[ASTRO PLAY] 먹방 라키&문빈

by: ASTRO 아스트로

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Start!! I can eat the most!! Do u see this? This beautifully topped meat and rice!! Bin only eats meat. I eat vegetables with it. Kimchi is also vegetable (Mrs.Foodtruck) That's fried Kimchi Yes it's really delicious (Mr.Foodtruck) it tastes better with tofu I'm not a fan of tofu..

He's picky. A picky child I'm not being picky. I know tofu is a really good food.. But It doesn't go with me

Rice+delicious meat+fried kimchi

Kimchi on top of tofu!!

I don't agree with kimchi with tofu It should be kimchi with meat

You should eat when it's given.. Why can't u eat when the food is already here?

Then I will it this for u

Yo this fried kimchi is sooo good!

A bug!! Bug!!

Lets the bug leave and starts eating again

Why do u refuse me? Don't refuse me Do u want anything else? Is this all u got for me? Should i give the whole thing..? Okay wait I will make it huge

Okay now we are talking. This I think I'm having a cramp Don't spill it!!

Wow u have such a huge mouth! (Look what I've got^^)

Yummy? Yummy

This bean sprout soup is cold!! With ice in it

Eating and eating again

I want some more Me, too! I will get some more after finishing this bowl

I'm getting some more soup~~ Come !!quickly!!

Am i like a pig?

Yes but we can't help it We really get starved when shooting

I have to dance after eating this


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