6x10 : #5

by: windizeful2

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oh don't be mad I came back because I want to understand I'm not mad I just okay if you ever wanted something so badly you just know you're not gonna get it no that's right now I forgot I'm talking to of course you haven't but that was that was my whole life and the moment you walked away from me I knew there was no way I could ever pull you out of your world into mine but I couldn't give up the school trip to the intrepid museum yeah I overheard two girls talking about you in your white dress getting wet and now one girl thought that you would be a laughingstock you know and then and then everyone would be talking about you but then her friend said that's the point you're no one until you're talked about so you came home and you told all of this to Jenny and that was the beginning of gossip bro so you've had the power to reveal her identity this entire time come we have a mission we we who what what mission did you seriously not have any idea why I'm here what have you been doing for the last 12 hours [Music]

so obviously Gossip Girls known you all since ninth grade but it's doubtful that someone older would have cared about a bunch of freshmen so she's the same age or younger that's what we always figured but you went to different colleges after graduation she couldn't have followed all of you by that time it didn't matter she already built up her network of sources I mean she could have been anywhere in the world like at Sarah Lawrence where Eric van der Woodsen goes or maybe London where Jenny Humphrey lives I thought of that Eric maybe but Gossip Girl was pretty brutal on Jenny I mean no one would do that to themselves are you kidding battling Blair the fashion line even you had a crush on her Little J was my idol in seventh grade but I get your point is there anyone Gossip Girl ever went easy on someone she cared about that could be a clue the only selfless thing she ever did was shut down after Chuck and Blair's accidents although she did lead dan and Blair to Juliet after Serena was drugged that was the right thing to do I wasn't there a lot of stuff that she knew but didn't post until Serena went to war with her graduation maybe Gossip Girl was really our guardian angel spotted Chuck Bass back in Manhattan we hear he's on his way to turn himself in who's up for a little stakeout at the big house well so much for that theory Jack come on let's go [Music] take your time I mean whatever let's go [Music]

did you just say what I saw what are the chances that Serena Dan Nate and Georgina sparks all decided to check out the Warhol exhibit together zero come on Ali [Music]

come on Chuck sorry I couldn't call scared us oh so glad you're safe you know it's a little confused as to why we're all here you saying goodbye before you turn yourself in what does everyone look like they're here for a funeral man you're here for a wedding Oh Mike Blair deserves to be married with style surrounded by friends and family no bass man would let himself be stopped by a little thing like a tri-state APB hey not for the small talk we all have a job to do Blair and Chuck stay out of sight then we meet at the Bethesda Fountain and get married


Chuck and Blair are getting married this is the biggest Gossip Girl story ever [Music] you

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