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Rio's be scared is so scarab it was at this moment ness knew he fucked up

[Music] what's good y'all welcome back Cassie you try yeah what's good job nah I get a second bar bro yo today we are back with some more Super Smash Bros I got two homie with me right here my man Joe yo if y'all seen the vlogs y'all know when it comes to service Matt you remember the fucking super special I can bring that up wait Burley Z versus ICO he doesn't want it Oh zoom in on the king change a thing ship you guys don't want to see means we're smash brothers it doesn't matter you got you are you look okay huh so lucky it it look like love bro I got to catch his neck dick right that's a three that's fun like I said Brown - I got you first of all it is oh you're gonna be hot if you lose this one bro I know I'm not afraid of anybody any challenges okay nope this is a lifestyle luck I got skills oh oh we need to do a one-on-one at the end of this oh is that a challenge bro okay okay so today we're gonna hop into some more for glory matches cuz literally what else is the is the point of this game um we're gonna do some two to be twos cuz y'all saw last time shelf was not having my fucking back um but we have a system we've been playing this game together team smash since since I got this shit so but to be sick it's fuck about to be about what what is that shit they said I have ten minutes until we can fucking shit you musta got here so quick got scared bro bro chill out that shit road you gotta get the one-on-one now then why you're talking about it today you gotta watch it alright gotta make sure we stay in the green screen though he wants to give us the one-on-ones first one I learned on the channel you wanna know about picking [Music] that's your guy row Mega Man he's nice did you ever play Mega Man uh my growing up and shit yeah yeah the original ones like the X series okay final best who's better Mega Man or zero Mega Man Zero eyes Lizzie really yeah

bro ready row let's stay warmed up bro ah bro hey bro yeah hey bro this goes online rough frost post my eyes gonna be on I am for online oh that's hot is special no but you try to do it twice nice Pike Miro Oh clap clap it's not just magnet up

so these trash items everything fucking explodes now charge that round now I'm charged up round now I'm charged up I'm sorry about right fine fucking sorrow yeah I didn't top I'm not hitting you with that week's in the

sorry right I'm sorry I was time it's time yeah I know you want that road now I'm gonna get talk about the road I gotta get that route softer is definite you got a ghost like that I think oh thank you thank you van this is it oh you got that yeah yeah okay this is so you see zero easy that I fucking see it I see it I'm right here oh five seconds okay it's not sudden that's not a sudden I got through what you gonna do stop throwing shit over the heads that row where the hands are oh fuck it is oh oh oh oh Mega Man let's go Nia classroom the idea I got the first read bro first long long I got fruit nice cock today but then you're nice a DK right why can't I change my character right a DK that last videos I guess on the prove guys up to the crew moving look at these Sam's beat me last time too Road Oh because untouched this no it's not gonna be no in touch they bro fucking clap City though I hate that stupid shit

despite I need that nerdy a spiked wig delay that delay this must be for fun to his items right it's just been fun no we could definitely get some one-on-one for glories oh you like yeah this clearly for fun yeah yeah clearly for funny that must be right the spike isn't for fun oh my play stupid let me see that's it Lucy the other ones wire bagina open up like the cox-2 far

decayed we don't wake up bro there we go game changer that's a game changer game changer changer games what though what is how I roll back I just got blasted by that Mikey are you fucking blow bro bro chill out bro your first fucking time on the channel hook solo well I gotta make up for that

you're not getting that last ko you're not getting that last K over oh that wouldn't have been you don't know it wouldn't have been there bro okay good enough that forgot the wheat that's doesn't that doesn't laugh it up DK oh alright alright so this is clearly for fun match clearly for fun match alright 1 101 hell yeah yeah you knew that was coming good y'all haven't seen link on the channel yeah bro I'll go ahead and pick the map since I got the last the last one yeah bro honestly like this diamonds are still on so you just you just fucking run without bro these people stay talking about my forehead bro why why you love like that is much contrived that's why alright so bright you left way too way too quick get that shit right fuck about you hit me on the spot alright pick to pick your trash I didn't take this that was you are you are you satisfied with this stage if we go to another I don't win excuse isn't is they gonna do that 10 minute thing again no

yeah I got project tiles - bro I got project tiles - right yeah that's fine I got project tiles to grow samus jump

[Music] bro stop trying to charge that shit up though you haven't got me every little I think you know and I know I think you know it's coming row I think you know it's going about to get that fuck

fuck I hope I get to explain what a skunk is this video though I could explain it uh I know this right now miss right good I hate this stage oh you pick back fat throws Rena you said it was okay those are emblems I don't want you saying oh this is a job finish the job League okay okay yo mo here I was like I could have came back in now and they didn't up

recover quickly

thank you Mary what the fuck

get you every time with that shit bro finish the job link you can't flex

fuck lame as you have another one okay all right you can explain what a skunk is when these videos over oh I've got the Front's flat row button me bro was a rare bow [Music]

we're all kicking ass playing on a damn fish eye level I gotta get like a good one right here oh and I caught you with that shiver I would have got loud which is my budget no no didn't get it so let me go good that didn't feel good that dude you didn't do that bro you didn't do that bro bro explain what a fuckin skunk is for the people Rob oh just gonna say ro when you take an L so bad that you didn't even get a kill exactly exactly you gots gun you didn't kill him at all and they destroyed you the super don't look at my fuckin Hilux exactly me that's not for you ro that's my lunch nice good to share fuck J when people do that wrong like getting lunch and they just kiddin damn it better let me online okay we're online I mean cool why is that gonna be our squad like over your squad yeah okay oh yeah do it again that picked the same oh my gosh wrong hey both of the people older these really are very Christmassy project house project Arles mrs. trashy clearly let's get off me bro

so she's like half-dragon who's gonna come in tagging nests over here who would game is corn exactly all that wasn't right you tried to kill me well I thought I was you you pushed me off the edge of Turkey oh this is a dumbass bra I might kill her right now

how many times have you done

this is ass yeah this chick sucks - I just can't fuckin hit her reason bro haha okay that went through room so then that's okay but she could use a dirty shit like that yes back kick nest gets one - right holy fuck hardened I can't finish me off okay Ness he finished he finished where we got your the nest we gotta get rid of nasty shiny attorney bro

I can't fucking get him this sudden death that's sudden death I think yeah bro yeah bro this one back up back up nothing project Isles project Isles god you guys and I use a lot you got it you got to finish them don't go don't blow a row the Lord rose I got this oh she's scared you're so scared of okay Rob I got the reason I did this this the reason to use does we won well I got the reap y'all y'all see the reef you got that same story I got the reef though appreciate like that I got dirty okay - not like sanam is the same K great I didn't I thought that was the same person there's two chicks who both want some fucking dragon devil shit so whack y'all see the cosmos

fucking hitting mmm there it is oh she's the she's the dragon there's a butterfly did some dumb shit I'm down one

well we can't have any of this no you're right you're right I'm done but Mary had some combos that I've never seen y'all combo bro I need you to get in the mix bro they're okay get about that don't move I'm start tossing bitch you get are throwing are the other way


something good I demonstrate fuck she got you a 128 bro I don't think she's died what is that fucking two times oh and her with that super hammer fist

now return fuck we lost bro look at my pen brush it's a slider alright I think I think that's all the time we got for this man hi hey guys whoa hey man thanks thanks for checking this out braum so fucking awkward i'ma show them how to close videos that's a wrap that's a wrap that's it you guys thought today that doesn't have all right guys I'll see you in the next one love each and every one

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