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[Music] and we're off to another adventure but this time is no boat no jetski no car we're going on the bicycle bicycle riding around the neighborhood to the part for some event that's going on how you doing a little mom are you doing 50 in a 30 you doing 50 miles an hour 30 chatter little bucks come on slow mama

slow buggy we're gonna get the air look at that crash-up Derby time oh you're right or them see them see you right can see you right

not a practice I remember those days I should go to extra weight and age a little bit I have a little bit extra aging weight I remember I used to ride my Willis - let me see when I was like 13 14 so it's a while back you joined the D riding around with the with the pack with the zoo pack gonna go check out an Easter egg hunt that were late like two hours because when you have such playful kids it takes them forever to get dressed and get ready so any we have

we like mellow Turk make sure nobody gets left behind know what's on the military you can't keep a straight line you're not a ride no crash





[Music] yeah I don't

[Music] what is get won't get that sure all right [Music]


[Music] y'all [Applause] [Music] what

[Music] guys Metro is pretty one to the GM building and eight on the top floor [Music]




on a dragon



you [Music]





and what is that liquid









[Music] well this Pony I Racine is cute yeah yeah it's pretty


girl asleep it was a good day right him bite with the kiddos here at the park and doing an egg hunt hunting for some eggs for Easter snow Easter Saturday could send these tomorrow BBB don't home I guess I'm relaxing at the house maybe the pool is warm how was your date ma'am let me see that thing your face Gabby forgot oh yeah they recorded I recorded when you were making it



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Having fun with the kids riding the bikes to the park for a Easter Family Event at the park near the house. We were late but we had a great time with friends. We made it a all day thing, had lunch at a near by latin American restaurant.The

kids and us had a fun day riding around. For daily post goto instagram Fresco channel Mangoose bicycle link

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