house and carried into your life in the name of Jesus may your money be more than it has ever been before before 2019 and from 2019 onwards may your money know an increase into the realm of surplus in the name of Jesus Christ father let your face shine upon your children let them even when they are cut down spring up again even when they go through a dark hole let them come out shining better and brighter than ever before let them not like anything I changed their pocket size from small size to medium-sized to large size to extra-large size - a Borla size in the name of Jesus your pockets are blessed pockets your secret places are blessed secret places they are filled with the treasures of darkness and the wealth of the wicked is placed squarely in your hand in the mighty name of Jesus now let the strength of Jesus the greatness of Jesus who never tried to be great but it's so great that today we are mention his name we pray to him and through him may that greatness that mysterious greatness be imparted to you as you also embrace Jesus in your heart may the mysterious greatness of Jesus the mystical greatness that makes him so awesome so great so majestic so worshipped so on it across the whole world over 2,000 years made-up mystical mysterious greatness be imparted to you in Jesus name your life is taking a turn around plates plates that have plagued you plagues that have plagued you since your youth and in the year 2018 a completely vanquished and neutralized in the name of Jesus may his face that is shining on you make everywhere around you bright brighter and brighter brighter and brighter brighter and brighter I said brighter and brighter let your seat be full of light let your chair of authority be greater and be filled with light in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth made a lot be a fortress around you receive divine protection divine escapes in 2019 divine exemptions from disasters from tragedies from bad news from red and black cloth from funerals from burials receive divine exemptions and divine escapes throughout the year 2019 you shall escape many times by the hand of the Lord may the angel of the Lord and come around your house and come around your tent and come around your dwelling place ah only with your eyes will you see the reward of the wicked but you will not taste of it the Lord is my refuge in him will I trust middle of your refuge in 2019 and grant you define exemptions and define escapes throughout the year 2019 you will see 20/20 with your bright eyes and it will give glory to God for what he has done and now your ministry may your ministry go brighter and brighter may you serve God day and night may you serve Him with prayers with fastings and with whatever he has chosen for you to serve him with may you serve Him and bless him and honor him and as you serve God and you honor God may God's honor be on you may people honor you respect you and value you in 2019 may your value increase in 2019 may your wealth increase in 2019 may the number of people that value you and honor you increase in 2019 and because you have set your love on him may he deliver you may he keep you may he save you may he rescue you may he accept you in the name of Jesus Christ I see the feathers of the Lord the feathers of Jacob are all over you under his feathers you are going to dwell Rock dwelling under his covering the Lord's feathers are your roof they are you seeing they are over you you are in his hand and he will keep you in his hand in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth may you excel in your ministry may you multiply in your ministry may you increase in your ministry may you be fruitful in God in the name of Jesus Christ and as your value increases may you have the opportunity to travel to the ends of the world for the sake of Jesus Christ I bless you with the greatest blessing the honor of being God's servants may the grace of God that made some of us servants of God for the prime of our lives be upon you the prime of your life will be used as serving God and in serving God forever in the name of he who laid in the grave by his own will and rose up triumphantly who gave himself voluntarily and without question in his name I bless you I bless you and I command the blessings to be upon you let the flowers of your life come forth now let the beauty of your life come out now any delayed beautification delayed glorifying of your life I accelerate it now and I declare that the niceness of your life comes forth in 2019 in the name of Jesus the Son of God sent by God the Father I bless you and I say made me Jehovah look upon you tenderly with forgiveness with Messi's with graciousness may he overlook your mistakes and may he say play on play all my sevens I have seen but I have not seen may god wink at all the evils and your mistakes throughout the year 2019 and may he grant you to bear much fruit in the name of Jesus Christ now lift your two hands and thank God that according to these words so shall your life being father we thank you by a prophet Israel was brought out of Egypt and by a prophet he was preserved may you be preserved throughout your escaping time throughout your living time in 2019 even if you cry it will be for a short time the Lord will wipe your tears away and give you something better father we give you thanks and we give you praise for all that you have done in Jesus name and everyone said amen [Music] god bless you God bless you God bless you 2019 is a year with a series of victories I said not a year of victories a year of a series of victories Colaba

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