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hi everybody David Earl here with another tip and trick for you we're going to be focusing on arranging and using logic some interesting ways and logic that we can do arranging so the first thing that I'd like to do is check out this song

took a nice intro there Nessa's own got a nice verse that's kind of our chorus section so what we would normally do is we place markers in here right and you'd have these markers so that you could locate very easily within the arrangement so to create markers you hit option ' so that would be what looks like our intro and then about here I'll put another marker and basically making a marker for every section of the song that's cool about this as I can using my keypad on my pro keyboard I can zip around between the markers just by hitting the numbers on the numeric keypad but on my cycle mode it'll automatically locate like the cycle mode will snap to the section that I have selected in the markers now markers are cool and I could go through and I could name the markers by hitting g2 of my global tracks name a marker intro and then tab verse tab chorus etc etc right so those are markers straight-up markers what our arrangement markers well let's look into room arrangement markers how are they different from markers well I'll turn my cycle mode off select my marker track delete my markers I'm going to go into the arrangement markers so you can choose to have the arrangement of markers by hitting option G and turning on arrangement there so when you hit the plus sign here it creates a marker and we can change the name of that marker to one of these main parts of our song they have intro verse chorus bridge and outro which are the main parts of any pop song right so I'll create an intro and then I want to find out where my verse starts probably here and I'll make my next arrangement marker now what's interesting is it's not going to place the arrangement marker directly next to my playhead I have to move it but what's very important when you're using arrangement markers you want to make absolutely sure that over here it says suspend content connection I'll show you why in a minute all right so I'm going to take this marker and delete it and then I'll take the intro and I'll expand it so you create a marker and then expand the marker to fit create the next marker and even though my playhead is way over here it's always going to go to the right of the previous marker now it's automatically naming the arrangement markers so I got to change them another chorus and over here I think we have our bridge let me check nope another verse

all that I it's another verse section

love you and that's actually where that course words there's my chorus let's see what happens here oh that sounds like I know like it's gonna be the bridge closed up like was magical

but I'd like to thank her for haha

all right that's my bridge and then we go into our outro I'll just have the outro go here I'm gonna make two outros yeah there we go this one's slightly different


cool so there's all our arrangement markers right so it's a little different from how we use our other markers but these markers are very interesting they do some interesting stuff the first thing they do is if I turn this off suspended content connection if you move the marker you actually move that whole part of the song so check it out if I grab this outro and I move it to the left all of the regions that were underneath that outro are going to move as well so this is how you can very quickly move entire sections around and reorder your song so that's pretty cool it automatically slices all of the regions underneath the arrangement markers and then moves them together as a group shoving the other parts around so that everything makes sense so I'm going to undo that a little bit and I want to talk a little bit about how drummer can follow these arrangement markers because drummer which we can get by hitting this plus sign and choosing drummer it will automatically read the arrangement markers and it's going to try and play something that's appropriate for you section so here I got Darcy hi Darcy and if I hit solo we're going to listen to what Darcy is going to play for an intro so listen to the to the way that this drummer is going to change between intro verse and chorus so that's the intro and that's going to go into a verse

and then we get to a chorus so at each point the drummer is changing style depending on the arrangement markers which is really cool so arrangement markers are multi-layered multifaceted and very very cool what you want to be careful of is let's say you want to delete an arrangement marker well you got to make sure to go up to arrangement click on it suspend content connection because if you don't do that watch what happens if I go to the verse and hit a race takes everything with it all right so that's arrangement markers be very careful with them if you want to delete them suspend content and just delete them it's fine so that's how to use arrangement markers I hope you enjoyed that and definitely if you want to see more tips and tricks like this visit P if you're a music producer subscribe to our Channel and stay up to date on the latest pyramind tutorial videos track breakdowns elite sessions and more visit us at pyramind calm


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In this music production tutorial, Dave Earl aka SFLogicNinja shows us his favorite song arrangement tricks in Logic Pro X. He goes over how to create, name and navigate between markers in Logic. He also touches on arrangement markers and why they are different from regular markers. Dave also shows you how to get Logic’s Drummer to follow your arrangement markers. This is a must watch tutorial if you use Logic and want to improve your production workflow. Dave is a certified Apple Logic Pro 10 trainer and teaches our online Logic courses here at Pyramind. He has composed for video games, cinema, television and more.
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