I'M NOT PROUD OF MYSELF FOR WHAT I HAVE CAUSED. | The Walking Dead: Season 2 | #8

by: iBerleezy

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what good job hahaha alright alright I think I need my beach bag I think that's honestly what it is I need my beach bag what company is this

Sennheiser HD 280 probe 64 Omega I'm cool on it what's good job welcome back to the Walking Dead Season 2 now I know the last two videos I did on this livestream and somebody actually believe it or not somebody donate it in the chat to spoil the game for me real quick yo real quick you know I don't know how many ago I've heard about this app some of your favorite youtubers might be on and already it's called discord it's called discord uh basically it's like a big chat room where you can talk with me and anything believes he related I'm gonna have a server a server is basically just a chat room a chat room for each of the games that we play and depending on what you're into just going to the server and chat chat talk about stuff that happened you can even give me a game suggesting that I want to play go ahead and check the link in the description down below download discord get into my server and let's chat money I'll have to call you my niggas y'all our dough I love you alright let's get to this gameplay so you already know that we're on episode 4 yeah mid the ruins let's just let's get right into this so the reason I bring this up is because people was really spoiling and Walking Dead for me and I know that some of y'all want to talk about the game but the chat be full of like my body parts so download this course to be labor yeah Kenny what if something's wrong nothing's wrong babies know how to be born Clementine where'd you find the building around back has an observation deck well we just somewhere the baby will be safer it's coming so much faster than I thought it's high up so it should be safe and walkers sounds good as soon as Mike and Bonnie you're back we'll go Club

glad you made it back safe how are you feeling Wow here it's hurt we should happen with here I'm so sorry oh gosh Alvin would be really proud of you right now there you go figure out you got a bigger up I hope you right I know it's a waste of time I can't stop thinking about things I should have said to him things I should have talked to him about if he couldn't tell by the way uh how am I ever going to do this without him we'll all help you keep the baby safe there you go you're a good kid Clementine I'm glad you'll be better watch out for this Wow oh shit I got this Kenny is the reate seen Mike Rabbani in a while your honor go let not dog Ian I don't trust him but I'd appreciate it if you went and checked up on him yeah go ahead I'll be fine you said Mike and Bonnie are by themselves so Mike the black guy in Bonnie the white girl what do you think is going on she said I want to be black haha Oh Oh I'm letting y'all know too much about me follow Mike and Bonnie are they in the tent with it Mike says Walker he said go Walker I'm gonna I don't know all right look how I remember I'm told remember how to do this and so the last time I play to do is live and y'all was cracking me up okay but let's focus now so Jane just robbed that little Russian kid for his medical supplies Mike and Bonnie with somewhere else to find some location for Rebekah to have a child we already found the location so we're going to go see what they're doing if they're in here canoodling I'm done it okay thanks mom I thought you was Jane she didn't take off did she take off why don't we should take off that's just a feeling we found a place for Rebekah to have the baby an observation deck with a gift shop it's way up high and produce a from the wind Bonnie have been there agree not to shove somebody give me like ten more minutes to start to run he doesn't want to go back empty-handed I I just want to help you to search for the rest of your ear my brother you and I on the woods while we're in here I don't want nothing sneaking up on us i watch this side you watch the other that's crazy how nobody veneers huh looking for a keychain with your name on it no why would I want a keychain I don't even have any keys good point get away from me Bonnie you now know how to talk to me shut up nobody pressed Mike about his veneer from all King set these don't work anymore yeah just a she'll be handy though also really loud good point no there's some more on Johnny D some food it's a brain food oh no losing it what is that you think maybe shut up Mike Hey look at this an old coat need to put that on good Franklin you should hang on to that and again a lot colder before it starts getting warmer I want to use it maybe I could give it to Rebecca that's a good idea I'm sure she'll really appreciate it I guess you've already got that old Kota gave you I feel so bad about everything that happened hopefully you want on there you go not that I blame you if you did I haven't always used the best judgment well you finally opened your eyes about Carver and what a bad person he was that's something yeah I need your jacket oh my gosh they're not gonna let it great but isn't gray the you know what we can't put Rebecca in a confederate coat Oh oh wow well guess it's better than nothing oh damn they really playing up the race issues in this like I called a spook in the earlier episode and they talking about Confederate flag on Rebecca Clementine what are you he would have loved this place there sure being some animals yeah watch where you step she said that could lea history teacher y'all remember anything good not so far all right let's give the place a good going-over so one if you downs on my discord or if you download discord and join my server please run by the way oh not so much unless you want some broken glass when I made a service reciprocally for a baby Jeffers Clementine I would love to hear y'all thoughts on that we got in to know Clementine pretty well these past couple months we've had more time with her than baby J Julius I don't like being near graveyard with the world the way it is now until things I know really grade you on all the time yeah true enough nothing more junk in there trust me can we go up in the door press lock okay we've been to everywhere yo come on boom oh now

Clementine this walk is too slow for me go hurry it up don't too much doing too little actually go into Lu

Mike you got something to say I'm going back to the home bed where Kenny and M is this distance y'all trippin move the boxes unless you say the same thing oh it's over Oh Oh okay I'm done with that for right now that's always for walkers that's only for walkers over here well we found some water that's still spring water this distill is all water bottled and clean just what we need I told you polarize you want to kick it down and make an awful lot of noise yeah maybe you know if somebody was small enough they could maybe squeeze through that gasps oh my gosh stop talking around the line open some more but I don't know if that'll help much I don't want to go maybe that's not funny I don't see why I'm the one that has to crawl into danger every time just great on your smallest no you're right let's try something else maybe I can just reach through to the lock try it about to get bit for you Oh oh my god I know well that happened you okay why it's just about I'm gonna be oh she's got a face slammed into the wall for that crash that would have been a stupid sorry sorry you got wound up not sure my face was my best feature I bet it would you come on isn't that true let me see you huh no I she got bit I didn't get bit just old scars let me see them then at least now we got something to bring back I'll keep checking oh we saw she didn't get bit look at this water bro that's exactly what I'm what I was talking about why didn't keep having me come on when lifted a few muscles up she did not miss - it's too strong for her hey I mean it's too heavy for her okay my why you run up like that and that looks pretty heavy that's alright I know it looks like a lot we could all go through this pretty quick Carlo was crazy at least his shelves are always full we'll make a plan everyone will have enough also that baby's gonna be hard on the other one especially Rebecca and between you and me she's not looking too good Hey come on stay close that's the last time I crawl in anywhere for y'all you just walked on in like it own the place hey Jared make a nice meal we can eat raccoon I need this shit on that right boss oh not like I mean just that I'd be really happy to eat that raccoon I'm starving fresh meat would go a long way with Rebecca don't let it get away this will be doing we know it's over here over here

look at him Oh oh shit shoot dang it this man about to put a bullet inside a raccoon and then eat it not with the walkers out there oh damn that's more food ja let's be real we got the option that I'm even funnier than I wants the floor it would have been all how I get to a place where I'm sad I'm not eating right now huh well at least it was kind of fun yeah huh I'd like it wanted come on let's just get this back to her back in the others we don't have much time to win why are you quiet like that okay this is about the low you're telling me your arms ain't tired no I could do this all day oh shit shit Oh got it read luck I told you okay okay okay damn your big mouth wails oh God a little words out here Kenny was I giving you the business Walker I figure that's also at anyone's phantom Oh roof Kenny we've got to do something watch it be my decision baby Kenny we can't stay here Clementine where's the play see when Jane found I'll show you foolish someone help me out oh god someone more it's okay help Kenny

Oh oh yeah sure I mean that but Coakley sure there he was beaten a dog mess up that dude Kenny come on man let's go and he's got about 30 more okay there you go that's what I like about Kenny like he'd be losing his mind in like moment but then he'd snap out of it real quick like when he wanted to say Ben he got out of there so quick when he realized it was over was that Elvis damned okay

then we should have got that water to hot glue

it was either Kenny of the water I'm not asking that his up so for a long time I almost forgot was Clementine cheeky Jesus Clem it's not what's going on well I mean in here let's get you comfortable what's the fuck are you two doing up here Jenny what's going on we got God knows how many walkers out there which you were supposed to be keeping an eye out Hey hold on did you they have hearing on you great need a little peace themselves I'm reckless you know you got set up nerve 10 roof shut up I didn't I'm Rebecca right over here um okay here you go just down for some food I need your help with the pain what are you gonna be like I need water come on wait wait is that okay for a pregnant lady give me the fucking pill oh gosh okay they're coming up the stairs here we should you wanna come get out there and keep the walkers office I'll do this and you before they can trust us on the stairs seal them before they get to it oh shit that's a lot we have everyone out here I hope I'll help I've got Rebecca here they come okay give me a gun we can't let them up here good luck watch out Lu I'm out of time but they're gonna start bustin

Rebecca so much is going on right now any ever sit keep shooting they are not getting up oh yes they are just a flap is good help us uh uh yeah yeah what's that come come on buddy smash Nick I just got off the ceramide water if you run it into my ears okay they don't eat pretty yep ah all right fuck it going on out there that's perfect no it's not get back get back somebody grab Jane fuck fuck hurry I can't hold on boy there you go about to smash that for you get yo ass up here really easy get up course they're climbing up what we're going to make it Airy here fuck shit never end I'm destroy today ok she's right she's right drop the whole death trap duh are you fucking crazy how are we gonna do that right here what around don't let me tell you the smartest one but that but that's before cable thank you - oh wow - 6 ok let's set this okay that'll work we bust that the whole thing comes down yup close me up my wives let me time to get my love device you depend on moving I got it oh my god as I can Oh need it here it is watch it that box that was on set fuck y'all get off me let's get it let's get it let's get it find somewhere else to eat Elvis what you mean Oh No what you mean Oh No is that it stillborn and this mixed oh that's Carver's baby Oh

stay quiet oh it's alive its alive but that's for show alive okay okay but there's still Carver's baby all but I mean this isn't this is a happy moment though Wow unless it just came out light-skinned huh they put a lot into that one theme a birth a sex scene with Luke and Jane walkers and Clementine handling at all she's looking at their baby like hey how's he doing how's a boy he's perfect wrong who's the most perfect little man homeboy you want that's right you what are we gonna do now we can't stay here can we I've gotta rest it's getting colder Clementine I can't think about that right now we'll think of something just not defective I'm fine I'm fine I just wish I could get wrong our backs alone why don't you give her that Co we found sorry gonna be like not the color you really think I care about that you know want to hold him who did I want to hold her boy family here oh wow I was not messing with her at all when the season started I was trying to get her killed comfort the baby one of the options was okay I'm done holding you like a big sheet yeah let me take him it you both should rest especially you when's the last time you slept Kenny all right two years ago I'm humming well somebody's got to watch you while mama gets your beauty sleep this man Kenny a real family matter get pants now get off my baby face with your big nose that's what Rebecca was thinking Jane we got to talk we got to talk you over again pipe in the middle of an apocalypse we know what you're going then if you die we know exactly where you're going if you choose dick over survival she got asked though okay look oh shit what are you doing glisten I'm sorry I've got to go what go go we're just away okay you know Jamie Sarah I'm not gonna stick around and watch it happen to you - Oh Europe your cowardice Tory there's smart kid but I thought you believed in me I do but give it enough time and everyone's luck runs out damn you savage with it listen when the shit hits the fan cuz it always does remember that you can make it on your own it's not an option for everyone if things start heading south don't let them drag you down with them you don't owe them anything yeah I do like it's all one happy family when push comes to shove you'll say can can I go with you no you can't that's not how this works I didn't even want to go with her I just wanted to hear what you say I can care less about Jane or any of these people take care of yourself I mean that except kandi here

take you don't refuse a weapon Thanks yeah I am I gotta go our James peace out man thank you for your help thank you for you advice Luke says thank you for the for the cool it was the good bus

you can tell Luke tours has the macabre okay you can tell that speaking of the devil himself hey oh you'd be asleep by now you okay oh it's nothing actually beyond this no you're not no I guess we all got stuff on our minds you first temperatures dropping in low on food true I think we got to stay put for a while you know for Rebecca and the baby okay I'm thinking as soon as it gets light Jane and I should go explore see if we can find someplace to scavenge oh my gosh just do it in lovely big moron what change is left for good what what just now are you serious she didn't say anything about leaving to me let's fuck damn it hahaha Luke shut up keep it down right James go really Luke all the childish bullshit give it give it anything I can eat lay off no this baby's life so you two can roll around like fucking teenagers a made-up state Kenny's just trying to protect the group well coming down on me look I'm sorry okay ah fucked up but you know what Jane she made an offer and Jesus Christ I needed it okay I mean look around you okay everything is shit so forgive me for one days or one moment it's under them mine with this baby jeez what man got it so get your shit together with my baby is everything all right everything is fine we're gonna need a good place to raise him which ain't here we got a push-off we head north get to Wellington that's our best shot there's a town across the river water in my ear or at least it might be you could stop them away Kenny I'm sorry can you think that's his baby clams got a point that could be a whole town full of supplies and not that far from here a lot better than here anyway looks like that's our best bet we need to get on the road as soon as possible we leave at first Lalo whoa what are you talking about Rebecca needs rest a few days at the least we've got that baby formula and we'll help the rest of us now what about shelter we'll freeze out here Kenny's right it'll ease your leave in the morning Rebecca is not in any condition to travel I'll be fine if there's a chance there's food we have to risk it okay fine if that's what you want but we're just all trying to get some sleep it's been a long day

are you looking at me like that for damn we don't have no blankets in here we're just sitting here freezing anyway okay thanks it's gonna be all right no we got medicine ever pop some orthodoxy I'm listening to Kenny though I don't matter look you're irresponsible Rebecca she's willing to make the travel and Kenny always knows what's best all I think I like about Kenny is when shit hits the fan he need me to do stuff and I don't do it he gets so mad at me haha what's wrong with you doo doo making that push though my god Bonnie was even still here

from all you walk don't even think about it to your brain Oh Oh God you she's exhausted we all

that's somebody else hold the baby though we need a miracle right now what did little get that big a hey oh he took that from Harvard we should have stayed put we should have stayed put until she was in better shape she was little Gator bags a clue we got to find food get her someplace warm this looked like someplace warm to you we can still turn back that's not an option everybody hang in there we got to keep moving if we're gonna make it to that town before nightfall you don't even listen to anyone else you just go on barking orders you got it lighten up okay you're pushing them too hard shut up how cool little thing by arguing don't forget you agreed with me last night that we should get moving as quick as possible I'm trying to help you out that's exactly what I'm talking about I'm trying to stretch all love so we can focus on walking and then can you press me this back huh let me take him baby oh okay you rest for a minute I'll wash back off Kenny she said she doesn't want you to take the baby don't be weird about okay I ain't seeing weirdest man yeah you kind of have been and not just right now Kenny knows what he's doing he's been a dad before that's not the part I was concerned about well somebody make that baby in a placement arvo are huh Jane and I met him on the observation deck before everyone else came that's the guy you know this son of a bitch what you want he doesn't look like much getting to talk hello wait we don't trust him also he might be mad at everybody keep your eyes open this to our robot to start busing in a second holes oh hello you're Clementine what's going on here friend you got people with you where are they you're not out here on your own are you

these are my friends with the hidden 40 but you will all your Kimpton as I need that Danny because she's your bunny pistachio routine Oh guys a beer I'm sure so a needle me his dad to purchase result could I at night go police near balloon we don't want any trouble I told them you are the ones good ugly Oh think it's funny that you're just a little girl robbed and they want you and your friends to move down the gun you can take your things whoa whoa hang on what the hell why get excited Clementine you thought this guy well I took were the pills Jane took your other stuff not uh you don't have to get even with us gee where'd the other one I don't know what no no Chi Chi devayne who Anna she's back at the law with you did I do not see a woman who was with you she's close by don't worry he took it out I know it and you purchase it yes nice Philippe Hey Oh our phone cuz you Shivaji Apple stealing a roofie all of you just put your guns down this will be fine find my ass Lucy Arvin what your morning is your day your successor Isis you near if you put your guns down we will to a roofie picture Oh are we feel like that marvelling feel like that you big pussy she Jane I don't know I get excited I will not let you touch that baby have a baby with you when you clean this committee buildin look at this deal with this tattoo Godhead hearts go horse who lives in a black bird even tree which is Lisa muga free quantity drop that now or I'm gonna fucking shoot it I'll do it bill drop it drop it don't fucking don't move I said don't move we'll just wear to any I don't need you said sir everybody glaze for your Hiroshi who doesn't have to go down before clear cause I'm acutely if it gives you until yesterday did you get you today I will don't make me do it Oh No

she was gonna turn though she was gonna turn those she's going to eat that babe you know I had to protect a babe you know how to protect a baby though

right before y'all start thumbs down the video let's just talk about my decision and why they were bad right I really didn't have to steal that medicine from what's-his-name arvo but at the time Kenny's I was messed up it still is and Rebecca was going through labor that was that was probably the decision that that cost us some lives and I don't even know whose lives it costed they didn't even do the on the next episode type thing that can't be the whole season this is the last chapter y'all oh my gosh I had to shoot her though she would have bitten straight into that baby face I got to live with the decisions I made it somebody if somebody end up dead right now

previously on The Walking Dead killing one and where to save many is part of survival I only need a med accomplish out your misery right then I loved every part of it when I'm looking kick now it's just this is broken don't compete and get reckless here thank you start heading south and that's good advice over right now QT I'll do it the deal topic

everybody be cool

I knew he was going to be the one to bust first he was the loudest oh who died this is this make my stomach turn this is worse than until dawn this is honestly I get it the shades of death - the choices I make stairs yeah this worse than until dawn I feel worse right now than a night until dawn oh my gosh this suspense is honestly it's too much it's just too much come on

now that N&R come on

Oh get there get there

eg a good about the diaper that baby we will get to it in a minute we don't get to it in a minute I've been the hero enough I've been the hero enough letting which way through you good no you good you're gonna start buses the board I know you are put a bullet in that kid's hand yeah so please stay quiet let Kenny doing now like I need to him leave him alone Kenny again our old water still alive get out here right fucking now oh yeah if you knew if he shoots it I had me put a bullet in his boy head get out here turn around Kenny those of us looking to keep these a good turn around any of it oh no no she's coming my way you come in my way with it or what alright okay children okay you started this you started this oh no no no no no who did it Jane is that Jane is that J let's get it here I got him Jesus Christ that was a it was intense I thought yeah I thought that was it yeah it was for these assholes are you are you okay I think so what was the arms man never killed someone that didn't wronged me in some way that didn't deserve it tried to pretend he was a walker but it's different he deserved it he was trying to kill us yeah that's why I did it but felt wrong as you robbed his eyes and his men his family and sister a girl was sick anyway she Puli put her out of her misery these are all losers in their dirty scum come on okay

we lost Rebecca in that we did lose your back in that still got that we got everybody in the baby stew Luke get out your feelings naked this isn't your this isn't on the goose happy to take the bachelor turned just like that I'm spotted at first did what she had to thank you the time thank you your fault okay she just just lost too much blood it ain't nobody's fault you saved the boy's life you know we could have done better by her she was just too far gone she was halvah now yeah yeah she's don't worry Becca we'll take care of your boy

what's wrong any new piece of shit oh hey you still a lawyer God come on it's over man he ain't a threat to her how can you say that of course he is get out of the way whoa what are you doing I'm doing the same thing this asshole tried to do to us Kenny cuz his sister is dead he's lost enough already you don't have to do this listen to me this house food please please I could thank you bullshit no no it's true we have place not for food see he wants to help I don't be stupid he's just trying to save his skin why the hell would you help us huh hey I know what to see what people did then close your eyes and I'll make it quick whoa if he's telling the truth it could save all of us we need the food none of this will matter if we all starve to death she's right Kenny we're running low on supplies as it is it's worth the risk to check this place out trust him don't trust him it doesn't matter we should go anyway we just need to be careful it can't be far from here you stay out of this you're the reason these fuckers came after us in the first place don't try and pin this on me lay off Kenny she just helped us I was there with her it's my fault too think about the baby Kenny come on five we need him we're gonna live longer without more food that's not anybody big chance that's how someone's got a better plan the baby was so happy we got something - tada shit bird up yeah I got something follow me I think you just give me a reason yeah man he gets it

this season fire this is a fire toe toe toe and Skybound they did they think again I don't know if you're watching this any Skybound are telltale producers or engineers or executives but look I know I'm playing this from the beginning to end right now and y'all just released season 4 trailer I know you're going to watch among gameplay will be pissed about me leaving when I heard the gunshots I I knew it was a mistake here but it helps the thing I'd normally do is walk away for good I didn't despite what my instincts are telling me despite everything I've seen everything I've been through we needed you but you left how do I know it won't happen again believe it or not I want to try and make this work all I can do is promise you I won't abandon you again which to be fair I've never done before even though I probably should have a few times now y'all got to point the gun at him the whole time you forget what we just went through you ain't going anywhere Kenny no need to get your arm out soon I'm worried about Kenny his he's in a dark place we got to keep an eye on him everything he's been through big loft doorman bar you making it work he don't have to constantly be criticizing him I'm not I'm pointing it out as a precaution he's still listening to it though or the only one that I trust that he'll really drop that means you're the one that's gonna have to pull him back he's counting on you if we're really going to make this work we're all counting on you I won't do my best no promises I might be working I'm gonna be worse than Kenny at times come on slowpoke can you make the decisions that we don't want to at the end of the day I even him deciding to grab our bow and use them as a human shield that's established shit that nobody else would have done they would have been like oh well I mean he's as a child or uh well I mean is this is dead this is a safe let's get more weapons Kenny was like nah your day who is yo Kenny that Ken you got the same went out here that ball tattoo kid wait up wait we need to stop no no I'm fine hey I just need a second sorry I just put more weight on it than a shooter all right wait there shoot first ask questions later I say when I tell you something you fucking listen you understand Kenny come on there's no need for that he's getting what he deserves right he ain't listening he's still walking some stupid ball for I sit and then I'm saying I'm going to you I say stop you best stop he deserves it he's really treated like he would be that's oh my gosh after what he did what happened back there was his fault he lost all his people in one fell swoop ain't much we could do to him they'd be worse than that Kenny please ease up on him just fucking stay put thank you that's all you say is stay put idiot I'm gonna have a word with Kenny he doesn't have to treat him that way kids been through enough you all right here yeah yes go on and talk to him I got klamath uh need anything okay here just take the baby okay all y'all was running around blessing that everybody and then y'all want to be like oh no this all good calm down yeah with you guys what do you mean every man I've known always trying to let each other know how tough they are put them in their place punchin the government alpha males it's about survival in the same way I don't look at me I hate that guy how was ID ain't true you gettin your fair share pissing matches to do us they're not all like that there are good men too my friend Lee he was a good man well I wish I'd I don't mean a me too I wish she was here now Barney how are you talking about types of men in you with this until tomorrow our sense into him looks like Jane broke it up keep pressure on it okay I'm gonna go fetch some bandages Carver could have been the worst man in this entire today lottery day and you're sleepin widow I'm sorry for what being a chauvinistic Pig I'll be right back what did he do what are you apologizing for

don't worry you're going to be okay

we got the whole squad and we finally get to some food but also have just let it in occasionally

try not to think about it Sydney's no lean up against the truth bulletin mama lie they vacuumed when so many of my friends aren't dead no good reason and I couldn't do anything stuff every one we set out with just gone Pete Alvin and Becca Carlos Sarah yeah that's a lot of names you don't make any sense they didn't die in vain I wish I could believe I could have done more and that ain't up for debate I know what my bones I gotta live with all right mr. vork that's perfect what a mess hmm nothing much you know I mean mostly I'm feeling bad if what happened what really but it's not your fault bad things happen and you can't control it all the time she's right you don't go blaming yourself a bit all right can we drop it he needs some reassurance I'm in the back of his mind in the pegs with my he appreciate I put him out like that just now a lot oh maybe you don't hey clams go over and see if you can change the bandages on Kimmy's wound I offered but I don't think he was comfortable with me doing it but you know him better than I do maybe he'll let you do it okay Thatta girl that's gonna sting but only for a second it's gonna clean it oh I know what it does it's gonna suck it's gotta get done she really stitched herself back up by the same home people she's with now we're just one person it's just Lu there was only one who like you know for stirring that nonsense I was thinking we go with Alvin jr. what do you thinking Rebecca mentioned she'd like to name him Alvin if it was a boy I mean Rebecca was so out of it she hadn't settled on her name I think his parents would have liked that AJ yeah me too Alvin jr. it is you like that I think AJ approves what do you got there because I think I'm alright I mentioned it earlier good Bonnie I'm changing your bandage sounds like I don't have much choice in the matter you don't you shouldn't have to do stuff like this shouldn't have to do a lot of things alright let's get it over with hopefully it don't scare this little guy or you watch them start crying what does it look like let me see it oh gosh okay so how's it look okay okay than in this heels I'm glad Carver's dead we saw to that didn't we hell yeah I love that I love money bond on savagery test tight to me

so come on I'm guessing this is gonna be the shitty part oh this is gonna hurt like hell you coulda lied a little you know whoa Oh fucking hell do it with a slingshot yeah yeah okay somebody else to hold the baby while you do this can you get a big Italian nose oh sorry about the language Junior you gonna be tougher than me when you're grown I'm going to expect you to be more of a gentleman than I am man that's mark he can hear a few bad words I've heard plenty yeah that shouldn't have been the case I should have gave myself up Alvin didn't have to die like that I'm gonna think about that every time I look at him Junior that's another mistake I wish I didn't make you didn't have to try and shoot him but he here raising this I was starting to kill here should be him not me the best thing you can do for Alvin and Rebecca is raise them right make sure he's safe I intend to and we just gave Kenny another reason to live y'all this is heavy

Kenny has bill done thank you sweetie easy up to you Eileen ready Dallas

but Kenny let's head out you keep forgiving that's what I like about Kenny even though he act up he always forgives well he ain't forgiven our boba just not at all he said our bow running

can you looking over let it go gosh hey I'm talking to you right what it it's what what do you mean what the place you're fucking taking us he doesn't speak much English yeah no shit is that it thought you said it was a house arvo that's not what you're taking us to right how much further is the house you were talking about answer her god damn it you still want to walk somewhat hours god dammit I knew this was gonna happen this guy fucked us oh thank you no measurement it's getting dark maybe we should stop for the night this is bullshit lakhs don't tell me to relax he's lying he's been lying this whole time no fucking know that I know we've been walking all day they fired fucking nowhere president isn't helping we're all stressed let's just get a night's rest yeah I'm gonna sleep real fucking easy tonight knowing this asshole is playing us fuck okay sorry about that it's all right buddy it's all right we're saying we should got this place out all right y'all wait here I'll go make sure this ain't some walk Ernest we're locking ourselves in - I'll go with you I'm serious - see if you can calm it down a bit you know although Alvin jr. no that's all you

Shh it's okay it's okay you go stick your tongue out of and carries us there you go that's how you do it you're natural I think he likes you whoo calmed right down for you he's cute yeah he is isn't he most babies are pretty ugly this soon after being born that's true they usually look like weird little aliens here I got him I'm disrespectful y'all talking about this you're talking about it come on over it's safe well technically y'all talking about an orphan y'all talk about an orphan right now our boy looks so broken but I don't care I could care less I was almost broken a few minutes ago because I thought I killed everybody we're ROA yeah this is real peaceful where are bow ass

there you go today's my birthday how would you turn yours I can tell at least well a happy birthday Luke yeah happy birthday so how old are you now I am 27 years old that's pretty old cheers they'll feel a lot older don't even start with that shit haha got out of college five years ago feels like a million years Sammy graduate he was 22 released I don't have to worry about paying off them student loans I hear that I'm sure there's some asshole sitting on that paperwork that way look Alexi study you English major English majored in art history okay you're not getting no job with them that's cool sounds like you majored working in a coffee shop pretty much I would stop it huh you get a minor in agriculture keep the old man happy oh I will check off we're saving it for a special occasion I'll it being your birthday and all so figure this is as good a time as any of courses I mean after you obviously really know how what's a step gonna hurt you are not drinking that is that do guilty taking the first oh wait you got to make a toast I'm not really do yeah I'm on birthday boy it don't have to be fancy I'm all loose means we all got something to drink we can just pass the bottle around afterwards go to the loved ones that we've lost along the way and to the hope that we see them again someday here here here that was real nice yeah I didn't mean for it to rhyme well I got first watch your lyricist I think the fence has got us pretty secure can't be too careful the baby might be cold come on Kenny at least have a drink nah maybe later clam let him go I'm gonna post up over near the hole in the fence there holler you need anything thanks Kenny

why isn't Jane taking a sip either fires real nice plenty of room if you want to get warm maybe in a bit I didn't expect her to come back just when I thought I got her figured out she opens the prizes good thing you saved ours I know I know I just don't know what she's getting at all this I need to have her family glad she's here protection well she helped us back there so that Blitzer is okay your mother I ain't no secret how do you feel about okay haha right you whacked him to rope embrace that I understand she's a pretty girl once get past all the dirt good well I better I better coulis Akio guess I just wanted to forget about all this shit for like 10 minutes I bet you're this Bucky - yeah that's long and I'd love to this point okay fuck yes all right fuck yes come on boy everyone around you gotta fuck yes to these holy horse paws did I said neither that's group yes it is clam we shouldn't be talking about it want to hear about that so looking her smash butt bag like enemies right now I saw all relationships end up haha on everything as maybe she came back for you Yeah right could be I come back ah you know what to say to that I come back for you you know what I mean thank you clean I do the same gives me friends that's why it's desolate located Casa no hey shut up don't be modest the moves are working on all the late works on me I just did it too didn't I sorry it's the drink talking so little cunt man talk as a silver man stop okay that a man so they can take that shit somewhere else look I could catch him bodies like that clam go see if you can get Jane and Kenny over by the fire it's too cold for them to be out there like that oh and here maybe a swathe of vessel changes I didn't know Clem was filling this type of a tourism if it's an option that means that she was thinking it that was one of her thoughts so I chose it speak on it how old is this little girl 12 yes you 12 now actually I'm gonna give something to candy for if he gets that he get the better actually where are we at I must reduce to her

oh man so how far is the house we walked all day so I assume we're pretty close leaving a little quick

all right I feel I feel bad now I do feel bad now personally I'm gonna stop being so mean arvo it's kind of hard matching kenny bravado

come on man you good we need to talk there there little guy hey oh hey clam just needed some air Kenny there's air everywhere

I'm sorry for how I acted back there after Surya was how we all talk about it now I couldn't handle it I'm sorry I mean you did what she could you tried to help and I blamed you for it I'm so so sorry you don't have anything to apologize for I know you didn't mean it Thanks real love I miss my boy I miss him so much and I didn't raise him like I should have made mistakes wasn't there whole lot for a couple years off on a boat somewhere or other thought I enjoyed that time away from him from our family I'd give anything for one or second with him to play catch with duck the touch conscious face anything in the world maybe you'll see them again someday well from here on out I'm going to try and believe that - Wow it's going to be different with him he's going to get raised right I won't make the same mistakes again that's a promise you should get back over by the fire ain't no sense in both of us being over here I can handle watch on my own you should come too I don't know come on it'll be good for everyone come on Kenny yeah okay it is bottle to take the edge off now I got to go do the same thing with uh with Jane I got to make sure I say the right things though so first offer at a bottle you trying to hit somebody's Parsons or whoa they expect you to lure me over there with alcohol yeah I wouldn't expected a bottle to last this long probably been a while for everyone we just want you to feel welcome it's warm over by the fire what is it Parsons it's rum uh I think for rum she got a rum tongue she got a rum Pro she's like Luke got me pregnant last night I don't know it might be awkward I wasn't expecting to you know why cuz you made it with my rock was that even me what's the it you know yeah because I made it with Luke it's not a big deal why does this feel like I'm signing a contract or something

hell yeah happy wedding no I did not okay no thanks I'm trying to cut back you can be the designated driver them cool but I don't know how to drive though busier now we're on a cop I wasn't too much older than you and I had my first drink god are so cute their wallet and brain there was this time I broke into my parents liquor cabinet and drank a whole bottle of this really spicy sweet liquor what was its name dumb earthquake or something troche sounds like you were a bad kid I guess I was at the bottom of the bottle there were these sugar crystals and I got it in my head that I really wanted to eat a couple so I got the bright idea to smash it on my parents dining room floor to get at him and it shattered into a thousand pieces did you ever get caught yeah she got her ass whooped that's why she's better off in the classroom it looks a lot like sugar crystals that's never really been a problem for me keep it that way my sister found me drunk blood pouring out of my mouth Jamie thought I was dying so she called 9-1-1 holy shit I haven't thought about that a long time we won't make you eat glass don't worry just come sit down with the group get warm I guess a deal's a deal here

time and not make it weird I definitely could have done a better job with arvo but because our vote because of my diet though with our bow I really don't care about our don't want to sit here no that's I'm fine oh yeah okay wherever you like Luke say something bro you're the man don't let it be awkward she's looking like Dan what am i doing look at that animal with it transformer Jane you don't have to justify that with over sponsor I find it's best to just get this stuff out and open less trunk well that's fine but I can confirm there was no time for kissing what's going on how you climb it's nice to hear people laughing yes it is you just spend so much time trying to stay alive you don't get a chance to enjoy living yeah I need to make more time for that alcohol helps oh yeah it does they trying to get our Chi popping who's breathing like oh my gosh just arvo let me get that bottle we got someone else that might need some help sounds like a waste a good run he lost a sister today and whose fault was that that makes it even harder to deal with trust me I don't like it either but you shouldn't let it ruin a nice night I said my piece damn I don't think that boy's a bad person I just think good people do bad things sometimes and I do it a lot more nowadays in the world being what it is so I think it's best if you alone hey he said sorry okay my fault I shouldn't have give me she knew he was to bring in so many walkers with us shit I the same thing I'm thinking is what Kenny thinking it's okay it's okay she's in a better place yeah doesn't suit bitch good it's okay it's okay maybe it's best if we all get some rest I know is how long the walk we have tomorrow yeah that's a good idea I'll take first watch Thank You Kenny really I don't mention it you did good it was nice while it lasted yeah this isn't heavy ARMA was like no no you should order the chore to do I thought arvo that's how I feel honestly you don't want to know I feel who cares of our vote who cares about our vote I understand I like gimme trust me I understand what our vote is going to I understand the seriousness of this situation but at the same time our other good yeah yeah I'm good if I start to crap out I'll let you know okay will you do that it's no trouble how much further goof did it looks you've been saying that every time I ask please come I'm really starting to think carefully

Jesus that was close fucker came out of nowhere that was real loud hopefully there aren't more of them yeah well let's move we don't want to be around to find out is you too close come pose

so wherever we're going has hawkers invested in it that piece of shit it's half built we're here for the supplies you're the house you slaughter fire to place Daddy warm is there any other way to get there do we have to cross the lake I should have stuck to the tree line the fastest way between two things is a straight line it's not far just be on the lookout oh don't get it crossing maybe there's a way around I don't see any Mo's neeti don't really an American asshole it's okay look I know shit ice that's the problem hey sayin it's fun maybe we should just run across no claim it's a bad idea yeah yeah I don't think I can run too fast right now we need to spread out just really safe I could run across if he felt like the better that was my ruskie go first since he's so confident Itsuki say it's okay I'm not going to make fun of his accent I'm not you know but he just hilarious with you

spread out Clementine let them go forward a little bit more now we can walk walk slower with it there you go there you go at distance though keep that distance now walk no all no Luke wait a minute

make sure the baby don't fall into no cracks Mike oh gosh we're okay don't worry you're careful be careful oh my god we got some walkers behind us it's on with you all should be alright let's just get to the house hey stay with us you bought to take off

- left to deal with space for helm we'll be fine hey motherfucker shit gonna kill him chanting get back here you pick the kid like you frown shit I don't care about our bow like that now we still got to get across how they made it look out Barney walking across so bold

don't come over here hey I can make it goodbye you sure yeah you got walkers on the way let me help you man for both of us I just oughta get back stop let me time I'm fine come on no your club I'm working on you need to help oh please oh girl oh hell no we're playing aah no cake for him you're playing dr. Helen her that what look at me pull out your gun and shoot those damn walkers okay just give me a little time no claim you can make it what does need to go then i'ma go now kissy Kissy covering him down on a dime I got this I got this it's gonna be a smash egg it will be a smash that they don't nobody smash eggs better than me okay hold on we got you I'm not gonna let you fall with me all right we got this oh so much ice is cracking under mine who see I told you Matt X triangle okay so night delicated in our heart to it it's not a smash sex the more oh my are you serious are you serious it can offer me I'm smashing are to y'all okay eat all now go back to the top with it and then smash r2 again oh oh we underwater what is is that lesson what is this it has been under here 200 into this magic no no no no no no

fuck okay I got you I got you kid my place you're gonna be okay go to the house we need a fire freeze to death

how the fuck did that happen there's a fireplace close we have to get a warmth she can't breathe to death oh

my god door looks fucking gone tap dance we should just look at our file on dance we thought I should have stayed with him did I start

you son of a bitch this is your fucking Punk Kenny no matter what it's nobody's damn fault I'm freezing we just get a fire started paint can cut the bullshit Kenny for once get a fire going look at this place just a stack of fucking toothpicks we still going against magical supplies or bullshit - what no speaking in English Oh call me Pete yeah Oh cute sounder this box yet hey hey guys just let him go Mike yeah give a fuck get the fuck off me

of you our bow

I know some of y'all watching this like this still believes you really doing this to our bow there's another just like it he wasn't lying

you want to tell me how a can of fuckin chili it's gonna help me ting a kid to death gonna help anyone this is your fault as you damn well know

I'm tying him up fine Mike help me get a fire started okay it's hard real bad Mike yeah yeah okay

got a light oh I have matches this man arvo is plotting right now he's like every one of y'all are going to die tonight

okay you'll Girl Scout do Eagle Scout

how did we get here oh my gosh this is

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