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so this next music video I'm showing you is another one by g'friend it is their song novel era oh yeah they're young in the photo should I can even I go to to anchor soul oh I like it aesthetic so cool I love the army likes a vintage look excuses 60s and glam who would rule it's like I'm so good look yeah I don't look good in the shore [Music]

rescue Brett Sarah no okay don't you what is that I love their outside exposed to the rock travel discards the score seam roller that's a really rough time they're really good answers yeah like it I really like that like loose braid over here Ice Cube it was really cool and I look over here seems like natural coloring hair and should I play right now expected a study abroad like magic color yeah the male's very natural and that's natural match is beautiful [Music]

actually they really have like the sacral right here they do little weird no no below it okay chef oh yes I love those Shores the shorts are in [Music] the electrics are at like campers of things that's true it definitely looks movie like wet hot American summer yet holds we good yes so we go yeah yeah they're my favorite Oh

friendship there for you my love mr. Schouler magic I must imagine cute everything forget my gestures are catching ah so cool [Music] look at the camera works and like the quality of the main menu I let be from the other ones that watch yeah like who likes this group is amazing yeah they they really work on like with the video the visual aspect and like it's just very pleasing experience it's just them you know like the Janelle gimmicks trying to sober and I get really good locations okay ray it comes time I love it that's really good I mean ask me what I forgot but it was great and I loved every minute and I'm so cute and sassy one so I need needs in a story for Miko story I mean I would say the story is amazing actually I don't know the story so I did what it is is great anyway yeah it's just about no friendship but we're doing a friend's focus like it was like you know what like this hometown boy then musically was very like French yeah I just learned what like having fun with friends in Latino rollerskating get around no Glen Brandon skates doing fun for the Bartman skate photoshoots with friends so I like I'm exploring you know

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