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all right Marines sailors we've got an excellent question for you today corporal Affleck who's an infantryman from 1/6 and I we're talking about short-barrel rifle versus long barrel rifle which is more effective which is more accurate today we're going to test that so we're gonna have him shoot a precision rifle and establish a group as a baseline to measure the short barrel rifle and the longer barrel rifle first a 14 and a half inch m4a1 sopmod Riz tube with a suppressor and then we're gonna compare that against the daniel defense mark eighteen ten point three inch barrel with admittedly a much larger scope than it needs but i want him to be able to aim precisely so we can establish a really good group now you'll notice from the results he suffered no accuracy penalty due to having a shorter barrel on the weapon that's not the way it works accuracy of the ammunition accuracy the shooter condition of the weapon all of those factors play into whether the rifle shoots better or not it's not the barrel length now you will suffer as you saw in an earlier video a velocity loss but not

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