THE REAL BABY J!? | Beyond Two Souls | Lets Play - Part 1

by: iBerleezy

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she's a slump Oh turn up starts in a which we should like do something different what do you do with witches you burn them oh no oh no you got me

[Music] what up y'all what's good job look back hey where am i - oh shit it's all blue look awesome PlayStation now today I'm starting to see like place they should not have some hidden gems in there and this is one of them she right here if you're right here dude I think she was right there Sony Computer Entertainment presents yeah it's time [Music] Quantic Dream that's heavy rain people oh shit beyond two souls let's get John welcome back to another video today I have for you beyond two souls Wow I think y'all had been asking for this game ever since we started the Last of Us because the girl in this story hurt right here I'm assuming it's actually le page Juno the girl from Last of Us is not the same character who plays Juno even though she looks identical and I still think she needs to suit him this is the actual le page Juno this is baby Jade Jody's story as just Jody Jody story told as originally designed Jody story told in chronological order this do original let's keep it original I haven't seen this game play at all solo or duo we do sir to play with your device please connect via beyond touch up [Music] I play video games often I really I play video games often this game data that automatically up okay here we go y'all brand-new story let's see if this sticks I was born with a strange gift baby JC what no human being has ever seen before you a profit you aprox it all mixed up in my head you psyche those images the sounds smell what about the water flying around your face are you doing them are you drowning put things in order right up to this moment remember who i am if i had to say how it all began and my justice won't start here don't talk to me like I'm just supposed to know who you I found you by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere was there an accident

okay so somebody's after her did someone try to hurt you Oh a nigga's this busting at her it's serious Jay Sherman that's his name Sherman how about of me someone I could contact you must have family friends someone who could tell me who you are hey hey dirtbag back off you no talk much to him Sherman I'm scared well if you don't help me I can't help you sure me you seem like a nice guy but get off the desk you're not my father Oh know her I thought this girl disappeared it's not a scar don't touch me it's a recent oh oh oh so she's she's a Jedi's when I'm right I have no idea what they're up against tell them to wait until I get there is that fucking Green Goblin gets back to them immediately you hear me you've got to stop them goddamn fools don't look at me like that do not okay is that Schmidt got me watch it uh you'll be watching the new girl okay so swatches bust it all up inside its precinct looking at what was going on it's about an earlier where is she did he hide me

oh wow oh wow window when do I play Quantic when do I play I'm gonna be quiet

you're shriman you got to lay off the donuts bro oh you do so do I need

oh my gosh [Music] it's too late oh wow I bodied everybody in here and he knew though it's been happening but he's severe oh I like him boss Charlie what have you done what have I done Naaman they came in at me with a bunch of ARS and m16s ready to blow my head off I got active that's what I did I got active don't don't ask me that you know what I'm capable of anytime Jodie the experiment broken and then prologue maybe I should have started the remix version right now I'm confused no no no I'm playing like how it was meant to be played baby baby Jodie that's the real baby J right there ah there you are how you doing today Joey good I hate to bother you when you're playing and all but leave it's time time for what dude time to go back to what Conda get a tape or fake clean that fro up its 2018 get some new shit so I'm not gonna call her baby J I'm a car here Jojo we already know who baby J is okay so let's go Jojo aah would you baby JoJo's a day I gotta say it I still gotta say cuz it's really her can you look at me dude ok ok so I just want you to look in my direction that's all if you don't want to I understand it's like you're right there but you're just fighting it I'm a little let it be ok so this is your room you got a big-ass room I never had a big room growing up I always had to share my shit shout out to my sister Brittany huh Brittany do you remember that time we was in a backyard slapping the shit out of each other just sitting back there crying slapping the shit out of each other right was we doing that why was he doing that well is he hitting me so hard I'm a little boy why was I hitting back to him I'm a man all right he's waiting for us I should have got B for that we were so stupid as kids Nathan's waiting for us do off enough Elaine tanam zirconias you got on your feet them just is not trainers the missus biscuits get better shit why should you look back my business is really biscuits hold on let me look around for a minute okay baby J haha hold X little two to do it oh yeah this is definitely heavy rain people come on Jodie all right dude Jodie did you did you boo-boo on yourself you are in a diaper son why are you walking like that okay let's keep it going you're Nathan oh you're not Nathan I don't know your name I call serious yeah okay Jay call Joe Joe and Jake oh hello precious don't you look pretty sting what's that you Dave Chappelle you said Donald look prep oh wow so this was called the experiment yeah it's not about to be it's not about to be good for me right now roommate one yes sir babysitting detail huh Cole a planet Phil keep moving hey Jody has a so easy so far baby Jody did baby Jody Jody in the cut it's good active we front of play VR this better not be on no mind control it's on now this but it's just like a clown it's better than ever you know mind control yeah oh now your little princess call your breath stinks don't worry everything's gonna be fine minister if you need me okay

so what is he like Professor X I'm a powerpuff girl or some shit oh hey Jody can you hear me shrug or push yes she doesn't look like she's like she's enjoying this but we might as well okay let's start Kathleen is next door and she has the same cards as you and we're gonna get her to choose one and see if you can tell us which one she chose you think you can do that shit I don't know good all right let's go for it first card

um since that push triangle no way no way Jody Jody what are you what are you Jody tell us what you are uh-huh are you a demon I need to know right off the bat are you oh wow okay okay so so this is all some cool shit

next card

okay okay so my girl can literally leave her her body and into the existential world see what's behind she's controlling what is this that I'm controlling who's in here spying on me first of all subjects heartbeat slows to 45 beats per minute as an increase in data brainwaves to 4.5 Hertz the ambient temperatures drop 10 degrees this is insane right here resonant magnetic signal in excess of 20 Tesla why are you so red over here I felt like I know it's gonna go to hell and this end is innocent well what does this do hold what L want l1

what game is this what game is this

Aidan get get out of his body yo I didn't know whoa whoa okay you okay Oh Maddie here I'm out of here I'm out of here I'm outta here okay I think it was the square I think it was a square I'm fine next card [Applause]

bro I can already tell the story in this is finna be so vicious okay that's the piece of bacon right there get the bacon I'm hungry where's breakfast that's what that mean it's Judy let's try something else there's some building blocks on the table in the other room you think you can make him fall over she said leave him alone Aidan who is Aidan what is he doing oh I can't control him anymore can I control her

that was insane y'all okay we go to building box

that was like a slingshot I'm gonna move her ass she's freaking out she's freaking oh my gosh I'm finna fuck with her hold on oh I'm pissed now I'm pissed now you don't walk up a giant where you going where you going oh yeah no no no no I'm not finished in here yet I'm not finished in here yet I'm done I'm scary okay okay I'm done half says I'm done I'm done

Jody it's over it's over it's what why didn't I stop why couldn't I would I never me over it will never be over oh I fucked up oh wow oh wow she's that big-ass no I mean old-ass woman that woman is scarred for life Wow III just didn't want to stop I don't know why I didn't want to stop somebody else you and 80s you and how many I want percent of players I've taken his past stop the experiment 65% left Kathleen alone 74% oh how do I have known I would have definitely fucked with Kathleen I thought that's what I was doing I was tryin to scare but the real question is why was I enjoying that so much okay so I still pick the good path okay shit the embassy when I get to the prologue I'm gonna stop the recording on whenever I get to an hour I just like to play an hour I get to a good spot and I stop in the embassy so we got a hotel now I'm a little bit older now who is this on my arm I don't notice man Plan B guest dress we're shy these guests what's going on in here we're over check out my dress over dress you are this dress sucks uh-huh maybe I should have worn something else dress is perfect oh thanks man you look great I know I do who the hell is on my arm Aaron Carter bitch what do I do if something goes wrong there won't be anything you can do that's what I suspected just true most important thing act natural Benny and speaks to you just smile so you want me to act natural or do you want me to smile I didn't know yet a sense of humor only when I was scared today Brian I'm delighted you could attend always a pleasure Sheikh Ahmed DJ Khaled I would like you to meet my assistant husband I was unaware that American diplomacy was undertaken with such disarming charm I'm Elizabeth jealous be jealous I'll give you back your host we'll talk later on there I'm too vain Ryan that's the cleanest line gentlemen I give you back your host until then that's hard oh wow I was imagining my head on a stick how'd you charming I should be flattered I'm gonna shake some hands blendin find some more quietly you know you have to do ambassador a sight for sore eyes [Music] I don't know if I should play the client place I don't know if I should play too much more of this I feel like I might need to play the remix version it might be it might be better to understand y'all will let me know in the comments I won't go too far in this playthrough actually I might play for about 40 minutes and I'll stop it sorry ma'am this area is of limit and be suppressed so not only then what you turn around so fast like they didn't even finish talking and he was already ready to go okay okay okay Ellie okay Ellie shit sexy ass yeah maybe everybody got guards everywhere where is the quiet place in here oh no we're not gonna do that yet that's how I should buy right here he's right here he's right here here right here oh oh my head my ears drunk ass [Music]

okay so that was the entrance I got to find somewhere quiet maybe I can like interact with an object that will start at a distraction some some up with her it's like it's not it's not it's not the same okay okay okay okay yeah I got a request I got a request y'all know I can't make requests okay how does we ask y'all to play key to sneak go down

will up in some offer if I try again

[Music] no other I'm gonna let you do you I'm gonna try and go this arena quiet place oh thank you damn I didn't know if he was gonna let me walk by him or not just don't use the restroom sir looking at that sign right there yeah shoutouts all my Muslim middle-eastern subscribers you know mashallah I wish all the best I mean I hope I said that right y'all y'all correct me if I said it wrong

there you go

okay okay so the right stick is how I get everything going why she why she's dressing like this right I don't know you ready there's a large painting in one of the rooms upstairs behind it is a safe the documents were looking for her inside but there are guards and camera so you have to be careful you got it I thought I could go up that way you can't go through walls

whoa where am I this mess crazy do I go this way uh uh we gotta start over we gotta start over here oh my gosh okay okay okay okay okay okay yo this game is on some other shit so I think I am on the second floor looking for a document this is the bathroom okay so I'm back at the party okay okay I'm going fast I'm going fast it hurts like hell when you're too far away I'm sorry whoa oh this this this this game is on some other shit here we go here we go it's no time to mess around through an office okay okay first floor the portrait of the heat fuck is a sheik anyway [Music]

[Music] be careful later you know you can't touch other people when you're controlling some oh my gosh [Music] I'm not trying to touch anybody I'm trying to find the same office that you're talking about come on come on find a portrait there it is there it is it's got to be a switch somewhere okay so the painting so he's basically just a master the master chic he's the master chic he's big boss he's the jefe nope nope nope that's not it that's not it thank is that good job good job good job Aaden whoever you are they're not giving me no kind of contextual clues about what's happened to this girl who she is am I in the wrong I'm working get the guard out of here and open the safe get the guard out of here and open the safe [Music] oh wow

who are you to read the documents make it quick okay all right not much longer you'll be all right okay okay

she is a government experiment used to spy on look at this y'all y'all need to let me know do I need to play this in chronological order or do I continue the original story has Mina had a new knock [Music] come on come on come on vacuum masa de luna in a hammer ax he decided at a fancy point who is this [Music] gotta fuck this up sorry I can't do anything to help you

what [Music] yeah I just get caught who was that yo I am so lost right now this isn't the same little girl I was just controlling she's got mental problems huh she's breaking down going to the other bathroom I don't know I don't know what do I do get some water does she need some water on her face splash some water on your face you can't even splash water on her face yo where's where's Clay Aiken odd right yeah really oh my god so I don't really understand what's going on you wouldn't you and how many percent of players took this path 97% of players finished the mission 46 percent finished the mission with possession 44 pause the video undetected and there's an undiscovered path I'm gonna do I'm gonna do one more of these scenarios and then I'm stopping cuz this might be too good of us just to play right now but never my supposed to be doing it right now like this let me know cuz I'll keep going you know I will the party huh I'd like to choose where I'm going No okay okay that has nothing to do with me oh yeah we showing up to evening sauce now what's that I'm not sure maybe I shouldn't go Tony you've been begging me for weeks you're not gonna back up now I get it now I don't know anybody there I made all hate me and stressed us awful these situations are bouncing around it's not like that is what's going on but you see we started at the experiment then we ended up at the embassy now we're back at the party well I think they're saying that it goes like this if you really play the game real remix version I'm gonna play the party I'm gonna play the party let's just go just take it to you there's no reason to panic it's just a birthday party I'm sure everybody will like you you'll have fun maybe meet some new friends

oh don't forget your present so come on poetry by poet Edgar Allen years old and very rare I'm sure she'll like it don't worry it's gonna be alright I'll pick you up at 5:00 have fun why is he making me do this knowing them well he fucked my brand up with these experiments oh gosh this is still baby J y'all I'm sorry I'm sorry it's baby J I can't help it okay ring the doorbell so if I'm not mistaken and this is exactly come in how W come in Jody don't be shy hey Jody right come on we're in the living room some girls from my school nice Dorothy guys we could find was it a present for me cool thanks I'm off darling I'll look after your friends and don't do anything stupid all right sure mom whatever you say oh hell no hint don't want to be here everyone this is Jody she's in unit 4 with them you hit for the paranormal department whoa what'd you do there then spoon just speak to dead people stuff like that no time I'll get the beer guys do the shutters girls do the candles and Jody you can take care of the music let's get crazy oh my gosh to be this age again why did it seem so important no nobody give a fuck about this shitty ass party you got going on with your weak-ass beer I'm only talking this rough because she disrespected her mom talking mom finally she gets the hint you're in her house follow her rules obviously walking on his funky ass party turn on the pop yeah this song is sound more like which I like kind of garbage is that over this century something really popping something really poppy shut us up party weak as hell this man want to be asked catch him so bad this red ass white hat on stop it you hit that still as warm as beer underneath your hair of your beds you're a genius no oh you're missing a girl after three or four beers you'll see the world Nicole [Music] give me a break while is there a real football game going on no Jodie no no no no no I have to drink this [Music] there you got a sip you got a sip relax okay cool as soon as he leave open to cut a rug shit I was not trying to dance with him okay okay okay okay [Music] I can't stop go Jody gun shouting gunshot II got Saudi guns OD all right hey this party this party or one is way better than this house party since you can play you can play an instrument are you taking a seat [Music] stand up get away I'm Matt Jody right yeah Matt nice to meet you man I've never seen you at school before you don't take classes on base what is the base sociable or reserved you give me socially seem cohesin cool I'm in a different program with my own teachers just different just different yeah I never get to see people my age I suppose I've gotten used to it so you work with kissing's mother I'm gonna be reserved but I don't really know Kristen like that I have never met Kirsten before perfect answer her mom works in unit that's why it was invaded I used to live in London before I moved here two years ago mm-hmm and you where did you live before so he basically ksi neighbor um you don't need to know New York then I Love New York it's awesome I want that once they blew me away do you have any hobbies anything you do feel like fun damn is this a chance I getting I play in a band with a bunch of friends you won't put you into a cool with it though ekodama be sociable it's gonna sound really boring I like to leave sports I mean I I can't I can't leave the base so it sort of limits thanks does that do back there watching us can I ask you something be careful why are you in unit fool

I want to know the truth I have a gift the link was an entity immense t you mean you mean a ghost or something like that [Music] well this is gonna sound really crazy but it's kind of like a like an invisible presence that follows a demon is it is it here now yeah yeah he's he's listening to us don't make it weird Matt slow dance I eat you up for it I'm good I don't worry no how now Matt right I don't really know how to either so I wasn't trying to dance what you do now let's see how this spirit acting when she's when he see what's going on here let's see how the spirit act I have a feeling this gonna go off on this dude [Music] okay okay ah don't get too close to Matt watch yourself Aiden low body slam you said true hit this all the time but you're really pretty [Music] so bad within yourself pause you know like the girls knew this is something special about you [Music] Thanks you don't know me [Music] fuck is you doing don't play yourself no I'm not drunk dude try that with the other bitches here thanks for the dance man better I think I'll pass fuck is you doing mad first time you made me you already trying give some guys guys why doesn't Jodi give us a demonstration of her super mega powers no I try to see that forget it it's just a little bull fuck you you need show us what you can do okay Jodi you up for demonstration no no we're not refuse no no no I I don't I don't have anything to show no I told you so guys it's all bullshit what is your problem delicious cake and most important to open my birthday gifts actually the cake can wait I'm opening my gifts first this party blows love Jen xxx well that's nice babe I bet it's me socks exactly what I needed I can stop seeing their moms and in period chances of finding a decent boyfriend my future lover wants to thank you for making his life more interesting your four eyes back there think she does shit and you're smoking a cigarette fuck are you doing what is that Tina Fey an old book it smells funky it's called really rare collection poems by Edgar Allan Poe you don't even know what you missing did I steal this from your Grandpa's library no no it's really rare bitch what did you bring a pokeball just like my dress is this a joke I can't believe we came all the way to my birthday party just to give me this old crap and she thinks she's so clever but she's just a little lab rat a freaky little lab rat yeah oh my gosh you around like a puppy evening begging for it oh and she's a slut too what the fuck wait to invite her made me why are you pushing me she's a slump Oh turn up starts in a which we should like do something different which is you burn them oh no oh no you got me

Hayden where are you I did they leave me in the house awesome awesome awesome Harry Potter shit Oh baby girl don't cry fucking hate bullies I fucking hate bullies man if I could go back get back in time and like redo certain situations where I had to deal with some fucked-up shit I play them so much differently I can't see all the bullies back in high school like all these groups are doing are doing shit with their lives they're all fucking losers oh oh I forgot I could do this I forgot to do this retribution who needed where's the fucking party yet where's the party yet okay it's in here oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah hold up hold up yes oh oh oh I'm sorry baby I'm sorry I'm on my way I'm away I'm gonna yes yes yes yes I'm right here I'm right here how do I gotta learn the controls here we go come on now come on out come on out I bet they're gonna give me the option to either leave or go fuck with them some more what do you think I'm gonna choose oh oh oh wow see see see see they showed me the yes yes hey what's up mother fuck hey hey always enjoying this pizza hey have some more sike is gone hey was it me I didn't do it hey how about we turn this music off I've had enough of this shit oh you can't turn the music off what about the TV what more can you do I'm not finished oh is it dude that's the revenge that's crazy I'm getting out of here don't leave me alone wait for me

there's no reason he had no reason to panic yar no reason to panic

No blocked

yeah cool oh I love that pammi let's turn this shit off let's turn this shit off already oh yeah oh my gosh yes

yeah I'm in the kitchen - I'm in the kitchen - it's a nightmare huh he thinks that oh yeah how about you what you doing - what are you doing yeah I'll see your pokemons open you now where's Pikachu at bitch oh oh you're scared of me Oh what are you doing down here what are you doing dong in oh hold on where's my cat where's my kid turn this turn this stupid ass oh oh throw it at him yes turn turn the TV off I've had enough I have had enough football who is it the 49ers thought Oh where'd my guest stop stop oh yeah oh yeah no let's go no no where's Mike I'm not done with oh oh please please guess he deserves it the most why won't it what's up with this don't go off on them there we go there we go okay let's go let's go let's go [Music]


[Music] let's go home Oh [Music]

[Music] oh my gosh that felt amazing you and sister presenters didn't get drunk I pushed Matt away I attacked the team's hell yeah hidden my powers you could have burned the house down oh let me chill all right shot that's enough for today I'm leaving it this way I see I see why they did it just right now they start you off and they show you they're like introducing Aiden in different ways they don't want you to do with chronologically because I mean you can that's like it's on a story but doing it this way it's like you get to see like Aidan at its most developed in the embassy and then it shows you like Aidan on a more personal level like in my Aidan or my Jodie says okay okay go make sure it's safe so you're sure to say is all right show well that doesn't hurt beyond two souls I love this game what took me so long to play this what took me so long to play this that was active you want to see more of this please leave a thumbs up on this video if you enjoyed this video please leave a thumbs up truly appreciated if you are new please subscribe for more videos imma keep playing this but again I played like like several different games this week so I want to I want y'all to tell me what do you want me to do should I just keep playing them like I guess I'm just trying to introduce different stories to y'all so we can figure out what we want to go next with this y'all let me know in the comments or tweet me message me whatever the case emails it's good to just let me know that being said I love each and every one of you and I see you yeah you and I'll see you in the next video pshah say

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