LPS: Fun With a New App!

by: myLPSpetworld

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I'm coming I'm coming ah hello why hello there Sophie is that you yes yes can you go into town and get some doughnuts for me oh my god really where are you I've been out of town all weekend and I'm driving back now but I don't really want to run into the shop so can you go and get me some doughnuts oh my god really fine I'll do it all track on this video oh my god Jess thank you so much I love you so so so so okay then so buy one so so thank you so much Sophie you wire oh

I couldn't message really Toby but what's up pick up well Quinn is brain at once by a brand new company this app was created by the original team of toughie and this fun new laughs dopey you don't have to talk like that it's still annoying oh okay them anyway you can collect and trade limited-edition and different rare trading cards 3d toys and stickers you can even use the stickers and iMessage and other messaging apps which is what I did with it so you can get trading cards and 3d toys and stickers but a lot exactly a few examples of Bob's Burgers five nights at Freddy's CC comment minions and many many more I love because the cars are individually serialized which means there's only a certain number of cars out there and it tells you the exact number of the clubs that you have the app has real-time trading so you can swap cards as well since you can send a text message how have I not heard of this before well quit has just launched until there's going to be new content on its wing okay so let's open some packs I'm going to open a DC pack ok so we're to open this one and going to shop and then a free one open okay let's see what I got Hali Quinn flat tile is flat hi Quinn and it's Batman okay I'm going to open this one and this is a pack of cost not stickers this time so here we go gooping on the ground casino sand a trap brush a surprise gooping mold patrol out full tree my favorite would be this one okay so I'm going to open another pack and that will be bumps burgers so we're going to stop let's open this one three proud oh this window key knows I forget his name so I'm going to do this again and I'm going to try and get my favorite character and that is Louise Tina says Louise there's a link in the description box where you can download the app and play with me I'll see you guys there how did we even get into true [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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