Admirable Animation #02: "How Long is Forever?" [Teen Titans]

by: TheMysteriousMrEnter

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so you might be wondering why people are all up in arms about Teen Titans go you know that's been off that has very little to do with the original show is aimed at a completely different audience than the original show and specifically removed what made the original show special while leaving a slot that the original show could have filled empty I don't really know I mean Cartoon Network needed a pure comedy cartoon after all they only have mad johnny test adventure time and regular show and who knows what else they definitely needed another comedy show instead of one that was primarily dramatic Ben 10 omniverse is doing a job just fine I got a theory though perhaps its episodes like this one it starts with Starfire waking up wanting to celebrate Bloor thug only to find all of her friends distracted Loretha is apparently the 10 iranian festival of friendship but her desire to celebrate is stopped by her friends fighting it eventually ends with one of Starfire's props a necklace being broken causing her to shout she tells them that friends must never act that way or else something like this will happen on my world requisite drifting the point at which close friends begin to drift apart and their friendship begins to die the others reassure Starfire telling her not to worry they're just getting on each other's nerves and they'll all be friends forever duty calls and the camera pans over star fires broken necklace a time-traveling thief named warp has traveled back 100 years to steal something called the clock of eternity we have a fight scene where the Titans actually have a lot of difficulty defeating this guy he's got a lot of high-tech gadgets and takes the clock without breaking a sweat as he's going into a portal that will take him back to the future Starfire tackles him and they start traveling through time together before they reach their destination Starfire takes the mechanism and that Lancer outside of the time portal she's now sitting in the snow in front of a forlorn Titans Tower she explores the tower as the imagery and music set the mood she steps wide that same broken necklace worn away by the sands of time she sees a red light and thinks that it's cyborg it's not it's a bunch of robotic bugs they just so happen to be made by cyborg he's in a state of disrepair and looks a lot older as he should because it's been 20 years warp was heading to 100 years in the future but Starfire stopped him at 20 without Starfire the Titans have fallen apart a history star your friends not friends anymore Starfire blames warp and want cyborgs help unfortunately due to his batteries dying out he can't leave the tower the only thing he can do is tell Starfire where Raven and Beast Boy are not even he knows where Robin has disappeared too though Beast Boy is an act in some kind of zoo whereas holes throw snow at him and he's fat and bald after Starfire disappeared Beast Boy continued to try to be a hero but it didn't work out so he got a job as an act at a zoo Raven has it even worse her mind is corrupted and she thinks that Starfire is just a hallucination as Starfire is looking for Robin warp comes why because you know action cartoons he wants his time-travel device back and they fight when Starfire is defeated she finds out that warp has also aged apparently that's what happens when someone steals his device he then reveals that he didn't do anything to Starfire's past this would have happened whether or not he went back at all there's nothing wrong with your past one cannot damage history because history cannot be changed I went back in time to steal this because history says it disappeared and history says it disappeared because I went back to steal it past present future it's all written in stone right here distraught she gives back the time-travel device before warp can blaster a new challenger appears this guy beats warp until warp decides to disappear it's Robin or as he's now called Nightwing he takes Starfire to his hideout but she's thoroughly crushed she thinks that changing the past is impossible good if memory serves we've done the impossible before Nightwing held on to its Titans transmitter just in case and as it turns out so did all the others

we cut to warp who is working on repairing his time device until Nightwing and Starfire interrupts him they fight and it seems that Starfire and Robin especially have learned from their last encounter it's still not enough though and work gets the upper hand only to be blasted by cyborg you are repaired you could probably guess what happens next the others come by to join the fight warp us about to escape to the future but Robin hits his device and that turns him into an infant sure why not cyborg redirects the wormhole to get Starfire home and tells her to go was this really be our future is there nothing I can do to change it I win answer the clock and that's the only answer that she needs history said it disappeared but history was wrong so she toasts the Titans about the bad future and not wanting their future to go that way they celebrate blue earth ugh but you know who wants all that emotionally compelling stuff like that when we can have hilarious hijinks like this

whoa whoa dude I got a solution there oh thank you broke Cartoon Network I can clearly see that you know where it's at but seriously if you want to make a new comedy show then make a new comedy show don't use a show that was one thing and make it something else entirely different that's just stupid

hello five days we're still hammering this joke aren't we

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