BWA vs HDMI I TOP16 I Golden Arena 2018

by: ProDance TV

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BWA vs HDMI I TOP16 I Golden Arena 2018 Golden Arena 2018 held on the November 24th in Thioville in Paris, France Golden Arena produced by GCM Mixité, Powered by Thionville city. 3v3 battle with largest cash prize event in France with prize pool of 10 000€. Day 5 of the Breakleague, France's first competitive bboy league composed of 16 events throughout the year all linked by a ranking system. Top 3 bboys of the league fly out to silverback open 2019 Winner : BWA ProdanceTV: Online Dance TV channel covering some of the biggest Hip Hop Dance events across the globe featuring raw uncut battle footage, event trailers, interviews & freestyle clips. Capturing the Essence of our Culture. Find us on social platforms: Facebook:

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