My Most Exciting 2018 Harvest VLOG -Tuesday October 16

by: Mike Less - Farmhand Mike

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and today started out like every other day at home my wife cooks me breakfast - eggs over-medium sausage patties a hash brown and some oak toast with a cup of black coffee and then I will also have a glass of milk with my breakfast and I am good to go for and I just never get tired of this meal I love breakfast I always look forward to that so heading out to the field about eight o'clock here to kick off another harvest blog for the everyone Tuesday morning October 16th 2018 out here for another day a corn harvest we got everything last night so all the trucks are full green cars full combines full got down to 31 last night so we got frost you can kind of see some of it left here so I think this is the second for us to the year I wasn't home for the first one but yeah got down to 31 looks like a good killing frost here so let the do get off we got the combine filled up I've got a little tire on the grain cart and we should be in business

okay so it is about 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time and we are getting started still a little bit of do most of the frost is gone but this corn is going down in places so I don't know if this this one stretch here and some wind go through I can see it from the road as I get farther back here it looks better but anyways we're going so stay tuned get you some good footage and hopefully I can get a break here and pop the drone up later on today okay he is full and we're just a little more than halfway through the field here these are these rows are wrote the road so one mile so as you can see he's just cutting over he's gonna get eight rows off over here and then I can pull up beside them and unload but it's gonna be tight


and things always have a way of working out so I was able to get a little bit of drone footage for you and anyhow this field right here especially these rows that were one mile long this kept me hopping in the grain cart today really hopping this corn was around 16% moisture I wasn't running the combine I forgot to ask what it was yielding but this was really good corn and there was a few spots that would had some wind damage mostly on south end of the field but anyways really good corn I'm guessing it was well well over 200 and it was overall a pretty good day did get quite a bit done had a little of excitement as you will see coming up later and of course a big change of plans


okay I'm losing power here and got code 178 which is fuel filters it started out this morning doing it just once and now it's pretty bad I can't even hardly get through the field so you're gonna look under the hood here I've never changed filters on this track okay so let's look under the hood here see what we got


I'm gonna run down to the barn and see if we got filters and if not I'm going to Canyon equipment

[Music] so we did not have the filters in the barn so I had to make a trip up to caning equipment in Greenville Ohio of course they built this store here new and opened it up a few years ago from their old store caning equipment I don't know how many locations they have in Ohio in Indiana but quite a few and of course they had the parts and had to pick up a new blow gun while I was up there so as I said earlier I'm just working on a field right behind my house about a half a mile so when we're this close the home I just come home for lunch and my wife made me a Philly cheesesteak and some homemade mac and cheese then she'd get me through till suppertime

we'll find out we go through the field it was only dogging down during a hard pull with the load of green cards so we'll find out there and other guys are still eating lunch so I'm gonna grease the green cart I did not feel like crawling down on the frost this morning so

okay got the cream cart greased up and we are ready to go weather's nice 55 sunny so should make for a good day tractor seems to be running okay after changing the fuel filters so like I said should be good to go okay I had a little time cleaning the front window and the back window still got the side windows to do but that's a lot better we usually carry glass cleaner in here and when you get a minute ya clean the windows Wien windows make all the difference in the world

there doesn't that picture look a lot prettier now with the clean windows yeah that's what I thought too

so change the fuel filters and when I got the green card completely full and I was coming back it was up a little bit of a grade I was in 13th year shift at the 14th I got the fuel filter fault code again so I shifted down to 13 it went away I made it to the truck unloaded and now it seems fine so I'm not sure what the deal is [Music] alright guy I was talking to this morning from versatile dealer he was a technician at the John Deere dealer he knows these tractors pretty good so he told me what the code was that's how I know it's a fuel filler so I guess Zack if you're watching this I may be texting you again to see what's next I don't know if there's a fuel line collapsing or what but anyways we'll see how it goes

okay well there I pulled the grade in 14th year about 1900 rpms just mine with no fuel filter coat so whatever it was fixed itself I don't know if I don't know okay we're gonna bust open another layin here that works out pretty good

all right so I got a rider with me here I got Trevor riding with me who the farmer that I helped this is a son Trevor is 10 years old and Trevor likes John Deere trackers in Trevor says when he grows up he wants to be his good of a grain cart operator is farm and Mike he said he'll never be that good but he hopes to be half as good anyways he seems to like riding with me and I don't know why but he he rides with me quite a bit so here he is Trevor you're gonna be on YouTube what do you think of that okay you can watch the video tonight okay okay I over filled the truck not too bad the combine bent and ends now even with auto header height control stuff still happens

little ball fail

okay so the John Deere dealer here locally does not have the snout up in Greenville so their store in Rushville Indiana has it so one guy's on his way to go get that rush feels about 70 miles from here so we're gonna drop the corn head and we got about sixty acres of beans left down the road here about a half a mile so I'm gonna put this cornice into green cart in the one semi we're gonna get rid of the corn in the bin and we are gonna try to run soybeans tonight so let's see how that goes



it's for corn I think he must have shut her down I think this feeder huh all right we're heading down to soybean field we still got a dump the semis get the corn out of there and now I'm gonna get to test this rear view camera out on the road which is what I think I'm really gonna like this for

so like I said mirrors that's you can't really see behind you very good on that from the cab here behind the grain cart so that camera is the cat's meow for that

okay so we switch the beans here and I am in the combine now

so into the soybeans soybeans are going pretty good here just looking at the yield monitor here looks like they're making about 76 bushels average and 14% moisture so not too bad but we need to get these done so I think I said earlier I thought we had 60 or 70 acres this is actually a 90 acre field and just has the end rows done and one pass along the one end they were just too green when they was in here the other day and if you look out there you can still see there's still a little bit of green there but like I said it's time to get these soybeans done and once this fields done I don't think we'll get it done tonight but hopefully tomorrow and then we can [Music]

okay so got a few rounds of the soybeans done here this evening so everything's going pretty good here beans are testing 14 14 and 1/2 in this field according to Yelp monitor is making just a little over 80 bushel so that's good and this is the last field of soybeans I can't remember if I said that before not in an earlier clip but last film the soybeans here so won't get it all done tonight but should get it done tomorrow tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and I don't think it's supposed to get as cold tonight so I'm sure we'll have do though we'll get these knocked out tomorrow

oh yeah and there is your magical harvest sunset picture so as you can see on the farm things can change the plan today was to do corn all day and do soybeans tomorrow but we had that little incident with the corn head and we were down and switched the soybeans so that's probably why I'm never gonna be able to do a live YouTube stream because if I plan it and advertise it something will come up and it'll change and then I'll just disappoint everybody so anyways that's my thoughts on that and this will probably be my last video of the evening unless something exciting happens GoPro battery is about that here on the karma grip and it's getting dark and there's a couple rocks in this field so I better be paying attention

so I told you that was gonna be my last clip a little bit ago but hey everything's going good so why not a nice nighttime shot here of unloading on the go

soybeans have picked up about a point of moisture so they're just a had a tad over 15% right now

that was close to almost spilled a little green there but good save by the card operator so actually the guy I work for his running that grain cart tonight he usually runs the con combine and soybeans but we switched off so always good to change it up

but this was a good thing to do I've already knocked off thirty acres of this field since I started so it's that much less we have to do tomorrow and then we'll be done with soybeans

so I get home here about 9:30 in wife has supper for me so homemade meatloaf homemade mac and cheese in green bean

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