My GMod server banned Ashlie in TTT...

by: Shootzki

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hey guys how's it going it's shoot ski and I'm playing TTT with Ashley the window breaker you need the window breaker John the normal person I can't believe I'm saying that just did right we did it cool are these people and why well Justin's Justin and Davises Davis I think that's all that really needs to be said you know what's odd I didn't realize this was upon your bike I didn't realize this was the spoopy map stop shooting him quick somebody I'm trying to get him down dude and caused a controversy come on stop

I just realized there's a toilet you know what this means I never got can you knock oh my god they say we're actually actually actually actually this is for the kiddies we don't say oh I know right so you didn't look at the bottom left and see what you were troubling terrorists have the two new people if you fresh seed while your trade are detective you get a menu though John hey where's unique oh hi any excuses Justin replacing Nick in his own video yes I can't believe Justin's replacing me dude by the way guys channel announcement uh I'm retiring forever justin is inheriting my youtube channel soon he's going to be making videos on

actually I'm glad I'm glad you decided to buy the Minecraft bottle back for Mikey you're stuck in the closet wait was someone there does someone know we're in here

trying that one alive me and Ashley closed what can it only close from the

what are you doing buddy this is a house of horrors just give me a second I don't want two people inside the closet did you put it inside the closet no there was a gap and actually these are some very suspicious oh yeah you're right special treatment oh no don't touch these no don't touch the moans don't know

and I didn't and look at the time and then the time that happened but if I want to kill you we'll just killed what are you doing I'm doing a roleplay with Davis right okay please come on come on Wait Wait Wait John I got it I got it there's a dumpster out back yeah let's go do it yeah you finally get it finally putting me butterflies my father now you're watching content dumpster watching TV you guys me John hop onto me nice the dumpster nudes the trader we're just allowing this to happen

like a grenade falls into a trash can your city that's the second time where I got killed through a wall by an explosion I don't know how this keeps happening I had the whole thing planned out I was like I was like oh yeah actually Johnny gonna go into the dempster goodnight hey who the hell are you and what are you doing in my recording it's upstairs there's a bar area dude it's so cool we're in one area this is really bad yeah I'm getting out I feel perfectly safer on my friends actually there's a mirror right here the corridor yeah I feel pretty good don't I living okay that sounds nice I'll see you what do you think the people in the mirror are thinking of well me I don't like that yeah I don't like the way he's acting this is hello don't interrupt a man and his settings changing only looking at the entire time excuse me what are you doing not playing gmod for four years straight what are you implying Davis you know it's so funny I messaged Davis this morning he said okay nothing could ever ruin this moment nothing John look at me okay excuse me Ashley did you just do that do what whoa did you do that ut no I I did oh yeah

so ridiculous when you're the trader you need like alright you knees always the one who's just like oh what happens like that does he love you though come on yeah you'll be loves breaking windows that's right only a lot more Ringo's windows pulling the trigger hey actually pretty much pocket rival hey Davis Nick what go in the closet you can have this no oh you want me to go sure yeah I love it in here I'm taking care of business why did you shoot me I wonder oh okay outside if you guys the huge arrow sign looks great actually stirred shoot

because I know I've turned oh yeah no you don't trust to be my just have it know you have the tape with that information as you must babies feeling good side I would rather shoot you so I want one you should trust I thought you actually knows honesty I have an announcement okay come to the living room I have something to show you okay by the grace of our benefactors I have Herbert hmm right that's going to expose what who killed me why would you do that close the door so

look look you're a liability


dude she's not bad she gave me a turtle and you have to take it away from me you're bad you're bad no no the only good person why you don't jump to conclusions you knee about the mind game you're a liability is 490 a really wait shoot me a little bit oh no nothing it's your hair all yeah yeah but I went down like to hell all right wait wait shoot me shoot me all right looks like Ashley's carpet just went out again no I just played hold on hold on I think we need I think we need a help station on account of how harmful Ashley excuse me can we not can you don't you guys do this I'll go fix the problem yeah I think I need to take care of it with John about this I've just realized is that the whole time any one of us could have gotten banned every single TTT recording but we just never made it that far up until I need your steam ID wha Wow this just went so far

these minutes I think we can end in 18 minutes okay that's it guys that's that's TTT we're done we can't play anymore without Ashley like comment subscribe and be sure to tell us if you know don't worry I'll find it but be sure to tell us if you want more of these kinds of recordings with all these people it was crazy we got just that we got David saying of course we've got it's us with John at uni and Ashley like comment subscribe everybody I'll see you later [Music]


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