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welcome videos today talking about the fan critic so let's get started before we get started there's a couple things that you need to know did I don't know anymore except for God but you know there's a couple things that we should talk about before we get started like why do we need to do this now I know that's been beaten to death online but the reasons are for an extended I'll switch you get a thousand rpms over your idle so that's good why because amps which allows you to power other things you know like lights winches radios etc it is common as we all know that the police Cherokees had this option well it's not comment effect if you're lucky enough to have one of those or an extent idle switch with the four slot bezel good for you I hate you but you know for those who don't want on their own switch this is how what about it this is you know to me talking the second thing we get to talk about is our fan override switch now some of you may not think it's required or anything and why would you want to do this the reason why I like to do it is because it will give me a better control over my cooling system there you go it's like you're beating it to the punch before it gets too hot what I want you to take away today is a good visual on how to do your extent of I'll switch and your fan over I switch on a 97 plus XJ I have a 2000 so if there are any variants differences I apologize please comment below also one more thing I just have to put all the basics down I'll have a ZJ 5.9 alternator installed so my readings might be a completely different to someone that has a stock alternator okay thank you I'm testing the zoom on this big lens and no idea how to turn it up my themes are Emily okay so here we are this is our first plug for our extended Idol this is the wire we're looking for is this gray one right here which is wire 812 you can tell which wire it is because they're all labeled on the other side of the plug Aziz numbers starting with one it goes all the way to 22 if you're looking for 12 right there and that comes out to be this gray wire okay it looks great water is what you need a ground out and that grounding out is what's going to give you your extent idle now you can see here I used a simple splicing connector you can use whatever you want but this is pretty common that most people have their house so is it'll do the job just fine although it's not probably the best waterproof solution in the world if you wanted to use one of those waterproof connectors that you just use and applies two together that would probably be the best option I'm just honestly I'm all sorts of evil and just use that but that's fine so I ran this green wire which is the ground wire that I'm sliced in with all the way inside to my switch panel and then from there it's grounded out so that's your basic 101 how you're going to wire this well this is out this is what you got do all right here's our X to the Isle demonstration number one in park

works just fine now it should work in neutral oh now we're neutral we'll all be damned some of you already know how all that works but you know again a visual never hurt anybody okay so this is my ham radio it's a Yasu 8800 basically one of the features on it is it gives you your whole ratings from your engine so what your output is right now volts wise is displayed right here at least you can change it that way now what I want to do with this is just give you a demonstration of how when you turn on your idle you up your power so now I'm going to gauge if we jumped up point one volts which you know you're like okay whatever you know who really cares about the volts anyways and it's just showing you that actually does do something it's another proof of concept saying that the excited idle actually does put more output which we all kind of know but you know there are people out there that need help so here you go

whoa okay well spell so that was us identifying which wire we need to ground out Roxanne Iowa in a 12 first connector close to radiator it's a gray water for nice of a plus unless you say otherwise because something tells me that for a 2000 2001 it's a little different but I think that's more for the fan anyway speaking of fan that's we're going to do next ferry so here we are then c2 on our other plug all right this is a sieve plug this wire the blue with pink stripe is what's going to control your fan so every time you ground this wire out you're going to turn on your fan the stock a fan this is the same kind of setup as you got any other guy visa denial you just ground this wire out somewhere on your switch wherever how you mean to do that and boom you got control son so what I have done now is I splice in my ground wire for my blue and pink stripe water which is c2 which is going to give you a fan override I'm going to do now is grind it out you'll hear kick on so it's a proof-of-concept and hopefully it'll throw code I'm going to read that code tell you what the code is just so you know and then I'm going to tell you how I fix that issue so you don't have a code anymore so here we go grinding out right here local ground then kicks on

all right all right I'm testing the focus looking like focus I'm like face big news so how so way I don't know how but I cannot throw the code I've tried everything in the book I've even tried to fake it for you guys and like pull the fan relay or the fuse or disconnect the fan and I still cannot get my computer to cooperate it's like it knows what I'm trying to do and it doesn't want to help me so which is technically a good thing or a scary thing because now it's not actually throwing anything when I have an issue but the point is I was going to make is that you give you a code six think about your fear and real a clutch something malfunction up front I will say that it never actually happened for me for a while but eventually did and I was warned that it might happen and I did eventually so that's you and it's not throwing it okay maybe you dodged a bullet maybe it'll happen that along whatever happens what you got to do that you know what okay so we're doing this meat lock style I'm shooting from the hip here this is currently how I have mine wired comes through the firewall up here through the conduit up and around all the way up here down to the switch panel so I have my extends Idol I have my fan override boom goes the dynamite okay so I have two theories as to why having it wired why I do is working 31 the back feed cannot travel that distance from where the computer is to or my switches are in the ground point so what do I mean by back feed what I mean by back feed is that the length between where the computer is and where the ground switch is the resistance in the line is making it a non-issue so there's not enough for at the travel all the way through and get back to the computer so effectively limiting that being an issue now there's another way you can do that and that is running a diode now I was going to do a diode but I don't have the kid building right now to do that properly so I'm not going to embarrass myself but a diode all it does is allow flow of electricity or whatever through one direction it cannot come back that will eliminate any back feeding going back to the computer that's what I've read online is how people have gotten around that issue for me obviously running at a long distance seems to be working for him theory number two is I am i relay up there so I can get power to the switches or to that switch and activate my little red light because I'm cool so I believe that that is also maybe helping the situation and effectively eliminating the code now some of you are probably like you're an idiot you're not electrician you know what I'm not but I know what's happening and what's working for me so hopefully you can make it so even if you do have a degree in a much monitor okay so I know that was a very concrete example of how to get rid of your code it's more like a theory that kind of work for me but I can't really prove it so sorry but it's a good tip and it's a good approach you want to give that a go it's a thing to you other than that that would be how you wire in your sendai on your free and override they give you gives a little example of what happens output by amp real painter when you throw on X's I don't fan overrides off pre obviously what it's supposed to do so I like to use down the trail or whatnot when I try to beat the heat stuff made a little bit or how much filler can see here that Vanessa it's a whole other video so hope you took away something from it if not I'm sure I'll get a lot of crazy messages and comments that's insane question I already answered probably the video but it's a guy sweater it's YouTube there are two things you should do right now one look down below description of like our Facebook page for daily content it's you subscribe to our channel for more videos in case you get anything out of this video here's a random clip from Afghanistan got a shot yeah it's in the life Jessica Joker why

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