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by: Kelly Latevola

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hi guys it's Kelly here and I am back with another video for marker pop and today we're going to be using let it snow by the greeting farm and this is the first grading firm set I have ever owned and I have to tell you I think it's completely door wall and I couldn't wait to get this bear inked up I just thought it was super cute with this little mug and scarf and it gives you the ability to you know doodle make it your own so I wanted to give them a little partner and crying there so just have an extra piece of packaging I'm going to do the mirror technique so I'm going to ink up my stamp I'm going to stamp it on to my acetate and then I'm going to flip it over and stamp it with acetate except you have to be careful if you can see there up top where it's smushed when you're stamping on acetate it's very slick surface so you have to go straight down straight up and it's very easy to smudge it so fortunately it's also very easy to clean it up if you just take some alcohol and a cotton pad rag whatever you can just wipe it off I use the same packaging over and over again every time I do the mirror stamping I just have it on the side of my desk just chillin waiting for it to get used so this time the impressions sorry about my head there I was trying to make sure everything was lined up correctly and I'm not so much rubbing it as I am patting it because I don't want to smear those lines so I'm just trying to give it some good pressure and you can see it comes up it's a very light image but that's okay because it gives us enough that we can recreate it I wanted to make his partner a little lady bear so I wanted to give her a bow I didn't worry about masking it because that other image or other impression was so light that I knew once I colored over it was really going to show through so I just outlined the whole image with a copic multiliner because i'm going to be water coloring and those are waterproof I'm going to make her scarf a little polka dot and I'm going to give him some stripes and you can do this you know whatever pattern you like or leave them or one pattern one salad I mean it's really totally open to how you want your image to look since I'm more of a clean and simple card maker I feel like adding these little details helped make my cards more interesting because my layout isn't always super interesting so just going to you know do those little stripes and then I'm actually going to be using zig clean clean clean clear clean clear markers today to do my water coloring and how I like to approach them I like to use them with water you don't need to use them with water if you want more intense color but I that's how I prefer to use them so lay down a little bit of my lightest color and then I went back in with my dark I didn't go out as far as I should have when I was doing this with the lightest color so I end up having to go back in and do it again it's not a big deal it's not a ton of moisture and I'm working on Canson I quell aquarelle I never know how to say that um watercolor paper so it's it's totally not a huge deal so I'm just going to go in and stretch out that lighter color a little farther into my image they are larger so you want to make sure you you know you're putting down enough pigment to carry coloring the whole image so once I'm done with that I am using a number two round brush from the artist sloth and how I prefer to do my coloring with these is to lay down water in the areas with no pigment so just where it's clean I'm putting clean water and then I will take the clean water to my pigment versus putting a wet paintbrush into your pigment and then carrying it out if you do that you're going to get one color all throughout the whole image and that's not what I wanted I want to be the natural blending or bleeding that the watercolors do on their own so that's just the best approach that I have found for it maybe you do want you know more solid color then you know start in the pigment and pull out you want less or more variation to your water coloring start in the clean area and go into the pigment so here I'm just you know I'm doing the same thing every single time I'm starting in the clean area and these Zig markers they put down a lot of pigment and it stays on your marker like a lot so you do need to be cleaning your brush off in between each area in order for it to stay clean and then I actually at one point I don't her ear did not get a whole lot of pigment so I actually just like dip my brush in one of the areas where it's wet and carry it over to her ear because like I said they're they're immensely pigmented and it's just it's just a day run they run everywhere which if that's the look you're going for is kind of awesome you just I guess need to know your medium where like distress inks do run just not as much these the color really changes when you add water and like I said if you don't if you want a more true color you don't have to use water with them here I wanted to make her oh here's where I'm going to take it and carry it up to the years but I wanted there to be more shading so I just scribbled the darker Brown onto an acrylic block and then I can add water and then pick that up with my paintbrush and use it to just drop in the areas that are still wet it's important to note that my areas are still wet that's why they're blending naturally if you try to add more pigment to an area that is dry you're going to get a harder line which again depending upon the look you're going for is totally okay it just depends on what you like I don't when I'm coloring images I don't like that hard line if I'm doing something a little more loose with florals or something then I like a mix of hard and soft edges but if I'm coloring you know something like this where it's a outline image I'm gonna take a pass on the on the hard edges so once I'm done doing that I went ahead and colored the gray bear and I did that oh I'm gonna add some around her little coffee well it's actually ends up being hot chocolate because I add some marshmallows at the end but I'm filling in those coffee cups and then I did go ahead and color the gravy I did everything exactly the same way but I didn't show it because bar color is really time consuming this whole card took me about an hour and 20 minutes to from start to finish so completely putting it together and I just didn't assume anybody would want to have to watch an hour you know 20 minutes of me doing motor color so here I'm just I'm using the black marker to do their noses I left a little bit of a highlight on top so I'm only adding the pigment on the bottom and then a little bit to the sides and like I said I colored him exactly the same way and now I'm going to start in there what's over there accessories that's what I was trying to think of their accessories so for this red I have the 36 set and the red that came with it is this carmine red it's when you add water to it it really turns into pink like bad um which is I mean depending again upon what you're using it for can be pretty but I wanted it to be a bit deeper so I'm actually using a brown as my darkest shadow for my Reds and this is just to give it that more red feel I really do need to purchase I know they have like a scarlet or a burgundy um a friend of mine handed a retreat so I know exists I really should probably buy that one but it didn't come in my set so I'm just going with what I got making it work the wonderful thing about watercolors bothers many but one of them is that you can blot up color if you feel like everything got too dark and I did feel like her scarf there was no variation it was just one solid color in smaller areas it's really hard guys I mean it just is it's really hard to get any sore of blending because you don't want to add too little pigment because you don't want to add too much too much water too little water blah blah I mean you know what I'm saying so if something gets a little too color saturated just blot it up just get a dry cloth and pick it up and it'll pick up the moisture as well as pick up some pigment so it can really be a life saver if you have added maybe a bit too much like I did there so here I'm just going in with his stripes I decided that I was going to do them yellow green and red this is a set that says let it snow but I ain't ready for snow yet you're lucky I'm even acknowledging the fact that it's fall here because I love summer so much and it makes me so sad to see it go every year so when I head into the stripes and then I just carried that over into her scarf as well I'm a big fan of carrying your colors throughout your card I feel like it gives a more cohesive look so that's ready I just stuck with with the same colors for all of their accessories and that here later on in the yellow I did get some red bleeding into it and I fixed it again just by blotting it up and letting it dry and moving on you know and adding adding more pigment to get more yellow and less orange so they're their little mugs I decided I was going to color them running green and they would be darker where they are holding the mugs so um you know like I usually do I went through and now I'm going to start in the clean area and then pull that down into the pigment um for hers I actually think that I just did it all in one fell swoop because there was so there was just such a little area here I'm attempting which I did not like I'm not going to lie to you you know we all tried different things some things work some things don't I'm not going to pretend like this worked for me it didn't I'm trying to do the ground to give them an area to stand on and I'm going to go in with a little bit of a bigger brush this is how I get soft edges in my backgrounds larger areas I lay down a lot of clean their water first and then I go back in and touch the pigment starting with the clean area down just like the same way that I shaded my images and then that way the color blooms out into the clean clear water I just couldn't get the depth that I wanted with this so you know what that means we're going with copics and there's nothing wrong with mixing mediums you know whatever look you're trying to achieve if you can get it all with watercolor or you can get it all with copics or you mix the two like again this is going to be whatever works for you and I'm much more comfortable with my copics when it comes to shadows and shading so that's what I'm doing I mean that it worked out fine it doesn't you know it isn't a drastic difference between oh like you can totally you know tell they don't go together they don't mesh well they they mesh well just I mean they must just sign together so here I'm doing a little bit of a shadow onto the bears just to give them just a little more depth you know this is like I said I'm a clean and simple card maker so I got to do what I can yet to do what I can to make my cards interesting um and even here I originally you know did their shadows and I didn't like the depths of their nose I didn't feel like I got really good shading there so I went and fixed that because um you know at the end of the day you got to be happy with the result and don't give up on it just because you couldn't do it with watercolors or you know you couldn't do it with whatever medium you started with like hang on to those babies keep working them and you know everybody comes up with things that they don't like or aren't sure of or whatever so I just keep sticking in there until I'm happy with it and in some white gel pen just add a little white highlight to their noses where the light would hit and here I'm going to go back in and I'm going to fix this ground because I'm just not pleased so I'm using the same warm Gray's that I used before for the shadows and just putting down a lot more color and I really ended up liking this so much better like I can't even tell you how it was just so much better and you know it just it makes that coloring pop a little bit more to me to have those those shadows and that shading and I just went lightest to darkest darkest to lightest just like I always do with my copics I feel like that gives me the best blend and then I decided I was going to make them oh right the coffee mugs that wasn't dark enough either like at all and then like a couple little dots add some little marshmallows in there I wanted my little bears to be in love they had the cutest little stay cozy sentiment that was included in the set and I thought it was adorable since I wasn't going for a winter card I was going more for fall so I went ahead and stamped that I'm sorry it got weird my head was in the White House trying to line up I used a stitched die to cut that panel down and then I'm just adding some foam to it I'm real careful when I do this to make sure I get the corners because I don't want it to lift up on me and I'm mounting that and it's just some Kraft cardstock and I decided to offset it a little bit again for some more interest so that's pretty much the card I did add some wink of Stella all the colors on I use will be listed on the marker pop blog and thank you so much for joining

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