Learn Lebanese Arabic Lesson 16 (Verb To Eat)

by: Learn Lebanese Arabic with Hiba Najem

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hello today's lesson and the conjugation of verb to eat because verb I am and verb to be is difficult and it's not clear to do it until I banish dialect we're going to learn it step by step with the sentences but for the conjugate conjugation I chose the virtue eat let's start with the present tense verb to it I eat Anna they could you eat for a man in top taken for a woman and take take leg and a vehicle and the taken in depth Eckland he eats who be a cold she eats yet taken we eat Nana Nicole no Nicole you eat group you eat in to take law into take long they eat he'll be a club he'll be a clock I eat another cone end up taken empty take me who vehicle he taken Nana Nana cool in to take low hanging be a clue I'm done I'm going now to say it the way the Lebanese say it not very I want stress Annabel cone entity cool entity clay who vehicle here take old Magnum nicole hanna be a clue I will continue with the present super I am Not sure I forgot it present continuous the one we say we use ing like I am eating now I live in Nashville now I'm going to do the mountains not because on a vehicle it's in general I it it was to us for example but I am eating now solid I will do it now I know okay it's very very simple because it's it's the same like the present tons but for the present continuous we use the keyword and it's um so in general it's a vehicle for now Anna um vehicle the same on a vehicle general and a Humvee achill now okay Anna I'm vehicle you are eating enter um tech old man in the I'm ticklish woman so I represent the now he is eating who are me a cold she is eating he um tickle we are eating Nana um Nicole you are eating group into um tableau they are eating honey um yeah clue Anna um bacon and time taken until aunt Eckler who I am vehicle here I'm tickled Nana Nicole in Toronto Blue Hen they are da club I got lost I don't know let's continue with the past tense of the verb to eat Anna I ate Anna i canít i canít presidents and a vehicle fast Anna a Calot you eight enter a Calot for a man into a cavity for a woman into a Calot man and a Celtic Woman he ate and Hui I can she ate he acolyte we ate Nana a calneh they ate honey a callow I will tell you something with the night now we know it's general it's now night now means we a Cal now it's all its general and like for example verb to drink Nana na na a Cal no it's not represent the group dance and with the past tons and also in the past tense the pronoun they him nay it's representing the I can do pinnacle oh wow or oh hello okay so Anna I caressed Anita I call it empty I can't a who way I can hey I can it honey hello so let's listen Nana a calneh and then hidden a acolo into a car toe into a cult oh okay now the future turns the future and like I told you the present continuous you have the key word and it's um with the future tense you have also the key word it's ha ha so I will eat Anna rah equal you will eat anta practical in the right Tecla for women he will eat hoorah yeah cool she will eat he era they're cool we will eat Nana na Nicole you will eat for group into la take look they will eat honey rah yay club so under hey cool interactive here interactively boom we're here cool rhaenyra table nee-naw nee-naw here Chlo don't talk not a clue so now you know the present tense the present continuous and the past and the future ok ok so this is my last night it's short it's clear study it and it's you can use it with a lot of words actually because the pronouns are the same Anna and up and a Hui here Nana into Hindi ok or hidden it into it's the same I Anna you enter enter he who she he me Nana you for group into they honey okay okay so let's now learn a sentence with the verb to eat in the future now I will say I will eat tomorrow a salad okay I say an ax equal book row tomorrow means book club another a cool book Qura salad or salato another a code book Russell Otto okay let's learn the same with the past yesterday I ate a salad very iCal it so lotto better okay salata okay so fast an for for everyone who is eating now it means Bon Appetit for everyone who's sitting now and enjoy the lesson thanks a lot for commenting and last video I told you that I am now teaching on skype but I will tell you to visit this link and not because of I am teaching because I'm not really teaching now I don't have time but in this side you have a lot of useful teachers that can teach you on how to with the Arabic and this side is learn Arabic live and it's down it's down the neck okay have a

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