VeggieTales: Hope's Song - Veggie Tune

by: VeggieTales Official

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♪ there is a story that started on Christmas when a baby was born in the night and those who came far who followed this star were seeing a heavenly sight a Heavenly Sighttt ♪

♪ well the years hurried by and the boy now a man could make the blind see with the touch of his hand he was born to be king he was rabbi and priest the best that he had he gave to the least he gave to the least ♪

♪ he was born and he died almost 2000 years he laugh and he cried he felt all the fears we know but what doesn't matter a story so strange even if it true what does it change what does change--- ♪

♪ well he spoke like a prophet like no one they heard this simple young carpenter crowds hung on every word he hated injustice he taught what is right he said I'm the way, the truth and the Light ♪ ♪ his friends soon believed that truly he was the on the savior, messiah, God' one and only Son but others they doubted they did not agree ♪

♪ so they took they tried he died on tree he died on tree ♪


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