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about the subject of money there are over 500 verses in the Bible that address finances and property of the 38 parables that Jesus tells 16 of them have to do with money and faithful management of property now it's appropriate that we should be talking about that both as Christians believers and even citizens I don't know if you're aware but as a nation America isn't dead and if you're from another nation don't look down upon us you're probably in debt too in your nation China's got the second greatest national debt then Japan then Germany and it just goes down the line and the debt that these countries around the world are carrying is staggering in the United States for example back in 2008 when President George W Bush and some of you have heard that his father passed away just in the last 24 hours 94 years old but George W Bush when he went out of office the national debt of America was 10 trillion dollars now what you couldn't do with 10 trillion dollars right but now just since 2008 in 10 years the national debt is over 21 trillion dollars which means that our national debt is more than our gross domestic product more than we earn in a year as a country and so and it's continuing its projected to continue going up and it's not a question of if it's question of when it's like you've got two trains on the same track heading towards each other there's going to eventually be a collision it cannot go on like this indefinitely eventually there's some kind of implosion doesn't know when that is every time the government starts talking about having a balanced budget everybody comes unglued because I have no problem with having a balanced budget as long as you don't take anything away from me they don't take away my benefits take away your benefits okay so it's become so difficult for the governments of the world to agree to balance the budget but the reason that the governments are so deeply in debt is because they've learned it from us America's in debt there is a debt explosion in the United States give you a few little facts here according to the Federal Reserve's latest numbers November 18 2017 the average American household carries a hundred and thirty seven thousand dollars and 63 cents in debt yet the US Census Bureau shows that the medium or average household income is just fifty-nine thousand which means that many of us are living way beyond our means heard about this couple they had the house broken into and the thief among other things stole the wife's purse with all the credit cards while the policeman was there filling out the report the husband took him aside and said please don't try too hard to find the credit cards I'm sure that the thief is not spending as much as my wife wass sorry that wasn't nice total credit card debt in America right now is a 1.2 trillion dollars no I'm sorry that's the auto death debt on auto loans 1.2 trillion dollars of 48 billion dollar increase in one year the credit card loan debt forty five billion dollars up it's gone up forty five billion from eight hundred and twenty nine billion last year total mortgage debt how much Americans own on homes nine trillion dollars up three hundred and eight billion from a year ago and you know the one that's growing the fastest you know that is student loan student loan debt grew to one point four one trillion dollars up 61 billion from a year ago I gave one example in this New York Times report of a Lisa para cosas 26 it was a hundred thousand dollars related to her bachelor's degree in sociology she got from the University of Pittsburgh the debt shapes every decision in her life right now she hoped that she could go to law school but she can't continue her education because the debt right now she has is so high she's living with her mother and working as a graphic designer and it could take her years to pay off their debt I know people that are in their 50s still paying off student debt and now the debts are much higher than they used to be so is it God's plan for us to be in debt I'd like to talk to you about some biblical principles you want me to keep going is this important the Bible has a lot to say about that so I'd like to share with you just a few biblical principles about debt sermon of course is how do you find freedom from the bondage of debt debt is bondage there's a story you find in 2nd Kings chapter 4 this woman comes to Elisha the prophet she's got a terrible problem she said and her husband was one of the sons of the prophets he evidently took out a loan on some property maybe to buy some seed the farm some land he was renting he died before he could pay it back and in Bible times if you couldn't pay back your debts they could start to repossess your property and they could still do that today and ultimately they could take your family members or you and enslave you so this poor woman deeply in debt comes to Elijah and says your servant my husband is dead and you know that your servant feared the Lord and the creditor is coming to take my two sons as his slaves because of the debt her children were going to be enslaved and debt is a type of bondage some of you know exactly what I'm talking about you know what I'll just tell you why I'm preaching about this not that long ago I was at a church and a lady waited behind until I was done shaking hands and visiting and it was clear to me she wanted to talk to me but wanted to talk to me privately so I said beside a visitor we're here she broke into tears and she said I am so deeply in debt I've got a gambling problem nobody knows I'm a member of this church in good standing my husband knows but she says I'm $500,000 in debt and I'm afraid that if I die in debt I'm gonna die lost and will Jesus forgive me what can I do so I tried to comfort her that God does not save us based on how much we still owe the credit card companies or whatever it is but I said look you know you you need to you need to get out of debt and there's things you can do you need to start working on this I said first of all don't gamble anymore I said you got to stop I said I'd like to tell you you know a real special psychological program but I said you just got to stop and she said but they're having a lottery I'm serious she said this she says a lottery if I win the lottery I can pay it all off at once I said no said your chances of winning the lottery I see you got a better chance of being bitten by a shark on dry ground I said don't waste any more money gambling I said you got to stop and it just broke my heart that still she was like you mean like I said yeah you just you got to stop gambling you got to stop buying lottery tickets I said it's not gonna get better and you'd be surprised how many believers struggle with different kinds of gambling some of them they may not go to the casino you know worried we got an interesting location here at Granite Bay were right down the road from the largest casino in California and we thought about putting a sign out in front of mazing facts say you know find help but it just broke my heart that poor lady she was just crying and she said you know the relationship with her husband was just in tatters he's always putting her down saying you know you've ruined my life cuz she's stolen from him to gamble and and you know what the number one cause is for divorce people think I'll pastor you know we're just gonna live together for a little while so we can get to know each other make sure we're compatible you ever heard that before and I heard one pastors say if you want to find out if you're compatible you don't need to share a bed because that is seldom the reason that people divorce because the plumbing isn't working the reason they divorce is because they can't get along financially and try sharing a checkbook for six months and if you want to find out if you're compatible because that's the number one reason that people divorce is financial problems or at least it's there in the mix if it's not the number one reason the Bible has a lot to say about how we can find freedom from that in a moment I'll get back to the story of the widow who came to Elijah but I just want to explain that debt is a type of bondage you read proverbs 22:7 the rich rules over the poor and the borrower is a servant a slave to the lender you know it that often begins no I should probably say I want to make everyone feel terrible and some of you who are doing fine financially right now there's things in the message that are relevant for everybody whether or not you are in debt some people are in debt through no fault of their own look at the story of Job and here's a perfect and an upright man and he was just slammed through circumstances you know the devil did it where he lost everything and but God did a miracle and you know the book of Job ends you might think you're so far in debt that you'll never get out job lost everything and by the end of job he is double blessed so don't forget the god factor if you think your circumstances are hopeless and I was trying to tell this lady that she thought how can I I said you can do it said if you'll start following the steps there's steps you can take and there's steps of obedience the first step is to repent of your sin turn and then you give God permission to work miracles for you but no one wants to be under a of debt it often starts by people desiring things they should not desire we try to live today with money we hope to earn tomorrow there never has been a time in the history of the world where you have had so many things a person can buy so easily it's incredible now I'm looking at my computer screen I just make a couple clicks the next thing within five minutes my doorbell rings and there it is that's an exaggeration but it's incredible to me you know I literally I'll order something on Amazon Prime and all of them the doorbell rings the next day I go who could that be it's there already and how they got those racquetballs from China to my door in one day I don't know it's a miracle but it kind of encourages us well that was so easy but you know I forgot the little part where PayPal charges my credit card and there's a debt incurred now I Karen and I that's why I got a witness here today we do not use our credit cards for credit praise God once or twice we've forgotten our payment we've had to pay a penalty but otherwise we always pay it off don't ever use your credit card for credit it is the very worst form of credit it is the highest credit and they are in business to put you in bondage to well it gets you dependent on them the Bible's pretty clear that we should avoid debt Romans 13:8 oh no one anything except to love one another for he who loves another has fulfilled the law money's very expensive if you tried to live in advance on money you do not now possess you're gonna struggle Benjamin Franklin said if you want to know the value of money go try and borrow some and sometimes if you borrow money from a friend you need to ask what's more important than money or the friendship there's a lot of family relationships and friendships have been permanently damaged just because people started to borrow for me other and they can cause problems I made the big mistake once of getting involved financially with a church member and I won't go into the whole story but one of the church members asked if I would be surety you know what that means they got a check from an insurance company and the bank said you don't have an account here we can't sign this check but if someone will cosign for you and nice family is it sure I co-signed the check a few days later I got the shocking news that $1500 had been deducted from my account and I went to the bank stomping few minutes and what in the world this is you what I said well you cosign for the check the insurance company canceled the check and since you co-signed we took it out well then I went and paid a visit to that family made a pastoral visit and said we got a little problem here as a Houston we got a problem and they saw pastor we are so sorry there was a plot me and he was an autobody man he said I I was working on this car and they said the work wasn't complete and they cancelled the payment and I said well pay it off and he comforted me I said okay you know we didn't we're right for a little while but that was our vacation money when I first met this family they were sitting right up front in the church singing very engaged very involved teaching a class a few weeks went by and they were struggling in their business and no payment was forthcoming and I noticed they started moving back in the pews because it's really hard to sit there and listen to your pastor preach to you about repentance or something you know and you think everything he says he's talking to you because you owe money I mean instead of seeing me as a pastor he saw me as a creditor and so it started to ruin the relationship in the short version of the story as God asked me to do unto others is I saw the family every week they're moving further and back and then they started missing church I'd go visit him just to visit him first thing that came to his mind was the debt all he knew about our relationship was I owe him and they were so embarrassed good people and that debt wrecked our relationship by the way if you feel like you're in debt to God it affects relationship that's why the Lord freely forgives you and I finally after wrestling with the Lord I prayed and it wasn't easy I went to see this brother one day and said brother so just forget the dead I first he didn't believe I meant it I didn't believe I meant it at first either and but I finally convinced him and myself and you know what they came back to church and made their way back up to the front row and we're still friends today but if the whole relationship was being jeopardized you got it really if you go into business with a friend you better ask what's more important friendship or the business because sometimes they interfere proverbs 6 verse 1 my son if you have put security if you have put up security for your neighbor and you've given a pledge for a stranger if you are you are snared by the words of your mouth caught in the words of your mouth then do this my son save yourself for you have come into the hands of your neighbor go hasten plead urgently with your neighbor give your eyes no sleep and your eyelids no slumber save yourself like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter like a bird from the hand of the Fowler Hunter's trying to kill the Gazelle the Fowler's trying to kill the bird so - run for your life save yourself get out of debt this should be the attitude that Christians have when we start going into debt and taking loans because otherwise it could be slavery you know how we get enslaved Jesus said he's gone to prepare a mansion for us we can't wait for that mansion there so we want our mention here you know the the living standard of the poor in America is much higher than most places in the world I see people all the time that are getting government assistance and they've got an $800 smartphone and they're driving a car we just figured well these are the necessities the fact is that we are spoiled is it okay for me to say that we are spoiled and we are trying to live way outside of our means a lot of people young people to get out of college they want to have the same kind of house and car their parents have but they didn't remember that mom and dad worked 40 years before he could afford a house in a car like that and we want instant gratification we want to click and get it we want fast food we want drive-through wealth and that's what's happening is because we want everything right now people are getting themselves in bondage with debt because we're living outside of our means in order to have prosperity in the future you need to experience self-denial now I'm not speaking to you as one who is saying I'm up here and you know I've always known these things I've had to borrow money not all borrowing is bad there's times you may need to borrow you get there's percentages you got to know what your income is it's got to be manageable but you may need to borrow for a home I was first went into the wood business I remember I went to Wells Fargo Bank I was just trying to borrow three hundred and fifty dollars for a chainsaw saw died I had no money I needed the saw to get more money to get the wood I had sales I went to the bank and I found out the hard way it's hard to borrow money if you don't have credit I said well how do I get credit this well you got to borrow money I said help me understand this so I am I would love to help you give me credit right now I said here's your opportunity lend me some money they would not lend me money finally the pastor lent me the money to get the chainsaw and I paid him back but it's no fun I hate owing I hate owing money I just to me you know it just yeah I can't get it off my mind and so I like to pay everything right away we've had to borrow on our house we had a mortgage praise God paid off Karen I just moved into a house over here people are amazing facts no I had to borrow from my retirement it's paid off now had to borrow a manageable amount so I know how it feels I hate to admit this to my church family I have had to get Gutter or government assistance many years ago only 40 years ago for medical help for food stamps it's humiliating they don't want to ever do that again this is when I was a baby Christian I started following the Bible principles and praise God we don't have debt now and we're trying to live within our means the idea for Christian is you want to work hard save as much as you can so you can give as much as you can and there's a lot of people who could be reached with the message of the gospel but they're not sending enough missionaries and pastors how will they hear unless they're sent that's what the Bible says because the funds of God's people are often bound up by the devil in debt buying things they didn't need and so the devil has actually hijacked a lot of souls who would otherwise you're the gospel because the people of God are trying to it's covetous and this is what it is trying to own things that they don't really need tell you a little secret Karen and I came back from Canada folks were so nice to us up there we had a wonderful meeting they gave us some gifts when they get a little gift card to myself pastor Ross they gave me a gift card to Cabela's which is great for me you know I never think it's fair when a man and woman get married and you register like Macy's what's a man gonna get at Macy's you know that's just not right go Home Depot maybe but anyway so I was so excited Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop have merged so I went to brass Pro Shop yesterday you know I feel rock and I showed in my car and I said is this card good here yep it's good here go crazy have fun and I'm walking up and down the house I'm going oh look at that hunting light 1,400 lumens that be a lot of fun and they're gonna sleep Mac it's good to 40 below zero of course I don't know what I'd ever use that and so I'm looking at all these things I just walked around I just say wow I could buy anything here that fits on my card I walked around a walk around again then I started going how often am I gonna use that how often do I really need that and you know I finally kind of came under conviction I said you know Doug you're gonna have to preach about debt tomorrow so I walked out I still got my card I haven't spent him yet because I started saying do you really gonna use that and then I started thinking do you need to buy everything for yourself oh there's a thought maybe if you get a windfall you don't keep it all you know how often you someone gets a raise they get a tax refund they weren't expecting first thing comes to their mind is now what shall I buy it's me me me sometimes God blesses this as a test to see if we'll pass on the blessing we're naturally selfish creatures and I'm telling you this from personal experience I'm one of them you know you can read in the book Christian stewardship a great quote page 272 son the incurring of debt as you would shun leprosy and again pamphlet 107 oh no man anything and you'll have not have so much perplexity live within your means shun debts as you would a great evil now the author goes on to say there are appropriate times to take out manageable debt to build something you know we little story you know we're showing you a building program up here all that you see the building progress so far on that building we have not used the bank money yet did you know that praise God we're not wanting to we haven't approved loan so we don't want to start building or not finish you know Jesus said about that count the cloths we want to make sure we've got the funds approved to finish we do but we're hoping everyone follows through with their capital campaign pledges because that bank money is really expensive did you know that the interest on that we're hoping by God's grace we can glorify Him and say we never use the bank money because God's people rose to the occasion and so I but sometimes you need to borrow money to buy a car you don't have to buy the brand-new car do you know when you buy a brand new car that after you drive it off the lot you've lost about 20 percent of the value of that car just as you pulled off their parking lot I got a quad up Nicole I like riding quads he opened our ranch we have quads their practical up there we use them for work it's it's a very important thing and I bought one about nine 10 years ago still running four-wheel drive 700 Yamaha big beefy tires wench heated hand grips gun racks cargo storage it had tricked out with a little had everything on it but I bought it used on Craigslist from someone who bought it new and they lost 60% of the value of it in one year now I felt sorry for them because here they bottle this and then the economy changed and they hadn't been thinking ahead they had to make payments on this thing and they bought this big toy and I'm very thankful now because it's still running still got the tires on it and you know and I use it all the time but but I can't imagine buying that new and a lot of people if you if you need a car a lot of people go buy new ones wait a little bit and you save a lot of value if you're gonna buy a new cart you better drive that thing for a hundred thousand miles before you get your value out of it now I've bought new cars before but I Drive it like 11 years and you just want to make sure you get your value out of it so sometimes you might need to do that but we need to avoid it reckless financial irresponsibility is a sin we will all give an account to God for every idle word we speak have you ever considered we may be giving an account to God for the idle money we spend God will bring every work into judgment with every secret thing whether it be good or evil a Christian I don't want to sound legalistic because God is merciful but a Christian needs to think I want to be faithful jesus said these are his words Luke 16:10 he that is faithful in that which is the least is faithful also in much and he that is unjust in that which is least is unjust also in much therefore if you have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon who will commit to you the true riches and if you are not faithful in that which is another's who will give you that which is your own Christ yours talking about faithfulness in stewardship he that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much some of us are we pinched pennies and we waste dollars you heard of that back yet that expression before is a penny wise Dollar foolish and if you take care of the pennies the dollars usually take care of themselves you need to be wise and how you spend that Karen might go back and forth she buys her gas at Costco because it's cheaper I my mind at Arco because it's faster and she's right she is saving money but I don't like waiting in line ah my time is worth something well I'll tell you what it's not five minutes it's also the other ones closer and more convenient and there's something for that and you know we argue we talk about this we have this conversation frequently do I talk to you about marriage and money yeah I did mention that didn't I and I said dear that difference for what I'm gonna buy you're talking about a dollar fifty difference and for a dollar fifty I will get in and get out of there and so now wouldn't it be great if that was the biggest kind of problems we had in our marriages with money we don't mind sharing that with you but I know some of you there are very serious problems isn't it interesting how God attracts opposites you'll get one that is kind of a free spender with one who's fairly frugal and they fall in love somehow and want to say hey look at that let's get two of them you know Leone said no we gotta save we gotta save you know and it's just you know it's sort of a big cosmic joke how God does that to us you know it's true but it covetousness is a sin and the reason a lot of people are in debt is because they see it I want it I buy it some people have spending problems I know folks who are always looking at the shopping channels again I can't understand it now I see i surf by and I see they got these channels and 24 hours a day vision buy this buy this it's all wonderful and the people that watch those channels there must be because they're on all the time and they're always going yeah they make you think that you can't live without whatever this gizmo is that they've gotten people buying this stuff they put it in the garage they never open it I know people that have their garages full of stuff that they have bought online that they bought on sale they didn't need it but it was on sale and it looked good and it's impulsive buying and they've wasted thousands some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars for stuff they didn't even need got real quiet suddenly now if we do buy something if you buy it on time if you have a debt Christians should pay their debts you may not like the credit card company but very rarely does the credit card company torture you into buying things you usually have to make a choice somewhere along the way to do it and you can read the fine print and find out what the interest rate is and if you have incurred a debt I was driving down the road with Karen we heard a commercial on the radio kept repeating don't let those mean credit card companies fool you into thinking you've got to pay them back you don't have to pay a man well you know there are things you can do if you're deeply in debt to credit card company you can find some legitimate counseling to help negotiate the interest but the idea that someone else should pay for the gizmo in your garage is not a Christian principle if you buy something you should pay for it all the pastor dug my debt is so big I Oh like that lady I mentioned half a million dollars I'll be dead before I can pay it well you know what even if you were to say I am by God's grace gonna pay $10 a week I'm gonna make some changes in my life and I'm gonna pay $10 a week you'd be surprised God will bless you start doing something but to throw your hands in the air and say I know it's my debt but I can't pay it all so I'm not gonna pay any of it a Christian ought to make an effort to pay their debts isn't that right it doesn't mean that you starve your children in order to pay it back you know you have to have your priorities but don't neglect your debts and the Bible says Psalm 37 I think we have that on the screen the wicked borrows and does not repay Ecclesiastes 5:5 better not to vow than to vow and to not pay and you got that verse in Psalm think it's 15 where it says if you swear to your own hurt a Christian swears for their own hurt and changes not you've made a decision it was a bad business decision but you've made a promise you don't change your word Jeff's firm made a really foolish vow he said whatever comes through my gates if you give me victory I will offer to you Lord whatever comes to my gates his daughter came through the gates and he shrugged and said Oh Lord you know I was kidding our did he keep his word his daughter was dedicated to the temple she served in the temple the remainder of her life she never married and he made a vow and he did not change Christians need to keep their promises now I want to pause some of you got an insert when you came in if you got a bullet and did any of you get one of these I'm not going to go through all of it because I just want to cover the main principles here but I thought you know this is such an important message I don't want to carry this on for three weeks I want to put in your hand some simple principles these are not all original with me I sort of did a little cut and paste on the internet some of its from Dave Ramsey's got some Christian counseling good programs and Larry Burkett and others but I tried to simplify this is the dignified version of 7 sure steps for deliverance from dead open a savings account you might be thinking pastor Doug I have no money you know you can open an account now with $10 start by opening a savings account open it in another Bank then where you keep your other accounts so you're not tempted that Bank is only for putting money in as soon as you begin to start putting money away something happens to your psyche and you start realizing I am now building instead of constantly diminishing and you can read the information in there create a budget now if you get point 1 & 2 mixed up that's ok but most people are in debt because of a very simple principle they're out go is more than their income some people have no idea what their income is and they have no idea what their outgo is and if you ask them to make a list of how much do you spend a week they just kind of give you a rough round figures and I said what is that including your lunches every day for $15 is that including you know these stop into the store and buying whatever the trinkets are or people going through the drive-thru and getting $5 coffees and all this stuff they say oh yeah I didn't realize how that added up so start getting a budget sit down look at your receipts you can figure out where it's going and be honest about that create a budget get a strategy to live within that budget if you have debt allocate how much you can pay on those debts rethink your grocery basket some people walk down the aisle with their basket and they just grab things and throw them in I've seen kids going along down the aisle with their parents they're just grabbing the fruit loops offing their self throwing them in the cart or whatever it is and the parents go they just write you this some of that stuff's expensive there's things you can do that are healthier and more economical you can buy things that you can like cook and they'll last a few days you know cheap prices do you know how many ways you can prepare rice I remember once the all I had was rice I was so poor the only thing I had was rice and I did have a reason so I had rice with raisins for breakfast put a little sugar in it and like fried rice for lunch this steamed rice for dinner I mean I did this an exaggeration but that would be the bare basics so some people might think about how you're shopping with your cart be faithful in your tithes and offerings I'll pass her that's gonna blow my budget no you haven't read the Bible Bible says that if you want your money to go farther be faithful to give God what is yes if you want God to bless the remaining 90% be faithful with at least that 10% but if you're faithful in tithes and offerings God says I will open for you the windows of heaven and God will start doing things for you that don't make sense mathematically in blessing you and by that's why we read that opening verse in our scripture and then you can read some of these other steps curds the house there's a lot of mysterious items we got in our houses and our attic some things aren't even open things that others might want we're not using you can actually sell now with eBay they didn't have that 50 years ago it's getting easy snap a picture put it online there's junk you got you don't think anyone would want you'd be surprised some of you have treasures in your house you may not even know about things you have no idea what it's worth cut what you can live without so you might have memberships you're not using and magazines you're not reading and you'd be surprised you can start winnowing things down and then learn new ways to earn which is a transition into my other point here those things you can do to earn more money work yeah you know there's a commandment I read somewhere it says six days you should labor not only does it say you should rest the seventh and bless your heart for doing that but you should all work now I feel retired or if you're physically unable but a lot of people who there's stuff you can do even from home with a computer now and earn the income I know a lot of people that make incredible money at home typing doing something on the internet or with the computer proverbs 13 for the soul of a lazy man desires and has nothing but the soul of the diligent will be made rich proverbs 13 11 wealth is gained well gained by dishonesty will diminish that's like gambling but he who gathers by labour will increase the good old fashioned hard work and watch out for get-rich-quick schemes they often turn into disasters and now you know multi-level marketing schemes are probably a couple legitimate ones out there but most of them I think you should avoid proverbs 28 28 faithful man will abound with blessings but he who hastens to be rich will not go unpunished work is good and read something from the devotional called our high calling page 2 to 2 however humble the occupation may be if only honorable if the humble duties are done faithfully he will not lose his reward industry is essential to health if habits of industry were encouraged a door would be closed against a thousand temptations those who lounge away their days having no aim or object in life are troubled with the ejection and tempted to seek amusements and forbidden indulgences which innervate the system and tax the physical powers tenfold more than the most taxing labor doing nothing is worse for your health than working hard that's the short version of that many die because they have not the ability or the inclination to set themselves to work nothing to do has killed thousands God designed us with a purpose you know I heard her pastors see one time if you make yourself useful and keep busy God is more inclined to keep you around he created man put him in a garden to work and then even after sin God said we'll help you sin so I'm gonna let you off he he gave him more work to keep him out of trouble right and so it's so important that we find a way to be busy and everybody's got gifts everybody can do something so work six days of labor Ephesians 4:28 let him who stole steal no longer but rather let him labor working with his hands what is good that he might have something to give him who is in need I've done all kinds of different jobs like shovel dirt for work I've picked oranges for money I've cut firewood I've done mechanic work I've build houses I mean I know what it is to work and you know I kind of miss working with my hands you nice Karen we just went up to the ranch a couple of days ago and we spent two days vacation working and it was so much fun for me working in the shop burning brush and work cutting wood and and and I've actually found it a relief I've often told pastor Ross and past a quits of it--and Brahman they said I don't mind pastoring and if you just didn't have to work with people I really like working on things I'm King don't take that too personal I just trying to be funny too late now obey and God will bless you now after you do everything practical you can do to get out of debt some of these principles we've given you you might say pastor I still don't see how I can make all ends meet after I do all these things it still seems like the outgoes gonna be above the income you start obeying draw near to God he'll draw near to you you be faithful in the little things and God will then begin to bless you we'll give God permission to work miracles what happened to that woman she came to Elisha with an insurmountable debt my my sons are gonna be taking the slaves and you know what Elijah said what do you have oh they've taken everything all we have left is a little jar of oil on the mantle he said okay you consecrate what you've got left to God watch what happens she filled her house with borrowed vessels filled them with the oil God worked a miracle she sold the oil it paid the debt and left a surplus where she and her sons could live off the surplus God worked a miracle for her when she brought her burden to Elijah when we bring our financial burdens to Jesus we said Lord I'm determined to obey you I don't have much but I'm gonna consecrate myself and all I have to you when we do that we then give God permission to activate heavenly agencies and Providence that can help turn things around for us that we can't think of right now so God invented Mass and you may not be able to calculate how God's going to get you out of debt but if you begin to be faithful in not trying to live outside your means and not spending recklessly certainly not gambling working hard saving being faithful in your giving you will give God permission to activate miracles in your behalf and take care of you he's got a thousand ways to answer our prayers when we can't see any Deuteronomy 18 8 now 8 18 and you'll remember the Lord your God for it is he who gives you power to get well who gives you power a financial plan it's the Lord who can do it Luke 6:38 give and it will be given to you good measure pressed down shaken together running over will men put into your bosom if we're faithful God says I can open for you the windows of heaven deuteronomy 15 6 for the Lord your God will bless you just as he promised you you will lend to many nations but you will not borrow you will reign over many nations but they will not reign over you it's because the you don't want to be the slave to the lender now in conclusion when we talk about how to find freedom from debt I've kept everything so far in the context of money but that's really not what the message is about because we've got a debt that is deadly there are solutions to the money problems sometimes we think that's the biggest problem in our life the money problem is not the big problem in your life God can take care of those problems I remember reading the story of Mark Twain he made a fabulous amount of money as a successful rioter became very wealthy then he tried to go into the publishing business he invested in this crazy typesetting machine it was a machine they used to set all the type for books by hand and some guy said I've invented a typesetting machine you'd hit these keys and it'll set the type for the next print and went off that's the greatest idea in the world he invested in this and they could never perfect it and they could he spent thousands and thousands thinking finally borrowed money and finally they finished the machine and nobody would buy it at that point he lost his entire fortune and he was deeply in debt but he believed he should pay his debts they were his debts so he went on tour and he started working hard and he went on a tour around the world sharing his books doing public speaking it was extremely successful came back home paid off all his debts and died a wealthy man so I can tell you stories you've heard of Barnum & Bailey circles PT Barnum that guy was a very creative guy he his parents were actually Quakers and he had some religious scruples believe it or not but he completely he made fortunes and then a fire came and burnt down everything he lost everything but he had principles of honesty and has been and he made it all back then another fire he lost everything and then he kept working again he wouldn't give up and he made it all back painted up dying a wealthy man so you think that you get taken down to nothing how will you ever recover where's your faith God can turn things around look what he did for Joe you've got to believe all things are possible with God so obey Him now we owe a debt for sin sin is a debt Romans 6:23 for the wages of sin is death that's a pretty heavy debt but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Jesus is pain our debt Matthew 6:12 when we pray and the Lord's Prayer father forgive us our debts what does God call sin a debt you can also read that in Luke 14 forgive us our sins as we forgive everyone who is indebted to us we got this incredible debt to sin how big is it there's a parable in Matthew 18 where a king who's the Lord has a servant who owes him ten thousand talents he said okay you got to pay me or we're gonna sell your wife and your children as slaves and he falls down he says have mercy King says okay I'm gonna have you mercy I'm gonna forgive the entire debt ten thousand talents I mean it's the largest number you find in the Bible as far as an amount ten thousand talents big dead and he's freely forgiven that represents our debt to God and God is willing to forgive us that debt because Jesus paid for it you ever tried to add up all your sins how much would that cost if you had to pay fifty cents per sin you'd all be bankrupt right now Jesus paid our debt Colossians 2:13 and you who are dead in your trespasses penalty for sin of death dead in your trespasses God has made alive together with him having forgiven us all our trespasses by ken's the record of debts that stood against us with its legal demands he set it aside nailing it to the cross he canceled that Jesus by his death if we by faith embrace his mercy he said I have paid for all of your sins all of the sins of everybody who's ever lived he died for the sins of the world isn't that what it says now some Calvinists believe he only died for the sins who would believe I don't believe that I believe he died for the sins of everybody which makes the wicked even more culpable because he paid for their sins and they still would not accept him so jesus paid our dead first Peter 2:24 he himself bore our sins in his own body on the tree that having died to sin we might live for righteousness with His stripes were healed have you ever had someone pay your debt everyone you ever been surprised but someone who paid it in I remember was coming back from a meeting at the conference office one day and I went to the toll booth it's like five dollars and and I got to this whole booth and my guy said you're good to go I said what no here's easy I couldn't understand I just left me confused it he said no that guy paid I don't know who if they rest saw me in the rear view mirror and if they knew me I don't know if they just felt happy that day and said I'm here this is for me and the guy behind me or I don't know if I cut between him and his other family member and it wasn't them for me I was always wanting to do what's that meant for me how did I steal someone else where Karen and I were eating out with some friends a nice restaurant and while we were there we we saw another family we recognized and and when it came time to leave I asked for the bill and they said no it's covered as well there's no no's paid this was this was a Asian restaurant and quite honestly the guy had a heavy accent and so I thought I didn't understand them I said wow he said no no pay no pay this debt paid I said well he said no this other guy he paid you it was okay it finally it made it clear that this other family that we saw that we said hi - they told him put their dinner on our meal and then they left before we could thank him now that was that was more than a toll has a nice dinner in a nice restaurant and like six of us there and someone you ever had that happen to you it's kind of a fun surprise yeah someone just I'm gonna pay what makes what makes us appreciate a debt cancel you know what makes the difference I was really happy when someone paid my five-dollar toll I'm really happy if someone pays a $50 dinner but when someone pays my death debt and they say I will die in your place who so what makes the difference and how much you appreciate is the size of the debt doesn't that affect your appreciation how big is the payment for the debt you know one time Judas was mocking Mary because he said you're wasting that precious oil on Jesus feet and Simon was thinking if this man was a prophet he'd know who and what manner of woman this is that touches him for she's a sinner and Jesus knew it Simon and Judas were thinking he says the Simon I've got a question for you Jose all master he said two men were in debt one owed fifty pence the other owed 500 and the King forgave them both which of them do you think will love the most and Simon said well I suppose the one who is forgiven the most he will love the most and Jesus said no Simon I came to your house you didn't kiss me this woman has not stopped kissing my feet he said you didn't wash my feet she's washed my feet with her tears her sins which are many are forgiven for she loves much for to whom much is forgiven the same loves much to whom little is forgiven the same loves little how much you love the Lord is going to be in direct proportion to how much you know that he is paid for your sins if you understand the staggering amount that he paid for sins not just dying suffering and dying for all the sins you've ever committed will you want to go out and spend more on sin to put on Jesus tab after he's paid so much for your forgiveness do you want to crucify him afresh by continuing a life of sin none of us wants to get deeper in financial debt but why would you want to get deeper in sin debt you know there's a beautiful quote that I will close with it's from the book desire of Ages and I apologize I forgot to put down the reference the spotless son of God hung upon the cross his flesh lacerated with stripes those hands so often reached out and blessing nailed to the wooden bars those feet so tireless on their ministries of love spiked to the tree that royal head pierced by the crown of thorns those quivering lips shaped to the cry of woe and all that he endured the blood drops that flowed from his head his hands his feet the agony that racked his frame the unutterable anguish that filled his soul at the hiding of his father's face it speaks to every child of humanity declaring it is for thee that the Son of God can sense to bear this burden of guilt for thee he spoils the domain of death and he opens the gates of paradise he who stilled the angry waves and walked the phone cap billows he who made devils tremble and disease flee who opened blind eyes and called forth the dead to life he offers himself upon the cross as a sacrifice and this from love to thee you think about the cross think about what Jesus did for you and how much he suffered because he loved you and he's offering to get you out of debt he's offering you a way to be free from the dead of sin why would you not want to accept that it'd be an insult to say Oh Lord I'll pay you back you can't pay for it you can't afford it he's offering it but what shall I do what shall I render unto the Lord for all of his benefits for me you know David says I will take the cup of salvation you just take it and you thank him for it and then you walk in a newness of life out of gratitude for him is that your desire you know that's the that's the good news that's the story of like the Book of Ruth is all about redemption there is a debt that could not be paid and Boaz is the Redeemer Jesus is our Redeemer and we're gonna sing about that it's the song redeemed I know there's two versions of it and I think it's three three seven is that correct

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