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by: Alan Thrall

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so I have a matching pair for each one and I want to make them turn them into farmers handles we've got about 600 pounds of new and improved well maybe not new but improved steel toys sounds kinky


I don't care I think it's perfect big rusty and heavy thank you travel safe yeah thank you keep in mind when you put on the brakes now that thing's gonna slide yeah I'm gonna throw some some of these horse tall Matt we're live we go these are called the grilled cheese sandwiches

[Music] it was a heavy 155 per hand because because all the weight is just right in your hands right below your hands it's so compact where it's like you know rogue farmers handles with the bumper plates the weights way out here the briefcases huh and other grilled cheese sandwiches [Music]

yeah no no I said Jeter goes to the red side [Music] [Applause] [Music] never taken over because he picked up something has

[Music] starting strength farmers [Music] legacy

so a closer look at these things it's one-inch thick steel plate 10 inches high 18 inches long and there's three of them there's well together and then we've just got some pipe steel pipe 600 pound 1,000 pounds anchor chain so before I pull this thing out what's the what's the point of all this there's all this really necessary do I need to weld together scraps of steel in order to have farmer's implements water not just carry dumbbells or why don't I just carry rogue farmers handles with bumper plates do I really need a 600-pound anchor chain to drag Learner's drag of sled the first reason is these things look fucking cool strongman should be kind of visually appealing there's also a bit of uncertainty or curiosity when you're lifting these odd objects 225 pounds on a barbell always feels like 225 pounds on a barbell no matter where you lift it unless you're in space I suppose but these implements 200 pound chain 200 pound anvil 200 pound stone or keg it all kind of requires a different approach and you're kind of curious to know how do I lift this or what it's going to feel like and that's the challenge and the fun of strongman there's also a bit of these unique implements kind of give maybe an identity to strongmen gyms or strongman contests promoters or strongman training groups someone might say I went to untamed strength and they have the the hardest farmer sandals I've ever carried or they have the most brutal frame a good example of this are the farmers tanks at California Strongest Man though the hardest ones I've ever used and I've never used anything like it so you kind of get excited or you look forward to using those every time you compete in that competition and these things also are a for a lot of the members are kind of a a challenge or a landmark like I can finally lift the 300-pound Atlas stone in the same way that you would say can finally benchpress 315 but it's cool to say how far can you carry those briefcases are those grilled cheese sandwiches can you drag this 600-pound chain 50 feet you know can you lift that 365 pounds stone up to that shelf rather than saying you know can you do a farmer's carry with 45 45 25 10 5 2 and a half so yeah there's my strong man talk of the day and now we see I'm tough enough to drag this thing the rust adds a few pounds


that's not down


it's not bad on the slick concrete I'll be tougher on asphalt but okay John I'm gonna have you put this around your neck and then we'll take a pretty cool thumbnail based off Maya whoa [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] heavy but slight well on this [Music] how we gonna weigh this thing will weigh one link and then multiply it how about we just say it's really heavy you want to drink this over your bar for overhead please yet pretty soon we get a matching one [Music]

[Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Music]


[Music] [Applause]

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