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hey what's up guys here uh ninety-four back again another action figure review today we were looking at the house bro Star Wars the Black Series battle droid figure number 83 in the series or numbered 83 on the box here is the description in the back where you can pause the video if you wish to read it and if you guys want to pick this figure up you can do so at big bad toy store calm and put a link down below in the description you guys can pick it up for yourself so I took a spa Boss 6 he used to release a battle droid from episode one believed laxity started in 2013 I has been quite a while and here he is finally you can start on me building your Black Series battle droids I think they even have an option to order a case of 8 in case you are in that category of collectors that likes to army build so that is an option for you guys but first and foremost it looks great I like the details on him I like the Battle Damage scuff marks and silver paint that he added onto the figure to make it look like he's been in battle in that's something that has was always done good with Black Series figures they did it with Boba Fett and they went ahead and did it here so let's get onto the accessories real quick only a few accessories via his blaster rifle of course and we get that a nice paint job with the dry brush over the black so it looks great and then we have a deal little antenna that you can attach to the backpack of the battle droid so here's a closer look at that battle damage effect that they added on to him looks good all over the figure off the route onto the back one of the first things I did notice was posing him we're not posing him but just standing him up I was a little difficult he's a little hard to stand up just straight up so you can only imagine how difficult being but he tends to wanna fall back you just got to play with the balance a little bit but yeah he's he's a little difficult to get to stand up correctly without falling over the backpack is removable here on the back so you can take that off if you wish and I can only see this is the only spy see where you can attach these antennas is the pegs once you remove the backpack if you wish I guess it makes sense to put it on this side here like that and now you have it out but there's no backpack and now if you do have the backpack on well let's take a look at this real quick there's not really a peg for this to peg onto the backpack there is this little slot but it's not big enough for for the peg here so obviously it doesn't go on that side but anyways this attaches to the back as we saw and then we do have another seven 10s here that you can extend out to have over the shoulder like this and you can collapse it down to if you don't want it exposed out so yeah the head is gonna swivel left and right right here on the neck we also get useful at the top of the head here so you can solve it above the ball joint in equals up and down the back piece of the head it's also hinged here so you can see that moves around so when he looks up and moves down and then you can move it back down like that so good range overall the articulation is very similar to the SH FiguArts version so that's nice to see the arms is gonna go forward and back it does go in and out about this far right here so that's as far as he'll go we get a bicep swivel we get a single jointed oh but it does Bend further more than a 90 degree Bend you can bend it the other way too we get a forearm swivel or an elbow swivel if you wanna say there's a risk level with a hinge at the wrist and the fingers are not articulated they're just posed like that as for the torso we get a little swivel here you can kind of see how the plastic will twist that's as far as oh let it go but you can get a little sole and forward and back movement is about this much here so very similar to the SH to yours from what I remember the legs will move forward and back kits all the way up so that's pretty nice ask if further back here so picks up goes all the way back in and now it's not gonna happen but you don't need it to because they don't they don't open their legs like that ask for thighs it doesn't swivel you can kind of get a little bit of a you know socket joint here and then the the the knees will Bend all the way so that's nice if you want to collapse him down before they you know when they get unloaded off the vehicles you can get them crouched in the fetal position here so that's nice to see that you can pose them like that so the legs are highly articulated you can bend them forward to the ankles will hinge forward and back and we do get a swivel at the angle so I figured out what the peg on the side of the backpack was it actually forward the the rifle or the blaster rifle I should have known but you know I didn't an income the mind but yeah this is for his rifle he can peg it in and holster it there very nicely it'll sit there I just didn't think of it oh yeah you don't have to ambush me in the comments any more and we can see here that he holds his gun beautifully very nice tight grip will not fall off the articulation just is perfect for this too you can get it in in various poses so it's good I'm happy about that all right so here's our comparison that we've been waiting for this is the s.h.figuarts version compared to the Black Series version and man does the Aflac series version hold up very nice figure for twenty dollars for sure major difference of course is the height here the anus the color almost had skin color but the paint on the droid is different like I said already I'm at like the Battle Damage markings on the Black Series version that is always nice to have these sh t works version is a little cleaner but it also does have a a little bit of some you know some scuff marks on there you know Bandai did some some form of battle damage there just not to the extent of the hashed post black series so there is that they both hold their guns well I do notice that there's a little bit more articulation on the CG or switch is of course that is to be expected his fingers do articulate at least hinges twice on the fingers of that make sense so on that part in on this part of the sh t record version it does hinge so get some more articulation there but for the most part the Black Series one is a very nice alternative for the price for sure and it's gonna look great with your your Black Series because it's it's what scales with them so our only other option to have with our Black Series if you're only a Black Series collector was the shpos version and since the scale is so short you know I didn't look right but now now we finally got ours for Black Series so here's just a closer shot of the two so you can kind of see them up close and see more of the details so you can kind of see the differences there they did shade or outline although the the outline parts of the armor that makes sense with a color there so it makes it pop so that's nice about the sh t or is one but they do both have very similar articulation points to each other so here he is next to the prototype version of the battle droid by sh t Christ works III peels head gets connected by accident lines this was released for the regular head tube but of course I'm gonna display will c-3po on there and this is just how he stacks up it's the same exact body sculpt pasty previous sh t yours one I just showed you just read and what the c-3po head all right next to some other black screws figures we have the Luke Skywalker pilot Luke this was actually the first release of it was not the re-release by the archive wave but it doesn't matter anyway so it's the same height in the same figure just wanted to throw that out there there he is next to my Yoda and this Yoda actually swapped the heads out and I kind of did a semi cuz I'm not really accustomed but this was actually one of the head swaps that a lot of people were doing at the time actually to be more accurate maybe a couple people were doing by anyways this was from a gun ball machine so this head represents the episode three or the prequel versions of Yoda since has whenever made a prequel version of unity just of the original trilogy you just chop the head off the gumball machine and we stick it onto this one and I black washed it so I put some black wash and it makes it look amazing but that's where that's wrong in case I get any questions about that we made a video a long time about one of my older videos about it so check that out in case you guys are interested and there he is next to the Black Series Captain Rex alright random comparison time let's take a look at him when next to the mezco one fell collective Jason worries just recently review check out that review in case you missed out stand up Jason here you have them next to the SH FiguArts Dragon Ball Z Vegeta figure this guy makes a appearance in almost all of my reviews so here he is again alright joy Dan half droid I guess you can say Erie is next to the neck team and T target exclusive crank just recently reviewed as well and we must get him next to a turtle too so here he is next to Donatello and there is next to the maifix amazing spider-man and next to a Hasbro Marvel Legends how why not say the one and only mr. stark I don't feel so good sooo did Tony Stark alright guys thanks for tuning in to my review of the Star Wars The Black Series battle droid figure very nice grab pretty nice pickup hope you guys enjoyed my review of him go out and get them for sure I think this one's gonna be clearing the pegs you won't find them for a long time on pegs and if you do I do recommend you picking him up it's a very nicely done figure hopefully you did enjoy the review I know I just said that but for some reason my last review people were saying that I didn't sound like myself whatever that means I'm fine I don't get how I sounded differently but anyways hopefully I sounded a little bit better this review I do have personal stuff going on but it's it's nothing too crazy so I'm good as always leave a like leave a comment subscribe and have Grady [Music]

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