26 Row Corn Planter - Planting Seed Corn in Illinois

by: Mike Less - Farmhand Mike

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[Applause] hey everyone it is mic lesson I am in Weld in Illinois out in the field with a John Deere 8310 our tractor point a John Deere 26 row corn planner that's right I said a 26 row corn planter okay it's not that YouTube needed another 8000 series Deere and planner video but it's not every day you see a 26 row corn planter so let me explain those of you that grow seed corn or in the seed corn industry familiar with it would understand so these guys grow seed corn and the reason for the 26 rows this is a 24 row planner and they added the outside two row units you can get a better look at how they did that on some of the ground shots as the planter goes by in the past I've had some seed corn harvest videos and so forth on my channel last September I had a video on where a chopper was going down and chopping out two rows leaving four rows underneath and so forth so in the seed corn industry they grow four would it would be a female row to one male row so they use the male row keep the tassel on it they trim the tassel and the female rows and let that male row pollinate with the for female rows to make the hybrid corn that they're after so I've seen some farms do this differently where they just take a corn planter out and they just don't put seed in every fifth row then they have another planner that comes in a tool bar planner that has a planting unit and it'll come back and then plant the male row separately so this just helps them do it all in one pass where everything comes out even and so forth and that's the reason for this you see the third tank on there so they have their two seat back tanks they're ideally that a corn planter would have and then the third tank would be your refuge tank or in this case would be the seed for the male rows [Music] [Applause]


so in my previous video there was a versatile theory being pulled by a John Deere 95 60 arc tractor that was this farm so since they were planting and I was already here just thought I would shoot this quick video and have the first 26 row planner on YouTube as far as I know [Applause] anyhow just a quick video something different I just thought I'd put it up here so everybody thanks for watching stay tuned for many more farming videos from my quest

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Video of a John Deere 8310R tractor pulling a Deere 26 row corn planter near Weldon Illinois.
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