POP of Color with Inlay Die Cut Background with Simon Says Stamp

by: Kelly Latevola

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[Music] hi guys it's Kelly let avala here and I'm back with another video for Simon Says Stamp today we're going to be doing some Copic coloring and some inlay die-cutting but kind of a different way we're gonna be working with even more spring flowers the Hart mandala dye and then I showed you the happy birthday dye but I actually didn't end up using it I ended up using the emphatic stamp set so I'm working on Nina 80-pound solar white cardstock here and I'm just going to stamp out all of my floral images I wasn't I was like suicide tracked that I didn't even pay attention to the fact that my Leafs didn't pick up the first time around anyway I'm stamping it intense black ink from Simon Says Stamp because it is Copic safe and that is going to be the medium that I'm using today to color these little guys up I cannot believe that I have owned this stamp set now for a few months and I have not colored any of these flowers yet it's a crime I'm pretty sure because I just I love them so much all of those sets the spring flowers more spring flowers even more spring flowers they're all just really great ones and so here I was kind of being lazy and eventually I did have to stand up out of my chair to give the middle of the largest flower good pressure because I wasn't getting a good image and it's just cuz I wasn't doing what I was supposed to be doing so originally when I started sat down to start making this card I thought my background was gonna be blue and so I thought that some bright yellow flowers would be really pretty with that I toured around with doing maybe like an orangish red and then ultimately I settled on the yellow because I don't normally gravitate toward yellow and I thought well that would be something different and that's not I didn't end up obviously going blue you saw the background but we'll just work through the process so here basically what I'm doing is I'm starting with my lightest color I'm using just the tip of the marker and I'm using flicking motions to add in my color to create a more round appearance for my flower I'm adding shading to the base of the petals I'm also adding some shading to the tip of the petals so that my highlight will be in the center now you'll notice that the bottom two on this particular flower the bottom two petals are curled up so there's going to be shadows not not only at the base but also where it's curling over and I think a lot of times people kind of struggle with this because they want their petals to be I guess the color that they picked so I want this to be yellow my shadow colors are a yr 2 4 and an e 99 which means that they're more Brown and since I want my my petals to be yellow sometimes I struggle with adding in the shadows because I do you want them to look yellow however adding in those darker colors is how you're gonna get your depth so if you're looking at your your coloring and you're like it's so flat you need to add some darker colors I know that they can be a little bit scary I do but even if it's just a line you don't have to add a ton but just enough to give it a little bit of contrast so worked all the way out to the darkest color and now I'm going back in towards the lightest I prefer to stretch out my color when I go back over it so the first time I'm pretty conservative with where I put it the second time I stretch it out a little bit more the key to this particular color combination with using those Browns as the shadow colors and still making it look yellow is even though the colors are darker when you're doing your like yo8 or your yo2 still go over those darker colors it's going kopecks or transparent so it's gonna add some brightness and it will help to I guess kind of soften out that brown color so the petals on the outside are curled up so they're gonna have shadows at the bottoms and it'll be lightest on the tips for the center of the flower I think it's one for me like coloring yellow flowers I always think look what if I call her the flower yellow then what am I going to do the center typically I go for brown that's just what works for me and then I filled the whole thing in with the lightest color and then I'm just doing dots kind of around the edge the darkest color I left really out on the edge and that again is gonna help give it that more dimension and then just same thing as always latest darkest darkest to lightest moving on to these flowers now remember to thought my background was gonna be blue so I thought like some super bright yellow green flowers would be really pretty it's pretty on the grade too but this was just my thought process so I filled them all in with my lightest green and then we're again with with the shading so there's a lot of these leaves have parts that are curled over so you're going to have some again some darker areas and then also anytime you have an object laying on top of another object they call these some people refer to them as cast shadows so if your leaf is laying on top of another leaf the leaf that it appears to be on the bottom is gonna be darker guys it just it is and don't worry so much about everything being so matchy-matchy and that is a struggle for me as well because I do want them to look you know similar like they go together but to get that dimension and real life things aren't matchy-matchy except for my nail polish in my outfit to work because I have a real problem but so like this one here where it's underneath two puddles that one is definitely gonna be darker than all of the other leaves did I say petals I did say petals I mean leaves so just going through and you know kind of building up those shadows you also to kind of have some separation when one is on top of the other the one that's on top if you can try to leave a lighter edge sitting on top so that way it really pushes the leaf that you have in the background to the back so you have that brightness up front darkness in the back an easy way to do this if you are a person who has reservations about adding your darkest color pick your color blend whatever that is if you're a three marker person a two Mercure person for like me whatever you got going on and then go into your image and like especially with this flower because it is so large and there's so many layers sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming and I get that because it can be for me as well so what you can do is go in with your darkest color and just start mapping out your shadows so just put in that darkest color where one object is sitting on top of another that's it don't do any flicking don't do any technique don't do any of that until you're comfortable with how where your shadows are map the whole thing out and then you can start kind of blending it out as you go so I did this kind of as like a teaching flower but eventually I will go back in just for me personally I will go back in and and do the flicking for the for the color so that it kind of blends and everything looks the same because these are all going on a card together I didn't want one to be colored differently but I wanted you to see that even if you don't do any of the flicking even if you you know you just do that one little line of color you can still get really great dimension and then just you know and that might be your style and that's totally fine my style is different everybody that's the beauty of the crafting industry is everybody's kind of doing different things and doing it their own way and I love love love when when I can or when other people can you guys can make things your own so that when somebody sees it they can be like oh that's a Kelly card or somebody see you're like that's that's a Karen's card like should just be able to see that and pick out those things that are yours so you can see up at the top it is substantially darker now because I went back in and did my own thing I wanted to add some white gel pen highlights to the center of the flowers just to add in that detail and then I like to outline all of my images so I'm using an a success journaling pen to do that I just feel like it makes those colors look a little bit bolder and it's really clean and I like that look these do have dyes so if you're you're in the look of dyes I encourage you to check those out I wanted to fussy cut them because I thought that I was gonna have a blue like a busier blue background that's not what I did at all guys I didn't do it at all so I am fussy cutting them I'm right hand dominant so I'm gonna hold my scissors in my right hand I'm gonna move my paper with my left hand so that that gives me a super smooth cuts but if you don't get a super smooth cut don't worry there's kind of like a trick for it which I'm going to show you here you can use a and you want to use a water base not an alcohol if you use an alcohol-based marker it's gonna bleed into your image and you're gonna be sad sad so I'm just going around and using that black marker to color in the edges and that will help give it a smoother look here is where I changed my background so I have this score tape be creative tape it's kind of all the same deal and mine is I think two inches I think mine's two inches wide and what I'm doing is I'm covering the entire back here's why what I really wanted to do with the heart mandala dye was emboss it in the background well not what I originally wanted to do originally I like water color and some glitter paper honest but then I was switching it up and I really wanted to emboss it because the glitter paper was just a little bit too much for me I couldn't find my embossing pad and I was like I still I wanted like this is the idea that I have I want to be able to do it so I knew from previous incidences and this is why we try everything try all the things don't give up on it I knew from previous incidences with this score tape that my dies would not cut completely through the backing paper so that's what I did I covered the whole thing in this and then I knew it would keep it together now I toyed around with the idea of taking that the tape off but I was very very nervous that he'd cut through the tape and now the backing paper and this is such an intricate die there's a zero percent chance I was sitting here putting back in all of those pieces so I just glued it down to my card base with the backing paper right on it that's what I did and I didn't have any issues I mean it's completely hidden because it's glued to the card base and then once I had that down I just popped my die off and then everything's together and it looks amazing this is such a beautiful die I didn't have a couple of pieces up the top and bottom you'll see just the little teeny tiny pieces I just popped them out with my craft pick and then put them back into place and I had no problem it took me maybe 30 seconds to just go ahead and do that I really loved how how it looks because it's very detailed and very intricate but because it's like that tone on tone where it's the same gray it doesn't distract away from the flowers here I'm gonna emboss my sentiment and so I'm using my Simon Says Stamp grid paper that I keep on my desk to line that up on a block that has the lines on it so it's super simple to line up I am treating my black or black embossing powder what am I even saying whoo stay with me guys my black card stock with the inkadinkado embossing bag and then I'm stamping in Versamark ink this particular sentiment says I am just so proud of you and I think there's a lot of people out there doing really brave things and really scary things for them there's also a lot of people out there who have put their mind to their their you know their dreams their goals or aspirations and they are you know trying or actually accomplishing those things and I think that far too often we forget to tell people how proud we are of them not just of their accomplishments but also of their efforts and so I have a a craft friend who's really just trying to to put herself out there and I am incredibly proud of her she is being immensely immensely brave right now and so I thought that this would be a card that I could send to her so I glued down the Leafs flat and then I am going to pop up my flowers on top of that just using the 3m Scotch foam tape I have the Big Daddy roll because I put the stuff on everything that isn't a one layer card I mean if it's not one layer I'm um just popping up all the things I don't usually layer just paper very often so here I put the one flower down and I should have waited until I tucked the the side view flower behind I just kind of pried it up it ended up being fine no big deal I did glue the stem down flat so it would talk behind my flower and also I didn't want to cut like the world's tiniest pieces of scotch foam tape so and then I'm going to pop up the actual bloom part and that was good that just it tucked right in and I was happy with the way that it looked I did cut the sentiment into two little like labels so it would fit better on the card and then I popped those up as well I'm using just a couple of clear sequins here to kind of fill in that space and accent the sentiment so putting that down with my Tambo mono multi glue and then I like to fill those in with glossy accents just so I know that they're really adhered down and then some just some glitter pun right on top some clear glitter pen because I love all the glitter things so that's it that's the whole card so I hope maybe you will give that a try or something like it and see if that works for you don't be afraid of the dark colors dark colors are your friends okay that's it I will catch you guys on the next video bye [Music]


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