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by: Gayle Agostinelli

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hi everyone its Gail I am here with little crafts with me and before we get started I wanted to say hi and hugs to Angela Tori Pet pet is she said a long time watcher of my videos but justice just subscribe so thanks for thanks for that pad and then also joy and joy asked me in my destroy a journal video if I ever got mad or angry she couldn't see me getting mad or angry and I do i do joy but I try to handle it constructively so thanks to all four of you for your comments and I appreciate your watching so I want to introduce you to my new project which is this little golden book it's one of the new ones everything I need to know about love I learned from a little golden book and this project is for Donna she sent me the book and oh my gosh darnit this has been an interesting project already who knew but these new ones are let's just say they're very sturdily constructed oh it was really hard to get it apart and it was hard to figure out what I was gonna do with the pages without ripping them to pieces and so but I'm there I'm there so that's the good news so I have taken it apart what I did was I extended the front and back pages by about an inch just with chipboard I just add a chipboard on and my usual chipboard spine and I did a three inch spine because these books have a lot of pages in them so it ended up there's there's six signatures and I think the first one has three cages the rest of them have four pages and I had to kind of figure out what to do normally I would have spread them through the signature but I mean they are stuck together and if I would have tried I would have ripped the pages and it was important to Donna to have the pages so how I how I solved that issue was I just I have all of the pages from the book they are together just like they were in the book see how they're they're just they're attached so I opened it to the middle and in the middle is where I'm going to put all the different papers for Donna's journal so I started doing papers that's that's where I'm at with it so um so yeah six six signatures and I have a ways to go with paper I know I made it extra chunky but this journal is for Donna to keep her memories of of her husband and finding her finding her mr. right so I know she's going to have a lot to put in here so I'm gonna give her lots pages and lots of room to work in this book so anyway let's see let me tell you that I had the papers that I decided to work with in this one are the blue fern from lots of bubbles for me it's the heartland collection I have a few of them still here to show you and they're just super pretty they've got hearts but they're not like overly party and then so those are the ones I have left and I've already put several in in the books like there's that blue one and then the other thing that I've done is with the cut-offs I just made little flaps with cut off so I kind of started and I was gonna you knew and I thought well I'm just gonna turn on the camera and crash with my friends so I got these these are cut to the size that they need to be for the book which because these are so wide I think these are like six-and-a-half are they six and yeah six and a half a 12-inch square piece of scrapbook paper you can keep the whole width of you know which is kind of cool so anyway I cut them down to I think it's eight yep eight tall and I have the cut-offs but on these I thought I'd make pockets on these before I put them in so I'm gonna do that so we'll the other thing that Donna requested is if I could do monic monarch butterflies and Cardinals a little bit in the book they are meaningful to her and so I found these are a couple of tsunami Rose printables these are some printables from arty mazes butterfly madness collection so um our digital kit I mean and so I'm gonna put I'm gonna put those in the book and then I found some Christmas paper that had Cardinals so I also have some napkins of each so I want to do a few things with napkins with those too but so these are more papers to include in the book so then I started rummaging through and I really just did a quick rummage through my through my old stash of papers older stash of papers and I had this authentic and it is the cheerful collection and there's some great things here like the perfect ingredients for a day together Love Bug you are very special you know there's there's some fun things and then I found this paper at Hobby Lobby that is the same collection so I thought I might use I love it too it's bright and cheerful so I might use it as kind of half pages in the book too so there's that and then some other random and these are all old you guys I probably got these when Michael craft store went out of business so there are a variety of different things but they're old so I don't even know if they're around anymore but this one was love story this is a blue fern studio actually but I got that long ago then celebration this one's called I liked how plain it was because she's good journal on that found this bo bunny it's called Madeline I just I liked it and I liked this side especially because it has one in a million and happiness and stop and smell the roses so I think that'll be cute when to use in it this one's Kaiser craft key to my heart collection I just liked the paper this is seven gypsies I wanted the life is good part even though the colors are kind of off on that one but that's okay and this is lost and found too My Mind's I lost and found two and blush sweet bouquet paper so I just like the paper so we're just gonna work on getting some more papers put in this little book yeah so here we go

that might be good and I have stories to tell I do have stories to tell today because so yesterday my husband and I went got new phones awesome right that's fun and so when I got ready to do the craft with you I'm like ooh I get to because I failed on my phone right so I start filming and I'm babbling away as usual and I look at my phone and it is literally out of battery I'm like what I did last night so I don't know what happened there and so anyways went upstairs and and found that you know we had a new plugin and the the cord part wasn't into the part that plugs into the wall properly so there you go when that happens you don't get any juice so it was that battery so I said to my husband can I use my old phone will my old phone work and he said oh yeah cuz we saved our old phones cuz well give them to our grant our oldest granddaughters right Oh what am i doing think about what you're doing Gayle and so so fine so anyways I grab my old phone come down get over and get all ready to do the video videoing and sure enough it has hardly any battery so long story short I am filming this video on my husband's new phone why don't you just take my phone and just get it done because I wanted to do a craft with me and and show you guys my new project and he was he's thinking he'd like to watch a little football which is like right by my craft room so I can't you know be filming and have the TV on you guys wouldn't hear me you'd hear the announcers so those are gonna be cute aren't they just big pockets yeah well I'm setting those just kind of over here to dry yeah so anyways it's this video is a long time coming and I was like well so then the other thing was is this morning I finally rearranged my living room so that we can use the fireplace in the living room and you know I've been saying I was gonna do it forever and I just keep putting it off because you know me I'd rather craft and do housework but this morning I thought you gotta buckle down you gotta do it and I'm doing laundry so it was kind of a house date right so so anyways I did that this morning and so um I didn't get any crafting done this morning so um I was like I really want to do a craft with me and then I was thinking I'll I could I could skip a day but you guys are so sweet and you tell me that you miss when I don't do one every day which I love to do one every day because I craft every day so it's like you know it's just a little more time getting organized to to do the video but but that's also you know it's like might as well what I'll do a video so anyways that to say I really wanted to do this video even though as you can see there's a lot of substance to it but you know we're just crafting together and so and so that's good so I really did have fun doing my living room I forget how much I enjoy you know sort of reflux our living space you know that use that used to be my life for a lot of years that was my creative endeavor because I'm raising my kids my pork I didn't have time to do much other crafting I mean I did some sewing and stuff but and I crocheted and did things like that but nothing like what I do now which is kind of the blessing of this time of life kind of get to do what you want so anyway um but I you know I would take a whole weekend and just like redo everything I had Mary Englebright magazines that I subscribed to and I just would see her pictures of her house and want mine to look just like it okay so actually I wanted to kind of go through my book and see I guess it's gonna be I think I'll put these in here though so before that the coffee died and with six signatures I kind of handle it like I did my multiple my multiple journals I grabbed my bone folder to get that nice and crisp I kind of do it like doing the multiple journals that I just do every signature pretty much in the same order now granted that they'll have different there you know they'll be different papers in it so but but yeah what read yeah so I have been working really hard today this is like my resting time but that is also another one of the blessings that retirement my husband actually said this he said you know the great thing about retirement is he said you've had changing the living room around on your list for a long time but it doesn't really matter when you do it like bless you for saying that because it needed you know the nice thing about rearranging it is you can you can also really clean you know like I did I found this wood polished stuff for wood floors a teaching max that it's something like I think it's like baling and Parker or Parker and Bailey something like that it it's good stuff and you know you just spray it on and with a just a slightly damp mop go over it and man does it make those floors shine I'm looking at him like oh my gosh I really you know what I'm gonna switch those two look at how that's just purple just like that I'm going to switch these two signatures I think

anyhoo yeah so did that this morning so I'm feeling out of that one okay yeah so anyway been busy and it was supposed to rain here which was kind of part of my thought with you know supposed to be a rainy day so you know i carded all rearranged and lit a candle and all that and now it's not supposed to I don't know I keep trying to cozy down for the duration but it just blows around us or whatever so the other thing I did besides going through my papers was I kind of started looking at ephemera I think it was Eugene that said you know I she looks at one of my older videos where I was working with some ephemera that I had is she said something about looking at your old ephemera and you know kind of making it fit a current project you know like you know do do some layering on it or you know fufu it up a little bit too to go with a current project and I need to do that because you know it's like she said we get big stashes and that's a good way to Whittle them down a little bit okay so did that let's um just swallow these are here in handy let's do the whatever I did with them let's do the ones from a tattered or not a tattered dream ones from tsunami rose and Artemis okay so we'll just pop these in between okay I think I want them right I have some coffee bag paper there or what if we made those the middle I was actually thinking of those last the last batch for the middle so let's put these up for it oh the Artemis ones can just be folded in half that's gonna be cute there and then we use like I'm gonna fold this one right there and i think i think these are more probably more meant for like journaling cards are some things but so i may have to put some some fun little edgings on them or something but like that

so like I say they're close to the same but not quite yeah so this one has been quite the quite the adventure so far anyway I couldn't believe how well constructed that book was jeez I was so nervous because I mean that's not my book Donna sent it to me too to make her Vince so it's like but it all turned out just fine little tall I might have to take a little skosh off the top of those not these ones but starting newest ones that one is pretty much in half they've got little blank spots here so that'll be fun I can do something fun their

signatures done and oh I pulled out some old music - I don't remember cuz I wanted to show you guys that because it's really a cool and ask your opinion on something to check to but let's do those other pages really quickly got a look at this phone and make sure it's yep it's recording that's good oh my gosh cuz of course I blathered on I think I had already filmed for like 23 minutes I was like burn it oh gosh but that's right that's the worst thing that happens to me today it's gonna be pretty good too so yeah I found a couple of really fun little ephemera items but I just I feel like I have a lot more than I want to go through before I know I want to do

anyway I have a lot more to go through because I only got through a little bit and you know this this is time it's a fun subject and loves it all that beautiful it's like making a Valentine's book but not really

oh wait I heard you were you yelling at me because we were gonna do these is the middle of the signature good job guys thanks for yelling at me thanks oh my goodness what would I do without you and you think I don't hear you yes I do

yeah it's nice to use some of this paper together I've had for a while in my stash from my store closing you know okay so this one I wanted this part to be what we see oh my gosh look at that eight inches is right on the line of lucky journaling card or whatever but so I want that to be the middle I'm not gonna embellish it then she can see all the all this stuff yay so I don't know if you're watching Dinah but if you are comment on these videos because I want to know how you think I'm doing unless you think something that I've done is good just going for it here give me a few guidelines and then say go for it so on that's what I'm doing so what I'm doing okay so this one doesn't have anything so we don't need to worry about you know what's gonna show or anything

so I'm kind of thinking this one ink will do this is the middle and we might want to do something to decorate the middle of that so they don't all have to be the same by any means it's just will say that okay wow this paper


gonna be a random page in there he's not gonna be the middle because we can do that right okay all right okay so middle pages and then this one is gonna just be app it just be page choose the page well maybe well maybe just see where it looks fun and put it there okay so this and grab our signatures okay so yes we want where so I'm thinking that one time is in the middle ish yeah okay that's pretty pink one maybe it'll just be the first signature just pop along from there I know you guys have watched me put signatures together but I have I've been so busy doing journals I haven't had time to like set up a video of something new to teach or anything like that I just been I just been turning it on when when I'm working down here so I hope that that's okay with you guys and they're just not tired of watching me do the same thing I mean really doing journals is pretty repetitive you know I mean some of the steps in anyway okay so I kind of want that Cardinal okay just wanted to be sure to include it you know

that one right in here happy little red Cardinals okay I need to trim those but I could do that off-camera do we want to look at these let's see where we at timewise we're good okay so let's pick six of these out I know I want

okay so these have a little making my cutter angry

and the only other thing I need to decide with these papers is do we want to go in half or do we want to go you know do we want to go no but it's fun cuz these have these have two sides to them too okay so now the question is I think we're just doing I did some other I think these are like 8x8 or something and I did some other ones my bone folder guys let me shout it out yep there it is sorry you couldn't see it so you were of no help these are just fun papers I'm excited I think I'll maybe put a few more coffee bad ones in there okay anyway I don't know what I was talking about totally lost my turning back fun and maybe I can get some ephemera kind of collected together and figure it out before tomorrow and do a little video tomorrow

we might do

the fun thing about like these pages are is that they're all you know all sorts of different colors so you can use whatever colors you want don't create a paper which is fun and then next I'm going to grab that music book and then

right there so I'll show you in a second

okay fun yay alrighty then so next I want to look at this music paper and I'll show you this look at this book you guys this is I got this at an estate sale I think I'm going to see the book is it looks like about 13 by 10 and so and it's got but it's got music in it think so but it's got some it's got some really look at how yellowed and fun those are and somewhere in here it's got some really cool look at that

these are heavy though and I know she wants to do almost like scrapbooking in it so those are written on like somebody's and these done their musical exercises and this is all in German so I'm going to take some of these pages out to use in this book but my question for you is so my question for you is the cover you know I've been thinking about doing some glue books my friend Diane H she had some on her channel that she sold and I tried to get one I wasn't quick enough and she's thinking about doing some but I was thinking of having that on my list too because I just have a lot of papers and stuff that it'd be fun to just put you know a whole bunch of different papers in that could be glued over the top or not or whatever so I'm thinking about but my question for you is and if you don't mind commenting below and let me know what you think is the 13 by 10 is is this cover too big for that it's so cool and old in its thick the spine is trashed but I could use the two covers I was thinking for one adult so anyway just let me know what you think let me know what you think because because you know heaven knows I need more projects no I don't need more projects but I keep more that I want to do I can use some of those cool features just in this book

put a couple pages together and you know why she taped the spine or something I think it could be kind of cool but let me know what you think well I will be excited to see what you think because the back is the back is cool too I mean it's it shows signs of age but to me that just makes it even all the more cool and I could easily just take it apart right there I think so anyway tell me if you think that's a good idea or not or whatever

good I think so this way I mean they're close to fitting but I want them a little bit I hate to cut off too much because that's the pretty yellow to part you know but eight inches is basically the music the white space that's right so we get our cut this way first I'll just line them up on that line on my trimmer not quite on that line on my trimmer because there's kind of some cool writing there all right

where am I at okay that's about eight yeah awesome so we can put these in what they're doing timewise oh we are getting there aren't we so yeah these he's worth see we have not counting the little book won't count that half page ten this will be 11 I don't know I mean I think I'll put in some more coffee guys and stuff so I think these will end up with about 15 pages per per signature god that's nice paper that's gonna be great she was wanting it kind of girly so I think I've got I've got some lace attached and then I'll show you I grabbed I grabbed these envelopes they're all about the same size and one's a little smaller this white one's a little smaller but I'm thinking about maybe doing a little decorating on those I also thought about doing a fall on him but that's a lot first to do six so I don't know but maybe wonder if we could knock him out because what I was thinking is if I do the full front on him then she could tuck pictures in here so so let me know what you think about that - I mean that I could do it I could do that I could we could do a craft with me and see how many I could get done in an hour that would be kind of fun thanks as always for letting me talk through things play sounding boards okay well maybe that's the next thing we'll do is do this I have all these strips that I could put in his half sheets but everybody got a sheets in there so we could do yeah we could do envelopes or at least do a couple I think that would be nice though to have a pocket that she could put some pictures in okay we'll do it he'll do it all righty let's see where do we want the music doesn't really my way of deciding where to put things is not very scientific I like how that looks okay

the butterflies just make sure that's so I can tell my husband here a few that he can come watch football and I will trim these down need to be trimmed down and kind of get ready for tomorrow maybe maybe more blanks in here paper in there or at least paper that she can write on you know okay guys well you helped me get good let's see how they look in the book now yeah it's a lot it's a lot fuller now and with embellishing and stuff so I'm not sure well you know coffee dyed paper doesn't take up that much although these envelopes what I was thinking of doing is putting them like on on an edge like this so they almost become another page don't they

and yeah it almost becomes like another page so no maybe a couple of coffee diet papers so thanks everybody for crafting with me um I hope you're excited about my new project I really am so let's see the two things on the comments if you'll let me know if you think that music book is okay as far as like a glue book size or too big and then also if you'll let me know what should think oh I was gonna ask you about the faux friend envelopes but we kind of already decided that we're gonna do that next so that's awesome okay well let me know about the music book and we'll go from there so thanks everybody so much for watching

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