210 to save skeletor

by: Carlos Pimpao Valente

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and the Masters of the Universe I am Adam Prince of Eternia and defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull this is Cringer my fearless friend fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said by the power of Grayskull

Cringer became the mighty battle cat and I became he-man the most powerful man in the universe only three others share this secret our friends the sorceress man-at-arms and Orko together we defend Castle Grayskull from the evil forces of Skeletor

who goes there must say the King

whiplash stop right there Munster Miranda you must help us hold it Adam this could be one of skeletor's tricks Simon the court physician whiplash has been hurt badly it started as another plot of skeletor's but it turned into a disaster for all of us

it took place just a few hours ago in snake Mountain with this magic spell we shall open a gateway to an evil little known dimension and bring forth a powerful entity mighty enough to overcome he men and all of Eternia at my command now to begin the incantation evil seven from beyond the galaxy we summon you to do our bidding I call upon the shakoora come now and join our forces

it's hideous

who cares summons regard my Skeletor have brought you here to serve me foolish creature took or serve no one or eons I have watched Eternia from my dark world waiting for one such as you to give me entrance now Eternia shall be mine I see you need a lesson in obedience

I can't believe it the magic has no effect on him Skeletor no trifling powers are nothing to me

the themes power is too great we must send it back

nothing could send me back now I've waited too long for this Eternia is my if I can't control you then our combined powers will have to destroy you what is attacking

the last things I heard the most hannibal screams coming from inside snake : looks like skeletor's got his own at last don't you see that's just part of it Shabana has to be stopped before he comes here before he destroys all of Eternia I don't know it could be another trap yes but if whiplash is right our whole planets in danger the reptile man speaks the truth my friends shakoora is a monster of enormous strength and he knows the power of Eternia lies within ghazal Grayskull only the combined magic forces of good and evil can send shakoora back to his world again it is up to you Adam as he men to unite these forces

but Skeletor has been destroyed no Skeletor and the evil Warriors are still alive but their life force is fading rapidly you must save them for all eternity a sink I understand sorceress by the power of Grayskull you


yes this is the secret entrance to the mountain stick together gang and be ready for anything

hey Claude their scales are

it's sure gonna get back in the tunnel

creatures absorbing their powers let's get them out of their fists oh you start on that end whatever you say

I thought we were finished you almost were evil in strength is retaining we're all doomed unless we unite to fight Segura join forces with you you got us into this Skeletor and whether you like it or not you're going to help us get rid of that monster as you wish amen we will form an alliance but only until our task is complete

you have freed my victims no matter I have stolen enough of their evil power to accomplish my conquest of Castle Grayskull you'll never have enough power to stop us all I won't have to use my servants will do it for me

right c'mon along you got a better idea maybe this is this room on what at all yes so what so let's dampen their spirits

okay I warned you yeah I guess they're not very good at how you see my job Tina

thanks evil-lyn it won't happen again now for a little wind game

okö open your head

well the dangers over not quite a man

you saved me before from shakarez trap now and even hope we make it to Castle Grayskull before shakoora gets inside we'd better Skeletor follow us to Castle Grayskull I know the way amen I've been there before some sense of humor yes I hate the idea of leading them into Grayskull but we'll meet all of Skeletor and evil ends magic to send segura back ah wish my magic was wrong enough to help the sorceress said every bit of magic was important or go

this is perfect and sugar is out of the way we can defeat he-man and take over Castle Grayskull maybe conjuring up chagawo wasn't such a bad idea after all hey man it may soon be too late

all right this is my last chance

there's the castle

when I give the word you attack amen and I mean everyone don't worry by the power of Grayskull I command the jawbridge open so that's how he does it

everyone be careful

sorceress welcome to my castle let her go the sorceress he is buying her to command

keep them away while I open the travel corridor

white close I'll stop her for good why y'all know we need her power to defeat Segura there has to be another way to stop her you cataracts you go ahead spells why the sorceress looks much nicer this way do it oh right I'll try

hurry my friends chagawo seeks to open a magical doorway that would blow Eternia into an unknown dimension forever when he's headed for the travel corridors come on

the giant travel corner is complete now I can bring Eternia back to my dimension I wouldn't be too sure of that

Oh quickly we must reconstruct the spell while the monster is distracted now leave my mouth

you're not getting away


yes monster to take Eman will you proceed immediately

yes get it on

alliances over fools farewell t-man

just conjure up a little

take care of our other problem sorceress can you send me to Skeletor a pleasure he managed in one of these chambers is the power of Grayskull open every door until you find it i'm warning you Skeletor leave the castle now he men I don't know how you survived but fate what's that door you're guarding stop don't come any closer that's it the power of Grayskull is in there attack him no keep away

right what was it another one of the Sorceress's travel quarters except that one went to snake Mountain gonna pay for this my thanks to all especially do you walk her you see we did need your special magical health after all I was just what a purple bottom Tron like that and now I believe you have a royal celebration to return to that's right we all look for guys I could play mmm her bed Adam didn't I'm sure he's having a wonderful time well given the choice Teela I'm sure he would much rather be with you

hi today's Gloriana toughie the only way we can do it was to get some work we're getting now her old jobs as problems that are too tough air low when that happens you should never be shamed maybe need help like the guys someone asked he'll give my hair yours may not be as big as mine it was still be appreciated if I could ever give you a hair just let me know


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