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[Music] hey you're leaving us mom the truth guys well I even what [Music]

are you doing guys and welcome back and we're loading up and getting ready to go pull across country not act now United States country but I seem to another country we're going on our summer vacation to Columbia Hannah or not I'm ready to go to the airport so this is interesting we actually couldn't find anybody to take us to the airport so I have to actually leave the car at the airport so I guess when we get back we're gonna get a surprise [Music] loved being in the camera yes we are a pet lover wanna be friends [Music]

we are too late Tina's son Joe Diaz Chris Rusin here oh my god move Joe get serious Paula Gutierrez Joe first cookie is mojo well Gutierrez got lucky Tara's







yes I found it strange too that there are like speak up [Music]

and yes I found my addiction


well the right wasn't that bad because we had clear skies the whole way and I was amazed the plane was actually traveling out 542 miles an hour wow that's pretty fast but the ride was about I mean the flight was about 2 hours and 35 minutes so it's pretty quick and here we have it got the Hannah Columbia right ahead [Music]


now this is something unique for us we actually exited the plane through the rear door by the tail and we're walking right on the asphalt of the runway and then once you reach outside you can feel the heat and the noise of the engine because we're used to the United States have the gates air conditioned and connected to the plane so basically you never seen the outside of the plane so this is Bob very neat and experience for us and the kids we loved it and I never noticed the plane was so big from the outside

and here we are welcome to Columbia right now we're doing immigration check [Music] now we're boarding the van transport to go to the hotel



[Applause] as soon as you started driving through the city it kind of reminded me of Costa Rica more lays the same building style in architectural design our hotel resort is about making about 30 minutes away from the airport

[Music] what

well the nice built-ins didn't last that long because right away there was a drastic change of community and you could tell this is very low for income and actually it kind of made me appreciate how good we have it back in the state and it made my kids realize that act people actually live this way and they think they have a heart when the Wi-Fi goes down and we have made it into the hotel or resort whatever it is [Music]


[Music] okay this is the lobby of the resort and actually I noticed something there very tropical everything is more like air free you know open air whatever you want to call it and it's pretty neither their roofs are made out of like tiki hut [Music] okay we're we're chicken in but the guys suggested to go ahead and grab our lunch because the buffet was about a closes about three o'clock an afternoon so we're running over and it's not online it's physically

well I go bird wanna a buffet you'll tell you Alamos oh now this is the part that I know my kids are gonna enjoy it all-you-can-eat buffet now this is gonna be a new experience for us too because this is all communes [Music]

okay this is new for me is actually brown rice with coconut so I guess is gonna taste kind of sweet

well everybody was pretty quiet I guess there are hungry and that food tastes pretty good so you know what you eating you know what you need

Wow look at that bird my guess is ready for lunch

Yeah right there see that brown rice is actually coconut and rice tastes pretty good first time in my life having it


we are P right we happy you VIP you'll be a pain with your brace in the black yeah we got a see bigger fight okay after a good lunch well actually now gonna walk to our room finally made it here now we're gonna go up to a room and check out is the private pool with a quick scene I'll take you guys on a tour when I get the second video going alright yes finally made it I'll take you guys wow this is pretty cool is that water made Oh lose like show rock but is not show Robert Wow you see there's a white card okay let me see a word oh yes

well it's nice yeah VIP yes you got the VIP room you guys got the public area you got a public area yeah we got a balcony you see the balcony nice nice don't worry what is that the bathroom was check out the bathroom this is Oh check out the nice bathroom nice should you like it you like it so we made it to the room room close the door so they see don't get old out yes made it butter so you sure you guys down before the balcony what is this all right let me show you guys the view there's one way let me show you guys we have the pool adult cool the hotel for today and I'm gonna take you guys around I'm gonna take you guys around the whole complex today we just got here we're gonna join it you're gonna see more that's where we're at just finish eating - it was great good [Music] you guys I'll try to upload a video every other day at least where every night I don't know but we're here


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