iKON- Rhythm Ta MV Reaction

by: Triple BEI

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attention hey heads bay Becky Emily so Victoria will be reacting to icons another icon video its reasons homie if you haven't seen our reaction to icons dumb and dumber watch that first yeah okay and so we're gonna try to get ivy to learn names too so we're the top let's go Bobcats are in here whoa and three two one I thank you my like you you mind like I'm Tom I think you've already before I first I'm gonna be you all right but after a while Oh


teeth don't yeah yeah let your teeth back okay so I need things dominic has really nice teeth that's the first thing you know minutes you have this favor what enemy was the agro ecology that one yeah oh my god do they have anything for talks maybe just strip it off look Maggie oh I love that part they look at you or hockey

yah yah boys you know I'll leave you know a deeper kimono position

you like

opposite shit all it's that obvious thing I dunno it's looking good with cursing sorry he was really good with it one here yes it's because it's up uh oh you know also I also like with blonde hair that's not the problem yeah oh my god I have a lot of people upon hearing it though yeah you got it she got like three names down you know like whoa you know bi you know you know you know bubbly and it's kind of like the POAS general kind of teeth jin-hwan fucking beers we should explain our nicknames because the first yeah we reacted to with apology but but it got cut so I couldn't post it so let me just explain what nicknames be good all right old you guys that the money from day six doom or do want yes we're definitely good people go like this yeah he's like yeah so teeth is don't yet because an apology the first thing IV noticed you like donuts yeah she was like nice really nice and if I should say Facebook she don't know I'm only with the show you guys and then bi is Bo because of the typo I love you make a tackle it's coming he's not literally be oh shoot me funny okay that's very funny and then Bobby we all know have yeah abbs Joe I know he's cute I smile yeah and then fluffy my face is jin-hwan cuz he looks fluffy big fluffy a thing big thing is that thing make it anything I don't know if you the thing I know people call him the cinnamon cinnamon roll yeah that makes sense cuz he looks at the cinema no like not one of y'all been shedding a lot on okay so fluffy is jin-hwan um you and I don't really have a nickname for him I just come to even hyung is doing yeah Chandra was childhood no trouble is turning because Chad version but I know China I know their faces now be sure what do you call Dom you don't you oh yeah hon you the view yeah yeah we got it we got it thanks we got whoo so thanks for watching guys married to light comment and scarlet and request bye


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Hey, it's BEI with another iKON MV reaction! If you haven't watched our reaction to Dumb & Dumber, be sure to watch that one first because this video is a continuation of our trying to learn more about iKON. WE GOT iKON DOWN, HOLLAaAAa! As always, please like, comment, subscribe, and request! ♥ (also make "fluffy" a thing bc yes) Background Music: iKON- Dumber & Dumber iKON- What's Wrong Follow Us on Twitter! ^^ Becky's: https://twitter.com/jjunheong?lang=en

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