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so bad let me say oh I've got ringless around my chin terrific you look like an earthworm sit down bog oh I need to sit down bud hmm you should know healthy oh I know what you said right so hip Accord it's recording oh hi dad I hope you doing well hello oh yeah we're going to do something that is requested so much apart from we are going to our phone asking out sounds it men are reacting to our funny moment ah ah Oh a Q&A so I thought it'd be really funny for us to do like a friend Q&A yeah so we're just going to get straight into it this comes from other grace and this is quite a deep one already oh go straight in the deep end straight in the date what made you feel like you could trust each other was it immediate or did it take a while I think we are this the other day did we but on the way back from bar I think I said it was quite immediate that I felt like I could trust you as my secret yes I remember me then that me too and I actually remembered do you member having a conversation it was like the third time you'd come around and we were having a deep chat and you were like how do you know you can trust me yeah do you remember you met me you're like naughty little weird that I like that you shouldn't be trusted but in like a how do you know to trust me when you've only we've only met up like three times like how are you like so open with me you don't know like if I'm going to like run up and tell me when I was like I just know hmm no I mean it was like you know yeah like a seventh sense yeah I didn't know anything I ever say to you won't go anywhere keeps them yeah and they're vice versa yeah um certain things obviously I tell you that I don't tell most people and it was just like natural yeah I felt it was like after like even the first time he came around here I was like mmm how'd you do I've never had a sort but I'm like oh maybe I shouldn't kind of Bobby always can also yeah no I've never ever had that thought oh that's cool obviously I didn't like hit you with all my like deepest darkest here is the first time we came around intense but like I you know the how do you keep such a good friendship despite being of different genders because I think that's like one of the main things like oh you can't be friends with a girl or a boy because you have to there have to be some sort of like fancying or loving connection but I feel like in those instances that's quite young person because I feel like nobody past a certain maturity would ever think that way about gender yeah growing up I always have friend cool boys and there was always that like over if you really your friend I'm like yeah yeah but I think it's kind of like a more modern thing maybe I don't know yeah it's very old-fashioned to be like can't be friends a boy yeah unless you fancy them personally I don't think of gender as like a factor when it comes to Friendship I just think if you've met somebody regardless of their gender regardless of their age even yeah if you get on really well and you have that like bond then it doesn't really matter and I've never seen having a boyfriend any different camera girl as a friend never like I if I was struggling I was probably with a Champlin but I didn't go to anyone else I was like mark I need your help and I was like I had a tampon stuck honestly on how would you ever be able to let me in the eye ever again yeah I'll be a bit coy every not give me cash Lauren Betty was your funniest in inside-joke together I think this is quite a funny one although only have so many inside jokes I think my one always goes back to when we were downstairs God like God blind well what generic but I think it's wrong my Harry doesn't look it fit yeah this is a little harder I always have this thing that I will turn blood hmmm you're very like it's direct I think ok so when I know something I'm quite comfortable with someone and it's not about them like it was I'll never be like rude to somebody but it's someone ask me a question and I know the answer I don't like dilly-dally like I've never noticed that until like six years by your head yeah I think it's like I'm not made for love sometimes it catches me off guard like we need to give them an example when we were shopping for pancakes a poser so what is this dick Porter Antonio's like I was before back to Paul was it weird knowing marks a huge fan before becoming friends or did you click right away mmm so when I think of this week I find really interesting when I watch your video I didn't think oh he's a fan like when I watch a video I didn't think oh he's fan like that cute or that's weird I couldn't be friends as a fan I was just like this guy's funny I really like videos like wasn't ever like I didn't care what you thought of me that makes them hmm I didn't really yeah because I was a little bit like because when you're I got invited to a book launch I was just like one Hadj am i doing invited like is it like a is it also like meet and greet like that other bits look a bit like other people there's i watch your videos but then when I realized it was just me I was like oh okay this is cool yeah I think it didn't see you at the farm I mean I just look like oh that's mostly like products seen many video about it but I didn't see that as like a reflection of you I just I was like oh he seems like such a fun guy like he's like he you reminded me of me but it didn't bother me like whether you are following me or not yeah and I still don't I never think of you as that I'm sorry I think I've choked me trying I'm your biggest are you saying I think I'm your biggest fun but like in a friendship way like yeah I think we support each other like the best way possible yeah sorry I said let my tummy sweating so right mm-hmm what's the one thing you change about the other person so hard honestly nothing I'll tell you for why when we went to bar I was like misery young so well we've never had a disagreement we've never had an argument we've never like she's never said anything I was just like ever find anything yeah like little twin saito I don't agree with that but I thought if it was going to happen it would have happened in bar like when we're away like if there's going to be like disagreement or something like anything it would have happened there because obviously we were living in the same College we're spending so much time together for like four days it's going to happen in but nothing happens I just can't imagine ever happening no I honestly wouldn't change anything I wouldn't change anything about you in your bluntness but I'd love as well but I think you wanna most laid-back person I've ever met in my life really yeah which makes me think that I feel like maybe that's how that's why we can never really look the mark is the least angry person like unless you upset his friends or family yeah the same views well enough yeah and I like I don't always don't have any anger in me oh I don't think we have we're not angry people I necessarily get on both a very open with each other yeah but if I'm in a bad mood you'll be like what's up and I tell you think it was on the way to the water sports day where you went really quiet and I knew straight away that there is like something wrong and then when we came home that night I was just like oh did you feel a little bit anxious on the way there and you were like yeah and I was I come around the exact point we're in the car when I and also at the time I was thinking I've never really been anxious in front of mark I don't know if he's going to know yeah you did and I was just like what do you want me to do like if you're if you go quiet join me to just leave you or make sure like you're okay and then you told me not fine yeah you know I mean yeah and I can always tell when you're like down like we've made you watch your monster cause quite honestly bathroom I've never felt so bad in my entire life much never going to speak to me ever again I think because I wasn't prepared like I don't know I was like oh my god I should have prepared him why didn't I repair it even when I came out almost like you like the most serious I've ever seen shortly which is plenty all right and I was like yeah I think Shaun we're not again it broke market about me but you I need to give you space so I was like you want space you're like walking ahead and blessing my bubbles that come yeah like not usually this guy yeah usually I'd be like bouncing off the walls but I think it just hit me that feel and I think that's that that's the only time was probably been like sad and then we came back for watch the Miss another school it well I made it my mission I was like you can't leave my house until you're like happy again yeah I would maybe I would say that you far yeah sometimes I do wish mark would farm wasn't far cool so I was actually one of the questions I'm ruining the question but you don't bother no I don't find uber either maybe I want you to change it well please no because it even though sometimes I might make I felt yesterday yes you're the same for some puzzler who is the bigger devalue - oh my god I think because um but I'm going for anything because you're so laid back I think ya be me but it's not devious behavior like I always say to you you know what you want you know what you don't want yeah so it that's not a bad thing like you're up to anything yeah all the time and I'm sometimes a bit more unsure of things so I'll be a bit like oh I don't know but you're getting so much better like ridiculously better are you though yeah I like right most of the time you're like yesterday time right all right what's one thing you admire about the other person a lot of things and I made me admire obviously you've got your you've got your amazing like brown and everything and you're just like the most normal person I've ever met and I still like the way you've been able to keep grounded and funny and you can still hate jokes I feel like I can be so open and honest and tell you anything never without a judgement but it comes with a stigma around like like uber successful people and they're not going to be like nice people and I'm not saying that all successful people are awful but when you're that successful and the way you are you're so normal and is so like loving in general is that I think that's why I the most be on sewing I admire the most about you is your open mind inner your so like caring this clutch few things I'm think mark is the most caring person I've ever met in my life and you're very compassionate like you you want people to feel how you feel very empathetic hmm if someone suggests something you're like that sounds amazing or like again you haven't liked honesty you just those past elements anything I mean anything or anyone just like so caring compassionate and like non-judgmental and like you have a reopen heart oh you're really new

visibly but that was swing nearly Anderson off what is the most embarrassing thing you have done together haha the things that I've done so many awkward things in front of you just like I said something wrong or like when we're out in public I drop things you're quite bundling it never goes on though especially I feel like every tiny little thing I do you'd always notice a black book that's all that is that I think obvious is I do Lila you're very young because I find them so endearing like I love things like that yeah yeah what's the opposite of oblivious I'm so Indian yeah vegan I thought he was reaching for there to give me a handshake he was actually reaching to pick up the plate oh thank you I know where my dad I'm sorry are you gonna say my hardest I mean it was over he went off in your hand if you want it's not paying attention but here advice don't leave me hanging and he gave me a really awkward handle oh just let all Ferrari Oh is there anything you want to know about the other person but you've been too scared to our know I can't do anything um when we first the gave the guns right along then I feel like it's okay to read yeah it's always okay I think when we first became friends when we first became the bread hahahaha I felt nothing like there's nothing I don't know about you except the size you dick baby today you always seemed to surprise me with what you say because sometimes you'll be so serious and then sometimes you'll be so honest and like say sorry that'll annoy everything's about you outside like the other day when I was just like do you realize you're actually really funny and you were like oh yeah and then yeah remember all your five becoming friends do is sit downstairs for like hours are talking mm-hmm and then we can you it cry crying snot everywhere when like we became friends I was just thought I can trust her like with anything yeah but I remember what you thought I was going to be like better really yeah because as I said that goes back to the other question you never know how people are my like deep down like what they're like in their home I know already think about it from your point of view like that must have been like quite like not scary but like it could have been quite intimidating yeah that coming to my book because I didn't just meet you I met everyone like everyone I bought me and everyone like I feel like I've gotten so she another too much I don't know like like you said earlier it's so easy to just kind of stereotype people based on like their success or like oh they must have a massive ego because they live in a nice house and she earns money and like it is a thing like that is a thing I've experienced like the judgment that get passed on you when they don't really know you and they haven't seen the time to know you but based on like some stats and figures yeah I think it's easier for you to say to someone there and also because they're successful yeah it's just easier to say that and I can swear to you never were you like oh my god what if she's like this like I I did I honestly because I got a cab I didn't think about it until I got stuck in traffic because it went all through my head I was just like on a machinist on yourself if I was gonna be there I'm sure he's gonna be there so like and then when they um when I went in yup got some stairs I saw I commonly from do this when a although you at all so brave like because I would never have done that you're like the first thing you said to me was like you come in you rose but yeah yeah but no like exceeded expectations as a person and yeah and here we are today here we are how many years have been oh yeah forever oh yeah yet this is all I like here and ha ha was there a time when you voted the same thing at the same time all the time I think it is the other day at your dad we're like Joe was saying something and we were both talking into our case and I know and in the same tone as well we were like can you imagine and I look at yeah how do you imagine babies but like me and Mark just have the same brain yeah like week I would think I laughed out loud so that's being like five minutes and silence because believe it or not we are like this constantly there's been five minutes inside of the car we're all just kind of in our own head I chuckled and I said what I'd made us laugh earlier on I might be like I kid you not that if I would just be no but it's weird I think the more time we spend together we just like in sync we are becoming the same it's pretty scary I like this one if you could be any celebrity BFF pair who would you be what you mean like a celebrity like like BFF who would we be mean ooh yeah having a BFF friend Alencon Adele that would be so good their secret friend oh yeah they're like really close I remember when she was on anti team and I'm like they go around and have curries with each other ah the simple life with parasu and yes oh my god little Mary freaking no but I think we're kind of like yeah oh my god why don't even think of our parish in the car we had our Vince is so funny we should do something like that go to like like a farm or something oh my god call it off yeah we were wouldn't we if it Evi maintaining a friendship under the constant stress of YouTube and all the gossiping rumors now I think I've been at the bond of that for quite a while you can answer this one um honestly because I know the truth you know the truth Alfie knows the truth we all get on so well off camera it's never it's never been a point where I knew it would jeopardize our friendship if the rumors are like because people are brutal sometimes and that's something I've had to learn look at your whole video I the only thing I found hard was thinking I hope you still want to be my friend yeah because because it is like I touch them is a little bit of my Q&A having a relationship online having friendship online you can talk a lot about the relationship online and you can keep things to yourself and keeping private and whenever you have an intense friendship or intense relationship or even you've just made a friend it's like of going under a microscope yeah and I was like I wonder if Marc is prepared for that but then on the same on the other hand I didn't really think about it because I didn't I want to be your friend I wasn't trying to be like your YouTube friend or like a business partner or I wasn't thinking oh this will be a great cloud like I was just like I want to be your friend so like off camera no camera filming even we didn't do this as a job or where we just friends and then when people start saying things like at this point I am so used to seeing and reading everything I haven't really crossed my mind you might not be the same so then I was like had a little note with myself and I was like oh my god I don't know how mark would hands like it's gonna handle this like maybe if you don't want to be my friend maybe he'll think I'll think like that maybe it can completely ruin it which it has done before for me so I got really paranoid sounds like oh my god I hope he doesn't like run for the hills because he's like SB and friends of her when it comes up nervous but ultimately I just I don't know it's never affected us in the slightest no because as I said it goes back to being so open we can just laugh about it oh yeah I think the majority is a time now at first I was fun I was on anything wrong why do you waiting on me but now it's just like it's gone too far for us to care like there's nothing that could be said done can we make sure the diet diet describe each other's personalities and only three words whoo okay sagar says okay I'll dip the bowl hilarious oh I kind of want to I kind of wanna combine the two then a ruse because you are honestly the most generous person I've ever met we also really nothing leather and leather us never unpredictable and hilarious okay you are compassionate funny and open how do I mean by that is like my open heart open mind open bottle opener ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you need to tell me what compassion Libyan compassion is the response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help Oh so you care about others you care a lot about other people call back if I could a deeper word than care so thanks so much for being my son was a child in me that's the only time I feel like proper like as a know like thanks for being on my channel did it's really like to camera kind of like a pizza camera yeah so make sure to check out the video we did on Zoey tunnel what did we do well about to make some comic relief Easter inspired cupcake two things I love the most the two things you love the most mini eggs and chocolates ready thing is super efficient of my shadow make sure to give this video a thumbs up and we shall see you very soon ah then you needed clothes anymore attending at my intro anymore free Maru we do it we man up don't start wrong with your luggage you know I think you think everything so literal I think that's the thing I think we've just walked out everyone

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