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how's it going everyone and welcome to a brand new video so tonight me and David have come on our ends to this haunted graveyard and church it's a medieval church I think there's almost a thousand years of history in this place very very old place we've had a lot of activity this place on numerous occasions so we've come back tonight and hopefully we'll have something happen we are going to do some spirit box some EVPs I'm calling out we've got EMF meters and we'll see if anything's here you've actually heard some vent yeah you know it's medieval walking inside of me were there before I was a little dog but obviously there's nothing about stomps candy on the nitrogen yeah you know had a quick look round on the night vision and the graveyard and the grounds are completely clear there's no one else here it's absolutely pitch black as well and it's still not on represent dark yeah then we're gonna take a little walk now choose the aerial gonna start and see if we experience anything if you guys see or hear anything on this video let us know in the comments

this graveyard is white massive pretty much in the middle of nowhere so shouldn't really be anyone else here at this time when I focus

it's just a standard everyday better call him out no see if you can hear anything if there's anybody here was in the graveyard you'd like to meet self-named towards you do something make a noise walk towards us first something now snare anything here

girion force that's bad with that so that someone's walking around inside of the church was are you

now see what what once the graves show yourself

the touch one who was or push one of us

do something to show you here

to try that that's awesome yeah

the speech was they mean any harm we know he here we've had things happen to us a lot in this graveyard thesaurus figure walk walk from right to left from in between is that grave there and that grave there if it's focusing it walks from there across this way definitely saw that one coach through is that you see here we've got little there device a man we're a green light on it if you come close you can make it do this do you see that do we know you're near us the person who I saw walking up here I'm coming up to you now have a device that can hear your voice can you call close to it and say hello so we can hear you

can you please try it hardest come towards this device and tell me your first name

come on Ste to us [Applause]

if it David ish whoa there was a turn my back then to walk toward you somebody came walking right behind me heard it like squash down on the grass like the fall quit playback of that EVP nothing significant on there a bit always been after the second question when I asked for the name something walking

no I'm I can see on the night vision is anyone there I'll put the camera right right where it was that to the right side of us

this is the older to the area where we are right now is where we've actually had things thrown at us before sticks things like that a while back quite a few moments now I came here on my own and something chased me down here you can hear the footsteps running behind me horrible so see we get there's definitely something here but I've seen things already figures it's a very eerie creepy graveyard we're in like a small wooded area in this part of the graveyard David

had that injure run run over there this entrance I've had to depart for the side bleeds Nature has no one there

hello generally they walk in

David David there's no one there I thought you heard I didn't see anything I know you're here with this name a female someone trying to scare us there's no demons in despair yet there's a hold again

three fish you tell us who the person was that was walking you there over in this direction yes

just give her the name so okay I need to know your name - thank you we should eat you say honey David my name is Tom can you say my name [Applause] Allen [Applause] your name's Alan Darin islands have something other than a deeper voice say many advanced people and however where you are

please salad

[Applause] - I know you named that when you say [Applause] another figure engineer oh yeah I'll never forget without a delay there [Music] [Applause] those are insane speed in then but someone was stunning right guys

[Applause] mr. David are you they read are you falling me

it's so eerie at least part of the graveyard and you can feel things watching you there was definitely something standing dying within David partway through that spirit box session I felt it standing over me

you see every time I've been here I've come across something that doesn't seem to want you here like saying demon through the spirit box and he's trying to scare you about sticks fair enough me something changed me but then there is there are spirits that just want to talk did you hear that I was simply thrown as I was talking

yeah well come on those are us that's conclusive really as creepy really creeping eyes it's very dark as well cause it's like a in like a mini wooded area you see all the tree is above the ER and it's just something here

yeah it's through the graves that way

it's got me some you do you do it well Jesus Christ David what's on what's all Cairo to me oh you mean came out with your food what a cloak on what real first name it disappeared no was that where was it David I just found this tree you just round this tree came around here came out they scare me to death tell you why excuse me that I don't normally get rumbled like that who was that you said there's somebody yeah I told you could even walk in I'm sorry I wanted you to go around a lot yeah thanks a good ear and walking over there every time I said something in his foot says over sorry I reacted that

actually touch the see it it's a few seconds you've a daughter that was that was the best experience of that so far doing this was it I just wish blowed up Alicia yeah what full solid arc it into your face is it like a stock silhouette little cakes

okay he escaped it that's holy crap that was like something either move it off something means a are you they're gonna harm it needs to light these lights turns for my questions come closer

and we okay - beer [Music]

walking up and down between the craters yeah this is what happens when I came here on my own before it was these constant footsteps and then as I was in the middle of this area here there was a must be like a large stick or something was thrown up there it hit the floor right

did you say that well my angel froze my neck what so we are did you weigh either only why you didn't jump no Ginny what I just said friend I said a stick here right there the back of my legs and then just I said that a stick was thrown right there behind you a first time they were certainly just first stick as I said it like it it's listening it's the most being challenged is listening to us he was that a first stake I thought was you first uh Fidel's first of allows access now I can't believe that at least you just said a stick was very right at the back of my feet and then a stick was frozen right behind you know my throat's gonna dry and I can order talking huh got a shot without clothes with it do you think it's not imagine some that popping out at me how far is it like before I thought we've been captured by somebody you know for split second and then I realized it just disappeared into the tree not around it I think it was into the truth yeah there's definitely something going off in this place movement all around us right now I heard footsteps right here he just as I said as well I was on about last time I came and and the state the hit right behind me a stick was thrown right behind David at the exact time I was describing it that's not a coincidence something threw that stick and it came from the same area where you saw that and where all the foot said something called me from as well he's so so creepy

going to closer to the church and see if we can to come to us a lot of congregation going into it




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