6x02 : Blair/Chuck/Dan #4

by: windizeful2

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why do you look like the before pictures of people who need Botox you can't be worried the puppies collection is better than mine actually it's pretty much the same what do you mean the same like the same quality the same style the same Blair she's using that exact alley she set me up oh if I'm in her article she'll write that I copied poppy but then if I'm not she will showcase Poppy's collection alone and then everyone will assume that I am the plagiarist you're screwed sorry Nelly got into Yale by plain clean but no one deserves better than Blair Waldorf those dresses will never be photographed I'm not referring to the fact I didn't finish my eggs or that I forgot to say goodbye when I left you brought a mirror to our home to extort money from pardon to wreak havoc on our relationship I don't know what my father's told you but let me assure you the Mira's presence has nothing to do with you well since they slept together it has everything to do with me I'm sorry Lily I had no idea I have to go when were you planning to tell me you had an affair with my father poor Chuck everyone knows the first place to check for secrets is under the bed or in it

it's terrific exactly what the nation likes literate but a little nice inchess it will rock the Upper East Side and make waves way beyond New York genius it'll be like when people first read Dominic I told you he's the second coming I'm third and fourth he lets you stay the night of course we'll have to fact-check it that could take a while Ben's really good friends the basses so there'd have to be some cuts and I'm not talking about their time at tennis camp but we just can't open ourselves to a bureau size libel suit maybe lose the last names what is the point of publishing an expose if you're not going to expose everything Oh cares they're willing to pay for the version that works for them it'll get us both out of Brooklyn oh then I'm compromising my integrity again what happened to telling the truth about these people save your passion for your poetry which you can write as much as you want once this makes you rich and famous oh I did I did the soft-pedal with inside in my life stayed remarkably the same why is the handsome vacant one calling me is your friend named he has a surprisingly high IQ but he wants the book for The Spectator okay okay no we're playing with the big boys on this one so stop moping and go find yourself a suit you can wear to a bidding war you sneak up the fire escape here and smash Poppy's showroom window why can't caddies ex-boyfriend who showed us puppy samples just let us in so it looks like a random robbery not socialite stealing samples where those that's my ex we have a problem he told you he's gay just like everyone else you slept with discuss it with your therapist no Blair he says poppy has decided to have WWD photographic collection at the Central Park Conservancy gala damn it that is the perfect backdrop not to mention the clothes will be seen by all the right women we need to get there first and intercept that might be harder than you think why I can get an invitation to anything Serena's to hostess what Serena's back I didn't I mean of course I knew it's just the Central Park Conservancy is it's the big leagues yeah well Serena's new boyfriend got her on the board well good for Serena just so happens that I know someone else who

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