NBA 2k12 My Player: Wilt's 100 Point Record in Jeopardy | Triple-Double | All-Star LeBron 9's

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[Music] yeah that I Drive a Lambo got a lot of money I'm sexy no home what's going on everybody it's the man of our qjv aka Cleveland and I got this NBA 2k12 my player featuring the hometown hero mister quad of neil bridges and we're at home taking on the Hawks again why are we always facing the hawk salmon but oh people right out of the gate I gotta come up with a nasty dunk on the Hawks I'm sorry I'll and the fans that I got to do your team like this nothing personal I don't know it just seemed like we planned them all the time and it's a I'm on that Hall of Fame of course now I got something special for you today I'm going for the single-game scoring record look at Tarzan going wild I called Tyrus Thomas Tarr Tarzan cuz he always a wild man after he do some so I'm going for the scoring record single single game scoring record set by Wilt Chamberlain in 1962 huh net point game and so I'm gonna try to break that we're gonna see how that goes and I'm going up right here with a easy layup now let me set this up for you real quick as you see Earl blinken's in the pain again come on why is he always down there getting be stood on I know Neal bridges is in his name so as you know I normally play on 10 minute quarters for this game I set it on 12 minutes so I have a better chance of getting this record um I'm on Hall of Fame default settings and no people you can't change the sliders on my player some people were saying I turn my sliders all the way up some people said I got a hack my player first of all I don't even know how to hack and I'm on fire and second of all hour at a time the heck I'm barely you know barely struggling to get these videos up in a timely manner look at Tarzan again wow that dude is wild I tell you when Neil Bridges and Tyrus Thomas go to the club I know Tyrus Thomas is the one that that leaves and you know leaves out the club stumbling because that boy's Wow new bridges is a designated driver look at it steel I'm gonna take this in and get here yeah people were telling me to wear those all star LeBron nines with the Bobcat uniform I tell you those things are sweet ap look at that John look who's down in the pain again the midget Earl Boykins and I'm running around everybody going into the pain I get the bucket and the foul dusted my shoulders off like a beast but um I forgot what I was talking about our people were saying I had a hack my player now that's not the case a lot of haters I don't know why y'all can't admit when someone's good at a game I don't know what what's what's the deal with that y'all just don't want to give anybody no props you know and I'm going into paint with another layup Atlanta Hawks are mad at Neal bridges cuz I'm always beating on him and look at me backing him up look at this move going up with the up and under so going for this record put it on 12 minutes and I'm going up with the alley you get the layup setting this game on 12 minutes I don't see how some of y'all play on 12 minutes it just it seemed like it took me forever I don't know the game seemed long and drawn-out that's why I normally just play on 10 minutes hall of fame and um yeah 12 minutes is crazy so you see I got 37 in the second quarter and I'm coming down to the paint with another easy layup I was going for this record and I was trying I was seriously trying and look at that alley-oop off the inbound pass going up high slamming it down hard that's my one of my new signature moves right there I'm always calling for the alley when we taking it out on the side and I'm running past everybody getting a dunk Marvin Williams I know you went to UNC but dog this is the NBA you got to get up higher on that one if you want to block the beast and look at his spin move I'm coming down to the paint giving me the pump fake I got another easy layup so I was seriously trying for this record and I know I didn't get many assists well actually knowing probably but I was really trying to go for this this record so I was just doing all the scoring whoo look at that move going in with another basket I'm on the three-point line I throw it up I get the trade by the foul now I'm spinning off hit him with the crossover going in the paint on Earl Boykins he's always guarded me for some reason I don't know why and I'm running by everybody going in with another dunk it's so easy to do that when they're playing full-court pressure our defensive look you just run by hold that turbo are you off to the races right there and now I'm driving down I see Tyrus Thomas I throw it up for him I had to do that and I get my first iciest I know y'all love when I say that so I had to throw him one I just couldn't let that opportunity pass and I'm going up with my own alley-oop your boy came a walkathon Neal bridges one and I get a steal right here going up with a little reverse dunk right there blue 180 done and I'm cherry-picking like a mug coming down to the paint with another layup over Boykins I'm in his nightmares people I'm telling you and I'm driving down going in here need i say any more and now we are out here on the break off the steel I'm going down to the paint running them over and I get the bucket and the foul so we go into the line for another one we halfway through the third quarter what's our Staten Island six rebounds one assists look at those shoes man I'm telling you those shoes are beautiful and it's a so we doing our thing right here inching into this record I get another dump so of course every quarter my goal was to get you know pretty much about 25 points as I throw this 3-ball up so my goal for every quarter was about 25 points and right now we're doing our thing you know I got what's that mate I got 78 points now I'm backing up Boykin spinning off I get another layer so I was pretty sure right right about this time that I'm gonna get the records and we're in the fourth chord I'm coming down to the pain I get another two-minute done so I was pretty sure I was gonna get it you know it was just a matter of when and I was um we were blowing up the Hawks and I was like okay so what if I come what they sub me out you know to kale sub you Oh without you even knowing when so I was kind of nervous like man please don't let them set me out so I was trying not to get any files and right here I make team history I broke my previous scoring record back and I'm up look at this the up and under once again my feet and I know I'm ball hogging like a mug this game but I'm trying to get the record look at that dunking I'm on fire getting hyped over here coming down to the pan again I ain't gonna pass it to nobody I'm gonna go ahead and take this up get my 94th point of the game so I got more points than the Hawks well now they 192 and they got 94 but now I got 94 so I got just as many points as the Hawks right man and now I'm coming down to the paint look at that strength I get 98 right there but look at this people look what happens I get a foul and they sub me out with 25 seconds Oh so unfortunately I'm not gonna get it right here but hey I do get this rebound right here make my attempt rebound I do get a triple-double out of this whole thing so I'm out to try this again next time hopefully we'll get it in the next game I ended up getting like 11,000 skill points with all the milestones and as always folks swear and I'm Duncan and they wanna be like me you JT Britain elsewhere as has gone me bridges cats way brings cats way and I'm done and any bad marijuana JB hey bridges got swag oh my pleasure shots and we never misses that best risk I swear we have I double dipped stuff and won the right power when I got Henderson got to be a great feeling setting the team record for points tonight how does it feel to achieve such an accomplishment it's something to be proud of for sure to be up there at the top of the list of some pretty impressive players that have been here before me is a great honor I never really thought of myself as being in that class now I just hope I can stay hot and turn that into some wins for

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NBA 2k12 My Player: Wilt's 100 Point record in jeopardy | Triple-Double | All-Star LeBron 9's My NBA 2k12 my player, Mr. Quad-Dub Neal "Air" Bridges is leading the Charlotte "Lob City" Bobcats at home to take on the Atlanta Hawks. The MVP is making an attempt to break a 50 year old record set by Wilt Chamberlain in 1962. Wilt scored 100 points and Neal Bridges wants to try to break it while equipped with his All-Star LeBron 9's. How to alley oop How to play NBA 2k12 How to dunk How to use an Athletic SF How to create an nba 2k12 my player How to make a good my player Tags: "NBA 2k12 My Player" "NBA 2k12 Gameplay" "NBA 2k12 Official Trailer" "NBA 2k12" "Athletic SF" "Hall of Fame" "Xbox 360" PS3 "Kemba Walker" "Wilt Chamberlain" "Tips and Tricks" "Tutorial" "Rookie Roster" "NBA Debut" "NBA Draft" "NBA Finals" MVP "Mr Clutch" "Lob City" "Lob City Clips" "Charlotte Bobcats" "Oklahoma City Thunder" "The Black Mamba" "Kobe Bryant" "Los Angeles Lakers" "NBA all star game 2012" "NBA all star weekend" "Kevin Durant" "Jeremy Lin" "Michael Jordan" "The Big 3" IpodKingCarter GameFaceStudios Machinima MachinimaSports "NBA 2k12 my player Chris Smoove" "Chris Smoove" xJawz FPSRussia "2K Sports" IGNentertainment MessenjahMatt dcoopson mroperationsports smoove7182954 QJB "Chris Smoove" NBA 2k12 My Player NBA 2k12 My Player NBA 2k12 My Player NBA 2k12 My Player NBA 2k12 My Player NBA 2k12 My Player NBA 2k12 My Player NBA 2k12 My Player NBA 2k12 My Player NBA 2k12 my player Chris Smoove NBA 2k12 my player Chris Smoove
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