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you've never had I can tell that you never had love in until you had my baby all my time ready

but goodie to the game we better finish mom you crying cause it's hot this to me

excuse Taeyang we swear to God Friday's praying right now to the so hot and sucks okay babe are you okay oh my baby my heart just dropped like my heart that's why it's crying you tell my you crime and cut is high it's that last baby you gotta you know feed and rip that go along in the right way oh yeah my teddy bear back but anyway yeah we're on our way to Walmart Bay tell me why on the way to LA oh yeah we going fishing going on my mama ain't been fishing is so long and I'm so excited y'all I swear the last time I've been fishing I had to be like 10 or 11 back well that's not Univision you don't even remember that's how long it's been since you didn't we issue I went to country for their bet we got a go fishing about every week or every day if we can start from that long because you know I like fishing two months but anyway yes at Walmart gonna pick up some equipment we need fishing poles we need worms we need hooks we need with us an email I already said on thunder we need when you got mama we need because I don't want me some stuff on the leash anyway you know we had to walk by we finna go pick up some stuff ya'll say to you know say ground you popcorn it may be a live blog gonna be a late day bro ba Baba yo he does a lot of uses you feelin me so this is my positive energy all day even though it's hot you know some people like to have attitude cut as hot you you feel me people like you know bring out they had a tool to the summer but me I'm bringing our positi I'd like to bring it out you don't get some speeding ticket but we go see it again alright yeah we finally in Walmart and we are in the fishing section you feelin me and I'm already confused cuz I ain't seeing under stuff in a while but I know I need a fishing pole for show and baby need a fishing pole little ones no ma'am that got door oh I won't get through the little one right here reach a 15 did will cool your resume Humber got some snacks right there around it you feeling me we need to use my heart should I get this one you can cut it right down I'll come with string oh heck you know that one broke down oh that one is just a stick Oh Hickey no okay I'll take this one else girl don't hurt yourself now you should've did better than that I want ya with the green oh my gosh this girl here got him stuck oh my gosh I got it done though ma'am using our cuz I'm gonna just shoot one of these I had a show with you I want to fish by myself girl grown I'm grown together we are you mean are people a girl buddy coming babe I think we need what else we need nobody looks hooks right here uh we want these way hook you want girl you know better than me you feel me he said you know which was doing so come on show me son I'm gonna get these finger mullet it's right here you feelin me get some of that good old baby is this why I mixed you BAE you found two all-purpose fish and kid so we call you know I'm saying purposely fish everywhere I rocks with you I got these worms right here at bay we decided to just go ahead guys and grab a third fishing pole just for the heck of it so we could just all fish on our own so I'm like the show would say yeah what Bay yeah when I just grab you sure it was on a $15 right I'm sorry I got you babe I got you babe I got you babe I got you babe yeah baby are y'all I can't go fishing without give me some say you feel me hold on these boys right here hold on how I feel you sure Pro jazz oh let me see me fish or purchase your protein hold on working with these blue joints I feel like I'm gonna catch a lot of fish in these make my confidence go up and fishing you get no more dirtbag check your first Oh with my guys we decided to get these these are way better and plus you can like they fit in the car and you can like I forgot what does this change the size to it so these are way better and they're cheaper it's like no no actually it's like two dollars cheaper and you get like everything with it mm-hmm become like little packages and they break down so yeah I kid you not jazz always come every time we're in Walmart she looks at the TVs and she like touches it hugs them like for what [Music] [Applause]

what's up gang it's the next day you know I'm saying let me go ahead and tell you why we didn't go fishing yesterday evening we didn't go fishing yesterday evening because I let the park close we were starting to leave the house around like 6:30 because you don't say I want to be out there fishing when the Sun was down I didn't want to be out there in like the middle of the day heat y'all we were getting up we were leaving around 6:30 I googled the park address and I'm saying put it in my GPS and that's when that little you know I'm saying acacia can't tell my closing soon so you know so I click on the bond about a beam so yeah if we would've loved yesterday we would've like just completely completely you know I'm saying hold ourselves it's a 20-minute drive from where I live and if we would look at 6:30 would've got there at 6:52 Park close at 7:00 p.m. we only would have had 10 minutes to fishing I ain't doing out trying to official trying to catch some fish so it's the next morning you know I'm saying the park open at 7:00 a.m. it's like 7:30 a.m. I already got my fishing glasses on if you mess with my face so fat cuz I just literally just won't cook but it's time to get to that grind I'm ready to fish I'm ready cut me from caddy baby all right gang you know I'm saying we have a robbed at the fishing pine y'all I was going on man we just put up the rods you feel me that's mine I got the Star Wars joint you feel me I learn the law yeah I had to come through with the Star Wars got my man Josh over here we setting up that Stig boy you trying to kiss my feet on me fish eat on the kids today bro just a couple you feel me throw him back in okay I like it I like you how many fish you catching today baby least one okay okay you got a load nice little pink stick okay okay I'm feeling it yeah this is my first fishing pole ever only because we we fished with bamboo sticks back when I was a kid my grandma couldn't afford fishing poles so we use bamboo sticks and she did them and it was very unique she's a very creative woman but this is my first mission not pretty hot yet but you don't say it's feeling good y'all just should we get the dead fish and give it to the vultures I'm not pulling out no dead fish right now they're vultures they keep trying to attack y'all tell me that these are like the devil birds or whatever and they eat anything that's dead so they had just been like surrounding us well they surrounded everybody they harassing everybody out here anybody that's walking playing fishing they harassing everybody so you know I'm saying she don't lie y'all yeah see that shield I was tough yeah I'm alive you don't worry about being Oh get you a good old worm I'll be that one I'm gonna put it on the end of your sticky say a country girl yeah which I don't know any girl I ain't scared touch no worms is a country gira pretty girls there pretty girls be scared of the worms oh my god you ain't the pretty girl tell me I don't come give me go ahead but you good they not even in the range my move whoo okay baby I like those fishing skills girl that close to where I said I want oh girl look I smell Dave oh I'm a clothes worm though clothing worms John Surratt is a basically confusing Bay and he's having a hard time which real quick oh my god that guy she claims she has on y'all I'm gonna close right here Josh all the way over there we trying to get to some shade and stuff but you know I'm saying Oh God a little birdies guys on him behind you feel me I'm just chillin right here you know Santa trying to get grab me a little fish or two you know me you know it's a beautiful day out here in the park man real beautiful day take it down there you know I'm trying to split up so we can you know I'm saying get us some fishes I don't need my rock I close to her she on the haricot some eyes oh you know I'm saying but it is a beautiful day out here and you say man I'm glad I got up this morning and came a hernia



everybody hey what's our toe


on our wedding

today so scared of the birds I see any when the focus on fishing like she's looking at all the little birds that's coming over here dan you're doing in there but you didn't need to focus on fishing stop worrying about the bird what you getting up oh I need to be alert yeah so I gave it up because look at his he doing the chicken dance he hung on got me hey Tom I suppose I gave my phone to dog dog yeah Josh was fishing with guys Paul because Josh can't seem to get his pole right and to be honest we need to move areas because ain't none now here blade ducks and vultures ain't no in this one that's what I'm people move down there this lake is whack maybe we need to look at up a new lake do you think we should move Lakes this lake is wet yeah nothing's at this late well give it give back to one give back jazz one

oh I got it I caught him in there what kind of in a linear breath because I watch

I know yeah the glasses we didn't catch anything we did not catch nothing it was our bait y'all debate was horrible you know him but we're gonna try it again not tomorrow probably not today they're probably you don't ever get some free time again we're gonna try to get up and go early morning fishing listen to me in the lobby oh yeah he told Josh told me that this morning too so we're gonna try some other tactics next time yeah you know I'm gonna try some different things next time but this time it didn't go as well but you don't say it's all waiting next time don't worry about it but if y'all enjoyed the vlog make sure you guys like comment and subscribe if y'all enjoy fishing with it again but a lot of social medias on the screen in the description down below so you have a running up and show they love as always we have this thing we love yeah I get these crying I really do not say we didn't look so good it's all I gotta say that's all I really can't say until tomorrow or the day after that though we had these damn baby 10 now hello mama she my favor she drink it straight with no chaser we get face time

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