Blair/Chuck 5x06 Part 3

by: windizeful2

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and Who am I

congratulations girls you survived the most physically and mentally challenging day of your lives and all you have to show for it are a few Pierce's now for the final round you will be accompanying me and my prince to the fabulous spectator launch party tonight huh they're going to play a little game with one of the guests there well who's the target a boy of course I'm listening at the wedding you'll be the apple of every bachelors eye so I need to know who was going to bag a baron and who's going to embarrass me with The busboy exactly so tonight whoever's the first to get a kiss from one of New York's most eligible bachelors wins the right to call herself my royal bridesmaid so tell us who is it Dorota so you do the honors Nate Archibald I am so over this yes that's your boss you shouldn't be here and I wouldn't be if you answered any of my call I told you I'm done I can't be responsible for destroying a young man who's doing everything he can to heal himself and what about our deal as much as it would have helped here's your refund

but the bar is Chuck I think I'm in trouble maybe tonight when you drive Chuck over the edge it's you who'll wind up roadkill

so how was your day just what I needed I'll have to stay hard do they die at all what are they doing here I thought we agreed we'd be done by tonight and I will be right here doses have one more tiny little thing to take care of you won't even notice four here I want to offer my sincerest congratulations truck bass fan of pain so nice to meet you a lot about you in order just say the best thing that does you no justice sorry that before not that I feel cool it's funny just looking at me now I coulda sworn I think I'd remember enjoy the party chuckle - always a pleasure give it a rest fast spectator not hers sorry Charlie what was it how much thank you

Penelope what did I tell you about consorting with the help you're dismissed

sometimes while she tripped

stealing all your best stories I have a story for you so let's hear it mr. boss my therapist dr. Eliza Barnes has been using hypnosis to coerce me into performing unspeakable acts I am dr. Barnes and I promise you that none of this is true it's okay Chuck you're in a very vulnerable psychological state right now I wonder why maybe because I just found out you were taking money to reveal confidential information about them now that's the story I can print if you have proof a Chuck stop why are you doing this if you don't believe me you should ask your fiancee he's a motivator don't worry B you're

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