5x17 : Blair/Dan/Chuck #1

by: windizeful2

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you love me

coffee-table draw it relaxes me to watch you need a dust I did not need to know that he's got you in such a good mood I recently found out and will actually sent Gossip Girl the now-infamous a video me and Blair at the Royal Wedding that hump Humphrey what Dan it was only too happy to let Serena and me take the fall so he could worm his way into Blair's broken heart unfortunately for him when she finds out the truth his chances with her won't be destroyed and she will be mine again I don't know Chuck are you sure you want to start World War Waldorf right now why wouldn't I cuz you and I both know that nothing had actually happened between Daniel Blair for at least a year so I can change it 12 months take the high road

grab your coat I'm kidnapping you and taking you to a bonafide hungry brunch a piensa messy no bottle mmm so for those of us who took Italian what was that all about that was Cyrus and another attorney at his firm I think they may have found a loophole in my prenup are you serious yes apparently since we signed it in Monaco but got married in the u.s. you can contest' it oh we could try Cyrus thinks the Grimaldi's may have to grab me an amicable annulment meaning that they'd waive my dowry and you wouldn't have to wait two year for anything well no Cyrus not for sure all he's supposed to talk to the Grimaldi's royal attorney in an hour so rain check all not waffle I should wait here hopefully for the last time No delete delete no what are you doing trying to help no you're not if you were you wouldn't let me slave in front of this computer all day as Gossip Girl I thought you said knowing everyone's secrets as Gossip Girl was your dream come true it was until I realized how much work it is I mean look at me I'm exhausted and aggravated I have no social life to speak of I feel like a stay-at-home mom oh honey don't say that it's true I mean all my life I've been the one that they write stories about now I'm just another anonymous shut-in with an online shopping addiction tell me what can I do well since you asked Georgina sparks needs a recharge so I've decided to take a mental-health day and I found the perfect revenge Oh crash Cece Rhodes secret wake what about Gossip Girl does I can't go down all day it won't that's why I'm leaving you in charge don't worry it's not rocket science you just take the tips that people send in and post them if they're worthy are you sure this is such a good idea oh what's a van der Woodsen family event if I'm not there to ruin it besides I already promised a new friend I'd be her plus-one thank you for coming with me I know I was invited right uh I don't think I could face them all I understand when everybody at a party hates you who better to bring than someone they hate even more

what are you doing down here I thought there was a family breakfast this morning oh there's a lot more than that going on upstairs I just came down with my mom you'll see for yourself Blair's houseboy up there you mean Dan is that why you came by to get intel on him and Blair torture him a little maybe just a little well he's not here at least not yet but um here's some Intel for you Blair just text me that Cyrus may have found a loophole on her prenup so she may be really sooner than any of us thought right into Dan's waiting arms if you'll excuse me

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