The Great Queen Seondeok, 24회, EP24, #02

by: MBCClassic

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Yusin. Deokman... Deokman...


- Yusin. - Princess. Deokman? She's safe. This way.

Deokman. Princess. You're alright? You're not hurt? I'm fine. You? Me, too.

What about Daenambo? He took off after we fought. But listen... he had poison arrows.

Bidam's waiting with the boat. We should go.

Sheesh, what're they waitin' on? Huh?

C'mon, hurry, c'mon! Could they go any slower? C'mon!

This is it. Fancy, yeah?

Go. Now.

Princess. Go. Forget all about Silla. Be happy...

with Yusin.

My sister...

Ugh. Enough already. We gotta go! You gonna take all day? There's no time.

Now, Deokman. Go.


Princess... Princess... Deokman's disguised as the Princess.

C'mon already.

Princess! Princess... Princess! No! Princess!

Get her on board! Move!

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The Great Queen Seondeok(선덕여왕) 24회 EP24 2009/08/11 MBC TV Republic of Korea 작별 인사를 나눈 천명.덕만, 독화살을 쏜 대남보
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