Zodiac Signs & their Secret OBSESSIONS

by: Written in the Stars by Rux

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[Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel today we're gonna talk about a very very serious topic that is very dear to me I'll tell you why in a moment obsessions and astrology and working at a coal the obsessions of each and every zodiac sign why do I say this is a very dear topic to me because myself I've got a son in a very annoying square with Pluto and guess what Quito is the planet of obsession and so is Scorpio Scorpio is the actual sign of obsessions my dear Scorpio friends I know you need to deal with a lot you even get a bad reputation for this because he will might think that you're the most obsessive sign of the zodiac but that's actually not true so pure Scorpio energy does actually roll obsessions in general but each and every one of us we've got a natal chart and we've got Scorpio in one of our houses so and Pluto in one of our houses also and the realm and the domain that's or vo and Pluto rules over in our birth chart actually says a lot about what we become obsessed about so do those of you who think that Scorpios are the only people who obsess over things that is not true and let's clear that out one central so Aries let's talk about what these arounds obsess over my dear friends you Ares obsess you eat you get obsessed about yeah there's a plane let's get back to you it still Ares they tend to obsess over sex yes how simple is that so these guys they're the most competitive sign of the zodiac obviously and they want to be the best at everything and most of the times they obsess over how good they are in bed and how many sexual relationships they have and how many sexual affairs and all of that obsession in general entails something that is a bit taboo so this is something that you can't actually tell first about Aries or anyone else so this is an obsession is something that keeps yourself so like I said Aries you might never imagined that they obsess over sex but actually this is something that they spent a lot of thought of time thinking about and asking themselves am I good enough at it am i doing it often enough and so on and so forth Taurus Taurus is one of the most chilled back chilled out Laidback signs of the zodiac yes you are however Scorpio rules their seventh house of partnerships and marriage and enemies open enemies guess what torian's obsess about yes you've guessed it they obsess over their partner their spouse so tourists loves a few things very good things in life but what keeps nagging them is their partner in general their spouse this is what they secretly think about way too much but you can't tell that you can you can't actually tell that something is bothering Taurus unless they are super enraged which doesn't happen that often but yeah secretively that's what you guys torian's obsess about what comes next what comes next bit Gemini obsessive obsession time Gemini's you guys although no one can tell you were actually very obsessed with work you are serial workaholics or mere rules your sixth house of day-to-day work and daily activities and if you are not engaged in like a ton of activities every single day and it you don't have like a long list of things that you need to do then you freak out on the flipside you obsess about every single thing that you need to do and you're always complaining that you've got too much on your plate but actually if anyone would take that plate from you you would be like what am i doing also you have this pendency to become hypochondriacs so obsess over diseases and illnesses and sickness that does not affect you and will probably never affect you but still you are always worried that something is wrong with you health-wise secretively you're not telling anyone about it but yeah just saying cancer what does sweet dear cancer obsess about as you may know I am a cancer rising Scorpio rules our fifth house of true love and children so we obsess over two things most so for the first part of our life we tend to obsess over our crushes and people we fall in love with and when that then when that's over or maybe it's never over I don't know because we have this tendency to have a super hard crush on people uh then we obsess over our children I mean I I'm not sure why I say our because I don't have children but in general cam Syrians obsess over their children they're worried about their children they think about them all the time they are the apple of their eye and yeah all that the next sign is Leo Leo is like the soul of the party Leo's are so fun and entertaining and you it would never cross your mind that they actually obsess over things but actually what they do obsess is stuff that has to do with their fourth house which is ruled by Scorpio that is family home roots actual like home property like building or like house or whatever it is um Leo's are always thinking about their families they're always thinking about their homes and their roots and where they come from and they want to make their family really proud so this is at the top of their Priorities List so first of all we want to be liked by everyone they want to be super popular and who can blame them because they're actually very good at it and secondly they want to make mom and dad and the entire family proud to have such a person in the bosom of a family the next comes the Virgo what this sweet little Brno obsess about Virgo tends to obsess about what other people talk and what other people think and the actual stuff that they stay as you all know burgers are super analytical and they literally obsessed over what people say so they turn it around they flip it like upside down and they're gonna be like but did they really mean that or maybe they meant the other thing and they spend nights thinking about what someone meant when they threw a word at them so Virgo move on it's not important I'm telling you no matter huh how long it's on your mind for it's not that big just saying Libra libras they're very weight back in general I have to you however they obsess over one thing that they would never admit they do and that is money and the money that they make in particular the amount of money that they earn ah this also comes from somewhere else it comes from Venus because as you know don't know libras are ruled by venus and venus in itself is a financial planet venus brings money in general to people but especially to the signs that it rules which are libra and taurus so libra obsesses over the money that they make because they want to live a very nice life they want to have money to spend on clothes and they want to look nice and obviously they need the resources the material the financial resources to do that but it's a secret obsession because the libras are gonna say oh I am so past that money is not important they are oh there are way more important things than this they like to think about however when they go back home they're like I need to make more money Scorpio my friends this is about youth from me to you what do you guys obsess over well that's very simple in general you obsess over yourselves you are always asking yourselves am I am I good enough why am I thinking this why am I thinking that why am I doing this you're overanalyzing yourself you are psychoanalyzing yourself and other people but especially yourselves you are persistent in digging deeper and deeper and deeper within yourselves and always trying to find that negative truth but you would never admit to that would you another thing that you might obsess over and that you don't actually speak about so you speak about all sorts of well when you do speak because you don't sink that often but when you are when you are open to people and you do start speaking you can speak freely about taboo topics such as sex and money and power however you secretively you secretively obsess over your own body so you are like always self possessing and looking at yourself and the mirror and maybe worrying that you don't look the way you're supposed to look but what is the ideal look anyway so body issues yes they might be on your top obsessions list but you would never say that because uh worrying about how someone looks is such a shallow thing isn't it Scorpio and you never want anyone to think of you as a shallow person because you are not honestly Sagittarius what do you guys obsessed about I'll tell you what it is you obsess over the things that you don't know so because you want to know it all when someone brings up a topic that you don't know anything about in your head you're gonna be like ah I have nothing to add to this I am lost completely because most of the times you are the persons who know more than anyone else in the room so you literally obsess over the things that you don't know and you feel you're always feeling obviously because that's how smart people are uh I know why I did that because I'm not as hatchet areas just saying um these guys they obsess about the knowledge that they don't have because they would like to amass all the knowledge in the world to literally know it all however that is not possible so move on my friends Capricorn what did they obsess over well I'll tell you they obsess over stuff that falls within the eleventh house wheel so that is friends so they test over friends and acquaintances and people in their circles why is that because most people think that the capricorns are detached and aloof and cold and they don't care the only thing they care about is money and they don't care about people or anything like that however they do care about people they do want to be surrounded by friends they do want to have people around them which can give them a bit of that worth that we all need and they're kind of always afraid that they're not gonna be able to tie any sort of friendships with people so they do obsess over not having friends and even when they do have friends they obsessive with the friends that they have because they're thinking oh I'm not good in a good good enough friend so yeah that's kind of it Aquarius well this is a funny story so Scorpio rolls Aquarius is 10th house the tenth house represents career and public life and how other people see you and social status and all that if you ever ask an Aquarius oh do you care what people think about you obviously the very first answer that they're gonna throw at you is gonna be no I could not care less however that is a life secretively Aquarians obsessed over what they leave behind over how the world looks at them over how big an impression they're making Oh Aquarians they they always say that oh I'm doing my own thing I don't care what other people do but however what they what they are trying to do is show the world that things can be done differently so they know the world is watching they know that whatever they do the people people are gonna judge them people are gonna look at them people are gonna remember what they're doing because yeah obviously Aquarians have this eccentric way of drawing attention to them they are very concerned about what they leave behind like I told you they are very concerned about their social status about the opinion that people have about them because they want to be friends with everyone you know they want to be one of the gang but somehow be unique in their um way so and career career is very important to Aquarians although they might not show it to you although they might act like yes there are way we were important things in life however that is not the case and yeah that's kind of it Pisces My dear Piscean friends you tend to obsess what you obsess about is actually one of the most obvious things maybe it's obvious for me because I've been doing astrology for for so long you obsess over spirituality open the meaning of life over religion over truth over sacrifice over anything spiritual basically you want to feel what the entire world feels and you want to tune in to the soul of the universe and they're always thinking that which is actually quite true that the truth is hidden that the truth is not within reach and you obsess about it it's something that concerns you a lot so yeah that's kind of it guys let me know if you obsess over any of these things that I've mentioned here if you've got friends who might recognize themselves in the descriptions I'll share this with them and yeah just let me know your thoughts and don't forget to subscribe because there are so many more videos

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