(Iron Man) Tony Stark - Revival

by: EMM

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is this the last act of defiance of the great Tony Stark yeah mine was back start when I'm done out of humanity will still be oh my they hope they remember you that is your legacy stop it better to be feared or respected I say is it too much to ask for both I shouldn't be like most of us fairies I just finally know what I have to do I know in my heart that it's right you're stalling to protect the people that is the mission isn't that the mission it's nothing why we fight so we can end the fight so we get to go home every time someone tries to win and walk before it starts innocent people die this is how um Tony nothing's been the same since New York gods aliens other mentions I'm just a man and can't but honey I can't sleep you go to bed I come down here I do what I know I take her threat is imminent and I have to protect the one thing that I can't live without that's you my suit sturb ashamed they're part of me you know it's about to happen say something if you don't you're granite [Music] Olivia den what is and always will be my greatest creation is you and I know you did the best he could

this isn't gonna change what happened I don't

part of the journeys the end when I drift off I will dream about you so nice you you're all I have to know I deserve better well you've taken such good care of me been in a tough spot and he got me through it so it's all moan that man always dies I wasn't ready was a nightmare was my legs I mean if you died like that song [Music] the end of the path I started us on

I am Iron Man [Music]


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