Modern Florals with Geometric Shapes

by: Kelly Latevola

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[Music] hi guys it's Kelly here and I am back again with another video this video is actually part of Ulta news a fourth anniversary celebration blog hop so I'm using a couple of different products buy them today the trigonometry stamp set be forever and always stamp set and dies and that I'm also using the peony spray stamp set but I didn't show to you because I didn't know I was gonna use it at the beginning so here I have a piece of Neenah solar white cardstock it's cut down I am stamping one of the two rose bouquets that's included in the forever always set and it's funny because when I originally looked at the set like the way that the this particular bouquet is in the set it's like kind of on the side to the left and I was like wow that's a really weird arrangement but let me see what I can do with that and then I put it in my Misti to stamp it upright because I wanted to put it on a three inch piece of paper and or piece of paper like it's a notebook paper right piece of cardstock and then I realized how the orientation was actually supposed to look and then that totally changed my game plan for my whole card so funny how things worked out so we're gonna dive right into the coloring on this one I am using altar news artist markers they have three sets out a B and C I have all three of them and I'm using all three of them today and so I really just love these bouquets I'm a huge fan of any kind of flower stamp you know that but the bouquets were II don't have to build them myself really really like that so I'm going in with my lightest color and I'm mapping out where my shadows are gonna be with roses because they're such a multi puddled flower I usually go in and just do a very small line of color where I want my shadows to be and I don't on the first go-round I don't really stretch out the color any farther than just that one line is I you if you come here and you know that I usually use my copics um the only other alcohol marker that I have ever actually found that I liked are these artists markers I've tried other brands I think the one that kind of the reason that these ones kind of set apart is because they still do have the brush nib they are a cheaper price point than kopecks but they are not refillable so that's the difference with with copics do you buy that one marker you'll only ever buy it one so you'll be able to change the name you'll be able to refill the ink with these ones it's not not so much that way but it's definitely a cheaper price point if you want to try alcohol markers I would recommend them I think the nib on them is very good especially for getting into smaller areas like this rose I didn't have any issues at all we're like the nib was softer kind of mushy it was it stayed at a really good point and so I didn't have any trouble but anyway if you've never been here before then you don't know that I start at my lightest marker work out to my darkest from my darkest back into my lightest and that's just the way that I do it every time that's what's works for me you do whatever works for you so what I was going through and trying to pick out this color combination I had originally stamped a background because I told you I had a certain idea for how I was gonna do the card and so I stamped a full background with the trigonometry set and then you'll you'll see it later I didn't show it to you because I didn't end up using it I ended up changing the design but so it was just did this whole thing and it was like 30 minutes maybe not 30 minutes maybe I'm exaggerating like 20 on its worth of work and then I didn't even abusing it I'm hoping to maybe use it on another card because I do really like the way that it came out it just didn't make sense for this one so when I get out to my darkest color I'm not adding it to all like I'm not going over the line completely I'm only adding it to the parts that I want to be the darkest so where the petals are inset where there's several petals gathered together the center of the flower and now as I work my way back out to my lightest color I am going to start doing a little bit of those flicking motions and you'll see me start to turn my paper and the reason that I'm turning my paper is because when you're coloring when you're when you're doing the flicking you want the flicking to in the direction of the pedal so however the pedal is drawn if it's a pedal that is down into the right then you should be arcing your flicks your strokes so that they are down into the right so that they're rounded to follow that object in this case in my case it's a pedal one of the other things and it's probably been a while since I talked about it is creating kind of a wall of color which is what I just did on that pedal there and what I mean by a wall of color is all of your strokes and in the same spot so it just looks like there's no variation and things don't look like that in nature and it looks very manufactured and it's not something that I'm a fan of plus you want to as you go through you want to maintain a highlight highlights and shadows is what's going to give you dimension that's how you're gonna make it look like it's popping like this this flower is blooming on your paper is by having darkest darks and lightest lights now your two mid-tones in my case I have two because I use four colors but if you only use three you'll have one mid-tone that should be the color that you see the most of you should have minimal shadows minimal highlights for the most part of what you're coloring so here I'm out to my lightest color I'm just gonna go in and fill in any of those white areas that I still have showing I was relatively happy with how it turned out I feel like I had a little bit of trouble blending the third color into the second color just just a little bit of difficulty I believe these blue the little buds on the side are supposed to be colored green completely but I wanted another excuse to add in a little bit more color so I decided that I was going to add just a little bit of shading from the top down I'm going to do the same thing with the one up here on the left with this purple flower and this one is drawn just slightly different first of all it stuck behind the first one so you're automatically going to have the shadow along that line where they meet so anytime you have two objects one tuck behind another that's going to be a shadow on the object that's tucked behind I am you can see being a little bit freer with adding the flicks kind of right out the gate and this is because I am more surface area to work with it does have a very tight bud in the center but most of the other Leafs are Leafs petals most of the other petals are very open and so I can get away with doing those little flicks of color kind of right out the gate but as I get closer to the darkest color I'm I'm gonna bring it back down to that line until I can kind of figure out what I'm doing this is a very detailed stamp and in the center here it is a little bit difficult to kind of ascertain what's going on as long as you have some areas that are highlights in some areas that are low lights don't stress about it it's still gonna look like a rose so don't worry about that part and then same thing as before working out you know to the to the darkest color and back into the lightest so I'm gonna if you've been here before you know sometimes we have little chats about my day and in between that I will tell you what I'm doing with the coloring so if you watched my video yesterday from the hero arts blog hop you know I said today was a day today was the day no it was a day um so here's how my day went and I'm hoping you guys won't be able to sympathize with my situation so I have a a four year old son by little peanut and my little peanut wants to just be everywhere that his dad is and so I was my husband usually takes him to my parents house in the morning we decided that I was going to take him instead of my husband because I was going to be getting started later doing the things that I needed to do so my son's room is he he's all constantly woken up by the garage door is basically the gist of it so my husband Lee for work I wake up to him just screaming bloody murder oh my gosh you think yeah I mean it was just crazy and he's he's crying and I go in there and I'm like what is like what is the deal and he's like I thought daddy was taking you to Nana and Papas and like he's just totally inconsolable as he is his partly he's so heartbroken that he's gonna have to ride not in the truck but in the car and I don't understand why cuz like I have a luxury compact I don't get the deal but I know I'm not I'm not his daddy when he wants to go with Daddy it's totally fine so he is just completely inconsolable while he's crying he just completely is just losing his mind we I finally get him calmed down he will not go back to sleep he's gonna go ahead and get dressed for the day it had snowed the night before so I'm like make sure you're picking warm clothes he goes to open the drawer the drawer front of his dresser drawer like comes off on one side mmm just come hold eat Leigh like they're like pegs like it's not like screws it's like pegs that fit into each other and it just completely comes out so now I'm trying to get it back in I cannot taint it back in so the drawer front is like dangling off it's only connected on one side he picks out a polo shirt and I'm like you need to pick something warmer than that it's cold out it's very early in the morning the Sun is barely up there's snow on the ground I want to wear this one I mean I'm arguing with a toddler who is overtired who is crying and I'm like you know what you do you you want to wear that polo you wear that polo I'm gonna put one or coat on you anyway that's on you so we do that I Drive him over to my parents hallelujah praise Jesus for for grandparents who are who will babysit and watch watch kids so drive them over to my parents I come home I'm doing all the things that I need to get done my husband picks him up from my parents house brings him home I have not eaten all day I'm running on I have a t-shirt that says running on coffee and cuss words and that is Ola jet that was my day guys that was my day and so he brings him home I don't even have like time to even have like I have like minimal discussion I'm editing a video my little peanut is sitting on my lap while I'm doing that my husband made dinner I didn't even have time to eat I literally two hours ago it's now one o'clock in the morning by the way when I'm doing this voiceover I was eating my mother makes this thing we call them little chicken in my family little chickens are delicious basically what little chickens are is like almost like homemade chicken nuggets it's like chicken breast that is breaded and pan-fried and they're the best thing that you ever ate they're amazing look we fight over them like if my mom makes a little chicken like my sister's was like send me a text message and be like once mom's got little chicken like like it's a badge of honor and then I got to call my mom and be like where's my little where's my little chicken like did you give them my little chicken did they come over and eat all the little chicken where's the little chicken and it's delicious but anyway so my mother did make little chickens and so I'm eating I'm standing in my kitchen eating little chickens the other boy straight out of the refrigerator and then I just ran another refrigerator and then I am what did I what else didn't have oh I had cheesy potatoes from brunch Easter brunch yesterday from my in-laws so that was my meal while I stood in the kitchen and then I needed coffee I hit a stop at the gas station side don't for this cart so here I'm using the the Blues for these little teeny tiny flowers which are super pretty and I just added shading out from the middle that's that's all I did to it so anyway so I needed coffee and I needed to go to the gas station so I won in my pajamas I'm not even kidding I didn't even have time to be classy classy people have time to put on real people call oz not me mmm I threw a sweatshirt on over my pajama top I wore sweatpants and straight-up slippers out my house out my house to the gas station to the Dunkin Donuts hallelujah praise Jesus I need me some Dunkin Donuts in my life um yeah I didn't I did not like I don't know I know my hair was in a ponytail yesterday's makeup on I mean like I it's so funny to me cuz like I do these YouTube videos and and voiceovers and we talk can I share my life with you guys and I love that because a lot of you guys will comment all the time and feel like you're so real you have no idea but I think to myself what why ever some of these people live around me like what will I ever do if I'm standing in a gas station one day in my holey sweat pants and my sweatshirt with no makeup on and my hair in a half of a bun and somebody hears me speak and they're like your voice sounds really familiar do I know you like I'll die okay I will meet I won't be able make any more YouTube videos because I'll be dead on the gas station floor I've just complete just mortifying embarrassment like but there's your warning if you ever run into me and you don't want to kill me make sure that I'm put together before you you approach if I don't if I look like I just left the local Walmart don't say anything because I'll die anyway so now we're moving back on to the Leafs here I really do like the green combinations that they have in this artist marker set this is the only green combination that they have but it's a yellow green and that's what I have a tendency to move toward when I'm picking them even out of my copics so that's totally fine with me as I'm they don't have any lines or anything in them so I'm kind of trying to create some shape within them with the lines these particular leaf swell they don't have any kind of like detail added into them they do have a wavy outline so I am accenting that by doing just like one little flick of color where the lines are drawn in and this is going to give them a little bit more depth and shape so nothing's really changed here as far as the coloring I am being very minimal with my darkest color just because I don't want it to completely overtake my Leafs and those two stems that you see so apparently this it's just it's this is gonna be like the neverending the neverending day this is I think I had to stat this voice over like three different times and this most recent time what I just had to start over again was because I was talking with my hands and I always talk with my hands I'm not even a but I cannot help myself I actually hit the microphone like I just smacked it oh I need to go to sleep so anyway this is the the same thing that I vote that I that I have been doing I almost just did it again like honestly I'm gonna have to sit on my hands like a toddler so here I told you that was the only green combination they have in order to create a little bit of difference in the other greens in the background I'm actually starting with my lightest yellow color and I'm just going to fill in all of those greens and well what I want to be green I'm going to fill in those all in but this is important see this one up here on the top left kind of looks like I don't know seaweed which is what I thought by the way like if I was coloring this I was like there's some weird-looking leaves but you know I mean I guess there's all different kinds of leaves those leaves kind of look like seaweed and then it I realized after I colored it shaded it everything else I happened to glance over at the image like because they have Alton who has them colored on the back of their stamp sets there's two buds in this bouquet guys two of them two buds I colored them as if they were bleep you just green green leaves what what am i doing I have no idea so I'm going to use the tea lush blue color to color up the the rest of the leaves and then I'm going to go back in and deal with my kind of disaster I didn't do anything spectacular with these just added a little bit of shading at the base of the Leafs and along the stem so here alternate does not have like a colorless blender or color remover so I'm using my Copic colorless blender it is I mean they're all alcohol markers it did lift up the color a little bit but not a ton and now I get a dope out of way to cover this up right because I don't want like seaweed lookin leaves so here's how I went in with the red and the reason that I decided to do the red was like blue would probably have covered it and would have been fine but the reason I went with red is because red and green are complementary colors if you add like you're mixing watercolor paints or something if you add a little bit of green not a lot a little bit to your red it will tone it so that it is darker so I was too knew that if I put the grit like I bleach to most of it out but if I put the red over it that it would be mostly okay and it was so you saw me use a white gel pen to add in some highlights to my petals I'm going to outline this entire image because I like a bold black outline and then here is something that's a little bit new so alter new has a mini die-cutting machine and I was like I'm gonna be honest I was like there's a hundred i cutting machines why do I need this well it's mini and it's compact and I really like that do you see how fast I'm turning this thing can you see it I'm turning it so fast and in my head I was like there's no way this cut I'm gonna have to get a shim are you kidding me this day and then I flipped it over and it cut it was like the easiest die-cutting machine I ever used in my life I didn't even have to like hold it down I didn't have to wrestle with it there was no muscle involved which is good because I don't have a lot of upper-body strength it was amazing and it's like super compact so yeah highly recommend that thing right there you're gonna be seeing that a lot plus it's really easy for me to get on camera which I love so this is the the stamped background that I did I didn't like it so I tried filling in some of the squares squares triangles yeah I swear I know my shapes Wow I'm an educated woman I am an educated woman so anyway I didn't love it and now that I didn't on the background I did love the background but it was too busy so I'm changing it up so here I'm finding the middle of my paper and I'm using my grid my Simon Says Stamp grid man in the background and I'm just counting the square so it's really easy to find the center and then I'm gonna use my t-square ruler to draw that line here there's multiple which are super cool multiple triangles in the trigonometry set and I really love them you're going to see me kind of like cut in and out because I line it up but then I have to have my head up right on top of it to make sure that I'm stamping it straight and I used the other triangles like where those lines are and that's how I match them up so I really love the way this one came out I have put a obnoxious amount of foam tape on the back of my die cut piece I also heat embossed a sentiment so I'm going to pull off the foam tape I'm going to put this down in the center I was like at least I made a card that I really loved and I really do love this card I realize it's maybe a little bit minimalist and it's not going to be everybody style I'm cool with it it's my style so here this is from the peony spray set it says create your own happiness love that sentiment true create your own happiness people other people are not responsible for your happiness and then I was like I'm done but I wasn't done because I didn't like it and I felt like this sentiment was covering up too much of my flowers and I was not happy with it so I tried a whole bunch of different things I tried cutting it up I tried removing the foam tape I tried doing a whole lot of stuff and I didn't like it because I kept changing the shape of my design so what I ended up deciding to do is stamp the sentiment along the side so that it didn't change my design at all I kind of flowed with the angular shape that was already there and I but I did have to kind of peel up that leaf a little bit because it's up on foam tape so that was a risk on my part thankfully I gambled and I won but that is the whole card so there are huge amounts of prizes on this altar new blog cap it's going on for the next three days it will be linked below if you're watching on YouTube I encourage you to head over the blog for your chance to win and I will catch you guys on the next video hopefully after I've had a lot of sleep bye

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